Smartphone data danger - and other myths.

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  • The 2.2 billion questionThats the amount banked each week by businesses and organisations across the UK thanks to devices alone.*

    Customers expect to connect to you in a variety of ways. Your workforce demands the same.

    Smartphone use as a business tool increases every year. Mobility is not an additional way of doing business, its the way you do business.

    *YouGov 2015

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    The myth We cant control smartphones. What if my team just use them for Facebook? Or too much data is downloaded and we cant afford it?

  • The realityManage your data

    LocationTo minimise roaming charges, you can choose specific geographical locations

    User profilesCustomise each profile based on job role or function. Gain insight into how your workforce operates and how to optimise your mobile estate

    Cost managementHave peace of mind knowing that all your devices are managed in real time, reducing costs and simplifying network management

    TimeTurn data on and off at specific times of day with flexible data usage controls to ensure business usage

    DataSet a cap on maximum data usage to prevent users going over their allowance

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    The myth Smartphones arent secure. Lost, stolen or compromised devices lead to security breaches.

  • The realityControl your security

    DeviceYou can control the security of any device, wherever it is in the world

    Remote lock and wipeAnd if a device is ever lost or stolen, simply wipe it clean

    AccessYou decide who accesses, shares and copies your files

    SensitivityYou can create separate profiles for business and personal use and ensure sensitive information isnt compromised

  • #hitthenumbers

    The myth Smartphone rollouts are time-consuming and difficult to manage.

  • The realitySupport your rollout

    One single portalEnrol users, manage policies and roll out devices from one central hub without any drain on your IT resource

    A helping handYou can arrange for experts to come and deliver some on-site training for your workforce

    Support for lifeYou can have help managing your entire mobile device lifecycle, covering:

    Enrolment security


    Application management

    Data usage

    24/7 support

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