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sleek-geek demo day pitch at google headquarters, Nov. 19.


  • 1. 55students in K-12

2. Rebooting Education 3. AdminsTeachersStudentsParentssleek-geek connects all stakeholders 4. First, we rebooted literacy... 5. Mobile Reading Fluency Over 100,000 users 6. A more meaningful assessment QuickTime and a H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.syncedTeacherStudent 7. A more meaningful assessmentClear reports aligned to national benchmarks 8. 50 % more time given back for impactful conversations 9. 100,000 users 10. Were putting smarter tools in the classrooms of tech-savvy teachers around the world. 11. Tablets are inevitable2014 2013 2012 3.5M7M? 12. A roadmap to growth 10,000 school licenses Release Core Math JamRelease Yooply Release Read With Me Premium2014 3 people with 100,000 users20162M downloads of all apps12 people making apps with 4,000,000 usersAll major platforms 24 M in Revenue 8 M in Profit2019Sleek-geek apps on every tablet 13. Seed funding will get us there $500,000 will pay for Marketing and sales team to build strategic partnerships Two mobile engineers Contract content creators 14. Our schools are our laboratories sleek-geek was born in classrooms We know what works and we know what hurts in schools "I think it's a great idea how you guys are embedded in schools, developing your apps," -Leo Fuchs , Principal, Oakland, CAsleek-geek 15.