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  • 1. Why Quit? Health Benefits Immediate Long Term Increases Lifespan Quality of Life Improves Lower Insurance Premiums Eliminates Secondhand Smoke
  • 2. Drawbacks Weight Gain Short-term Emotional Changes You would have to have 80 to 100 pounds of weight gain before you'd even begin to approach the health risks you have from smoking!
  • 3. Immediate Benefits After just 20 min: Blood pressure goes down Pulse rate slows Temperature of your hands and feet increases due to improved circulation After eight hours: Carbon monoxide levels go down Oxygen levels return to normal Within 24 hours: Chances of a sudden, drop dead on the spot heart attack are cut in half Risks of a second heart attack rapidly diminish
  • 4. Immediate Benefits Within 48 hours Nerve endings begin to regenerate Sense of taste and smell improves Nicotine by-products are removed from the body Within 3 days: Bronchial tubes start to relax Lung capacity begins to improve
  • 5. Immediate Benefits Within a few weeks: Circulation improves Lungs have begun to function Exercising is easier Phlegm production, coughing, and wheezing decreases Bad breath disappears Stains on your teeth, fingers, and fingernails fade. Smoke smell dissipates from your hair, clothes, car, and furniture. You have more overall energy and enjoy life more
  • 6. Immediate Benefits Within 1 to 3 months: Lung function increases up to 30 percent. Bronchial cilia begin to re-grow, ability to clean lungs increases, chances of infection are reduced, and pollutants are cleared
  • 7. Long Term Benefits Within 1 year: Risk of coronary heart disease decreases to half the risk of a continuing smoker Within 2 years: Risk is reduced for recurrence of ulcers Ability for short-term healing improves Risk of death from heart disease declines 24% Within 3 years: Risk of heart attack and stroke approaches that of someone who has never smoked
  • 8. Long Term Benefits Within 5 years: Risk of developing mouth, esophageal, throat and bladder cancer reduces by 50% Within 10 years: Pre-cancerous cells are replaced by healthy, normal cells 50% to 70% reduction in the risk of developing lung cancer
  • 9. Long Term Benefits Within 15 years: Risk of coronary heart disease is similar to that of people who never smoked Risk of dying is nearly back to the same level as that of non-smokers Benefits for Women: Not smoking during pregnancy reduces fetal and infant deaths by approximately 10%. Risk of cervical cancer reduces after 2 years Menopause occurs 1-2 years later
  • 10. Smoking Causes 440,000 Premature, Preventable Deaths Annually (USA) 25% Lung Disease 40% Cancer 35% Heart Disease & Stroke
  • 11. The Choice is Yours Step-by-Step Quit Guide: Call: The NCI Smoking Quitline at 187744UQUIT (1877 4487848) for individualized counseling, printed information, and referrals to other sources Fact Sheet: Where To Get Help When You Decide To Quit Smoking -quitting
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