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  • 1.@KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsEncouraging User-GenerateDDContent to Foster Engagement

2. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsConfidential information: Copying, dissemination2Kevin VineInteractive MarketingManager Dunkin Donuts(shorter guy on right) 3. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsWERE A BRANDD BUILT FOR SOCIAL 4. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonuts4DUNKIN DONUTS SOCIALMEDIA PRESENCE 4 5. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonuts55 Facebook 8.5+ million fans Twitter 200,000+ followers Instagram 29,000+ followers Google+ 3,700+ followers Pinterest 3,500 + followersDunkin Donuts Social Media Channels 6. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsWe dont own oursocial media channels- our fans doDunkin Donuts Social Mantra 7. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsA FAN-CENTRIC APPROACH7Listen Learn Engage Celebrate 8. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsA FAN-CENTRIC APPROACH8Listen Think of your fans asstorytellersnot just receiversListenLearnEngageCelebrate 9. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsA FAN-CENTRIC APPROACH9Learn whats important to yourfans. And build relationships withthem in meaningful way.ListenLearnEngageCelebrate 10. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsA FAN-CENTRIC APPROACH10Promote a two-way dialogueusing an authentic voice.ListenLearnEngageCelebrate 11. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsA FAN-CENTRIC APPROACH11Foster a strong communityby celebrating the many waysyour fans run on Dunkin.ListenLearnEngageCelebrate 12. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsKey Challenges - #1Proliferation of emerging platforms12 13. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsConstantly having to come up with fresh content13Key Challenges - #2 14. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsEngaging with/responding to ourfans in way thats: Timely Attentive Authentic(not forced)14Key Challenges - #3 15. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsITS ALL ABOUT THE CONSUMER15 16. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsMAKE YOUR FANS AND FOLLOWERSSTARS16 17. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsFACEBOOK FAN OF THE WEEK17 18. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsFOTW CELEBRATES ENGAGEDDFANS18 19. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsCHANCE FOR STARDDOM19 20. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsCHANCE FOR STARDDOM20GRAND PRIZE WINNERStay DunkinTodd Cross, Syracuse, NYMy Wishful Cup of D&D CoffeeMark Carbone, Charlotte, NCJimmy U autograph collectionJimmy Uhrin, Perry Hall, MDPrincess Eileens Dunkin KingdomEileen Harlin, Frederick, MD 21. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsULTIMATE DD COFFEE FAN21 22. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsULTIMATE DD COFFEE FANCONTEST22 23. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonuts#DRESSEDD HALLOWEEN TWITTER & INSTAGRAMCONTEST Inspired by fan behavior Highly creative, share-worthy user-generated content Fun and irreverent, yet puts the branDD front and center Supports brand shift into highly visual social media content23 24. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsREADDY FOR OUR CLOSE-UP 25. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsDD SUPERFANS: PUMP UP THE DUNKIN25 26. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsHEAR WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAYJumped up inthe air andscreamed!Love pumpkinmuffins, my favoriteat DD, wish they hadthem all yr.I did a back flip, then ordered a pumpkinice coffee, pumpkin muffin, and apumpkin donut... And wouldnt share withanybody.Had to have one, so I got in mycar and drove to the nearest DD(50) miles away in Hixson, TN.Got me a Hot Latte too :-) onthe west dd here.26 27. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsLET THEM BE YOUR EYES & EARS27 28. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsTHANK YOU28KEVIN VINE@KevinTVine@DunkinDonuts 29. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsAPPENDIX29 30. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsConfidential information: Copying, dissemination30 31. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonutsDUNKIN DONUTS SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS32 32. @KevinTVine | @DunkinDonuts 33DUNKIN DONUTS SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS