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2. Lived from 1907 to 1990 Born in London to upper class family Raised by nanny and attended boarding school Bowlby attendedTrinity College, Cambridge, where he studied psychology and spent time working with delinquent children Became an psychoanalyst in 1937 and he served in the Royal Army Medical Corps duringWorld War II 3. In 1940, theWorld Health Organization asked him to write a health report about the orphans (including infants) afterWorldWar II. 4. Secure attachment between an infant and caregiver has positive outcome that affects relationship throughout their life Infants need a secure base, someone they trust, in order to develop normally For a secure attachment, the caregiver must be responsive to their needs If their needs are not meet an insecure attachment may form that can lead to unhealthy development 5. Safe Haven When the child feels threatened or afraid, she or he can return to the caregiver for comfort Secure Base The caregiver provides a secure and dependable base for the child to explore the world Proximity Maintenance The child strives to stay near the caregiver, thus keeping the child safe. Separation Distress When separated from the caregiver, the child will become upset and distressed. 6. Bowlby argued that babies are born with behaviors---crying, smiling, clinging---that elicit caregiving from parent (Rathus 2008). He observed that separated infants would go to extraordinary lengths (e.g., crying, clinging, frantically searching) to prevent separation from their parents or to reestablish proximity to a missing parent(Fraley, C. R. 2010). 7. Worked with and utilized BowlbysTheory of Attachment for developing her Strange Situation to measure attachment of infants to their main caregiver in a laboratory setting. Ainsworths attachments styles: Secure Attachment Avoidant/InsecureAttachment Resistant/AmbivalentAttachment 8. Cherry, K. (N.D.). John Bowlby Biography (1907-1990). Retrieved June 26, 2014 from Fraley, R.C. (2010). A Brief Overview of Adult Attachment and Theory. Retrieved June 28, 2014 from Heller, L. (2009). A Brief Description of Attachment Theory. Retrieved June 26, 2014 from Korb, K.A. (N.D.). Attachment Theory. Retrieved June 26, 2014 from Rathus, S.A. (2008). Childhood Voyages in Development. Belmont: Thomson Higher Education