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<p>Skeleton KingDotA guideKing Leoric</p> <p>IntroductionBefore you continue I want to state clearly that my English is not the world's best and you may happen to find a lot of incorrect grammar. Furthermore I have never played a high competitive game, so I cannot assure that this guide will help you through a tougher match. Thanks for your patience and understanding. The Skeleton King isa unique hero to play with since he only have 1 active skill that makes his play style is different from any other hero. I believe he is a unique character and I decided to make a guide about him (umm, actually all hero in DotA is unique, this is the third time i write like this, so welcome to my third Dota Guide). Thanks for reading this and let me introduce you to my guide to the Skeleton King. There are a lot of various ways to play this hero and in my opinion this is the best. I dont want you to copy my play style and you shouldn't. I didnt write this guide so you can play like "me". It should rather help you to create your own play style. There are no certain rules how to play Leoric; you can form this hero as you wish. Use my guide as a help and not as the play style.</p> <p>Table of contents1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Hero details Pros &amp; Cons Skills Item build Skill build Game play Skill use Early game Mid game and Late game Tips and tricks 7. Friends and foes Worst enemies Best friends 8. Credits</p> <p>Chapter I Hero DetailsSkeleton KingKing Leoric</p> <p>Strength: 22 + 2.9 Agility: 18 + 1.7 Intelligence: 13 + 1.6</p> <p>Advance statistic </p> <p>Affiliation: Scourge Attack Animation: 0.56 / 0.44 Damage: 54-56 Casting Animation: 0.35 / 0.51 Armor: 3.52 Base Attack Time: 1.7 Move speed: 300 Missile Speed: Instant Attack Range: 128 (melee) Sight Range: 1800 / 800</p> <p>Hero introductionDespite the overall simplicity of the Skeleton King's skills, he is one of the most dangerous close combat heroes to fight against, and he becomes extremely powerful when equipped with good items. Hellfire Blast is his one active spell, and it allows him to catch and kill enemies. Vampiric Aura and Critical Strike make him deadly in a straight fight; the Skeleton King hits hard and gains life with every attack. Even if Leoric seems to be destroyed, he is still not beaten. This is where his signature ability comes in: Reincarnation. As long as Reincarnation is ready and the Skeleton King has enough mana, he will revive where he fell after a few seconds at full strength. Reincarnation makes the Skeleton King very difficult to defeat, since you essentially have to kill him twice.</p> <p>Background storyOnce a noble knight protecting his kingdom, the man was thrown into Hell, where he was ripped apart over and over for centuries. Now, Lucifer has thrown him back onto the soil, corrupted and mindless, as King Leoric, the Skeleton King. He marches on, leading his minions with an unfaltering gaze, knowing only one thing: the orders given to him by the dark lord himself. Able to cripple his opponents by drawing power from the fiery depths of hell itself, King Leoric is a major threat on the battlefield. His mighty</p> <p>blade allows him and others in his presence to drain the blood of their enemies. It is said that he is unkillable, and those who are struck down by his hellfire don't wake up again.</p> <p>Chapter II Pros &amp; ConsPros Very Durable, tanky because of good strength growth and good starting armor (moreover if you have Heart of Tarrasque you can activate Armlet of Mordiggian without consuming your health [the activation of the armlet and the heart will also increase your hit points], also with the vampiric aura, it will help you to regenerate your health Has aegis as an ultimate(plus slow after you reincarnate) Has a low cooldown stun with slow and a good damage Good DPS hero with a critical strike The only one with one active skill Has a good starting damage and movespeed</p> <p>Cons Mana Problem(you must keep some mana to reincarnate) He is a melee hero</p> <p>Chapter III SkillHellfire Blast </p> <p>Ability Type: Active Targeting Type: Unit Ability Hotkey: T</p> <p>Leoric launches a sphere of hellfire from the end of his sword, causing his victim to burst into flames. Deals damage and stuns for 2 seconds followed by a 15% slow for 2 seconds.</p> <p>Skill table Level 1 Mana Cost 140 Cool down 8s Casting range 525 Area of Effect N/A Duration 4s* Allowed Targets Enemy unit Effects 50 impact damage, 15 dps, stun, 15% slow 100 impact damage, 30 dps, stun, 15% slow 150 impact damage, 40 dps, stun, 15% slow 200 impact damage, 50 dps, stun, 15% slow</p> <p>2</p> <p>140</p> <p>8s</p> <p>525</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>4s*</p> <p>Enemy unit</p> <p>3</p> <p>140</p> <p>8s</p> <p>525</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>4s*</p> <p>Enemy unit</p> <p>4</p> <p>140</p> <p>8s</p> <p>525</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>4s*</p> <p>Enemy unit</p> <p>Notes</p> <p> Damage type: magical Total damage: 80/160/230/300. (*) 2seconds stun, then 2 seconds slow</p> <p>Vampiric Aura </p> <p>Ability Type: Passive Targeting Type: N/A Ability Hotkey: V</p> <p>Nearby friendly melee units gain hit points when they hit enemy units.</p> <p>Skill table Level 1 Mana Cost N/A Cool down N/A Casting range N/A Area of Effect 900 Duration N/A Allowed Targets Allied melee unit Allied melee unit Allied melee unit Allied melee unit Effects Gains 15% of attack damage Gains 20% of attack damage Gains 25% of attack damage Gains 30% of attack damage</p> <p>2</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>900</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>3</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>900</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>4</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>900</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>Notes Stacks additively with Vladmir's Offering lifesteal aura.</p> <p>Critical Strike </p> <p>Ability Type: Passive Targeting Type: N/A Ability Hotkey: C</p> <p>Gives a chance to do more damage on an attack. Skill table Level 1 Mana Cost N/A Cool down N/A Casting range N/A Area of Effect N/A DurationN/A</p> <p>Allowed TargetsAny Unit</p> <p>Effects 15% chance, 1.25 times normal damage 15% chance, 1.75 times normal damage 15% chance, 2.25 times normal damage 15% chance, 2.75 times normal damage</p> <p>2</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>Any Unit</p> <p>3</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>Any Unit</p> <p>4</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>Any Unit</p> <p>Notes</p> <p>Reincarnation </p> <p>Ability Type: Passive Targeting Type: N/A Ability Hotkey: R</p> <p>When killed the Skeleton King will come back to life and slow enemies in a 700 AoE by 30% for 3 seconds.</p> <p>Skill table</p> <p>Level 1</p> <p>Mana Cost 140</p> <p>Cool down 260 s</p> <p>Casting range N/A</p> <p>Area of Effect700</p> <p>Duration4s</p> <p>Allowed TargetsEnemy unit</p> <p>Effects 3 seconds delay, slows enemies' movement speed around him by 30% 3 seconds delay, slows enemies' movement speed around him by 30% 3 seconds delay, slows enemies' movement speed around him by 30%</p> <p>2</p> <p>140</p> <p>160 s</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>700</p> <p>4s</p> <p>Enemy unit</p> <p>3</p> <p>140</p> <p>60 s</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>700</p> <p>4s</p> <p>Enemy unit</p> <p>Notes Will revive even if silenced on death. Will not revive if Skeleton King does not have required mana. Will not revive if he dies on unpathable terrain. If Skeleton King has an Aegis and Reincarnation is cooled down upon death, Reincarnation will trigger first. Revives with full HP and full mana.</p> <p>Chapter IV Item BuildStarting itemYou can use combination of these itemsName Ancient Tango of Essifation Circlet of Nobility Empty Bottle Icon Use Consuming tree, restores 115 hit points over 16 seconds. 3 charges +2 all atributtes</p> <p>Ironwood Branch Magic Stick (can be upgraded into Magic Wand) Quelling Blade</p> <p>It can stores healing water for 3 charges. Each restores 135 health and 60 mana for 3 seconds, if youre being attacked when drink the healing water,the healing effect is lost. You can use it for capture runes (power up) too.once you capture a rune it automatically refilled by healing water +1 all atributes</p> <p>Magic Stick: give 15 health and mana for each charges. Collect charges from nearby enemy that casting spell Magic wand: +3 all atributes and energy charges 32% bonus damage fo non hero unit (12% for range) and a tree chop</p> <p>If I were you I prefer this Ancient Tango of Essifation: because this item is a very cheap healing item (if you play with someone use this) Empty Bottle: if you play np mode do not use this item Magic Stick (no upgrade): if you face nuker heroes use this item to collect their spell trace to heal you</p> <p>Alternate starting item</p> <p>Bracer</p> <p>Very cheap items that can boost your stats, also if you want some aura upgrade it to Ancient Janggo of Endurance</p> <p>Core item</p> <p>Armlet of MordiggianThis item makes you tougher also you get more damage, increases attack speed and armor. All in 1 item that only cost 2600 gold</p> <p>Stygian DesolatorThis is a very good DPS items that automatically increased your critical attack and health you gained because vampiric aura</p> <p>Boots choice</p> <p>Power treadsHelp you to chase the enemy. Can increase your stats, also you can activate switch attribute Example: You need more damage (place it in strength attribute) You need more attack speed (place it in agility attribute) You need more mana (place it in intelligence attribute)</p> <p>Luxury itemName Assault Cuirass Icon Use This item is good although you cant complete the recipe, plate mail and hyperstone is great in their own way. This item is good to give you magic immunity, to counter if your enemy is a nuker This item is truly great. It can boost your HP also if you want the activation of your armlet do not reduce your health, this is the solution Type Pack 1 Increasing Survivability</p> <p>Black King Bar (situational core) Heart of Tarrasque</p> <p>Crystalys</p> <p>Not increasing your critical strike but increase its chance, very powerful to kill enemy with just few strike The berserk effect is very helpful to finish your enemy Now you have 3 lives. Go ahead</p> <p>Pack 2 Maximize Your Skill</p> <p>Mask of Madness Aegis The Immortal Ancient Janggo of Endurance Cranium Basher (upgrade into Abyssal Blade if you have enough money) Sange</p> <p>This item is cheap enough to help you increase your speed (movement and attack) Provide bash and greater damage</p> <p>Pack 3 Maximize Your Damage</p> <p>Give some damage and lesser maim effect</p> <p>Satanic</p> <p>Give a huge lifesteal to increase your survivability (combined with critical strike can make you healthy again in one strike)</p> <p>Alternate item</p> <p>Battle furyThis item provides more AoE damage</p> <p>MjolnirThis item provides static charge and chain lightning that help you to disable linkens sphere. Provide AoE damage too</p> <p>RadianceIncrease your damage and add some burn damage to help killing enemies</p> <p>Refresher orbIt can allow you to reincarnate two times. At one cost, you must have around 655 mana pool (hellfire blast + refresher orb + Reincarnate cost 655 mana). If you buy Power Treads and set it in intelligence attribute you can fulfill this requirement in level 17, if you dont you can fulfill it in level 20</p> <p>Vladmirs offeringIf all your team is a melee hero. Its worthy enough to buy this item</p> <p>Rejected itemI cant said if everything else that not mentioned in my item build are rejected, but I cant said that everything else allowed(mention that if you complete my list of item build, youve become super, but you must mentioned that it need a tons of gold to complete, so dont waste your money) This is the list of items that i didnt recommend to use due to high expenses or unneeded effect Name Icon Reason Buriza-do Kyanon High expenses(if you pick Pack 2 in your luxury, this item is recommended) Ethereal Blade Dont try to make Leoric into a agility based hero You dont need the effect</p> <p>Kelens Dagger of Escape</p> <p>Manta Style</p> <p>Dont try to make Leoric into a agility based hero</p> <p>Yasha</p> <p>Dont try to make Leoric into a agility based hero</p> <p>Chapter VSkill BuildLevel 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Skill Hellfire Blast Stats Hellfire Blast Stats Hellfire Blast Reincarnation Hellfire Blast Critical Strike Critical Strike Critical Strike Reincarnation Critical Strike Vampiric Aura Vampiric Aura Vampiric Aura Reincarnation Vampiric Aura Stats Stats Stats Stats Stats Stats Stats Stats</p> <p>Vampiric aura in early game is not effective. In early game Skeleton King needs more damage than livesteal (except you make Skeleton King into a jungler hero).</p> <p>Chapter VI Game PlaySkill use Hellfire Blast1. Dont harass with your Hellfire Blast. Dont abuse it for useless effort. Ensure youve enough mana to Reincarnate</p> <p>Early gameLane on side lane (not mid), because this side lane have side shops where your armlet basic item belong. Lane with range hero is more profitable than with melee hero. This is the time to gain your armlet. Farm as much as possible, but dont forget to not harass with your Hellfire Blast. Use it just in an important situation, example to protect your friend when he was running from enemys hero or to prevent enemys hero back into their base (to escape a kill) or something like that</p> <p>Mid game and Late gameOnce you reach Level 6, mid-game has begun. Now youve earned Reincarnation level 1 If youve get your armlet now its time to get some score Its easy to make a kill 1. Choose your enemy 2. Use Hellfire Blast on them to stop his movement 3. Activate your armlet 4. Hit your enemy as much as possible (if youre dead when fighting 1v1 with him, dont worry, you still have second chance) 5. If he run use your Hellfire Blast to stop or finish him (or you can ask your friend help [if youre lanning with range hero] to finish him) 6. Deactivate your armlet (dont forget this steps. If you forget you can make your heath turn to red) 7. Farm again while waiting for killing another enemy Dont afraid or run away, just keep fighting because if you die you will resurrect (watch your mana)</p> <p>Tips and tricksTip 1 Pay attention to enemy that have skill to reduce your mana (example: anti-mage, silencer, Etc.) Tip 2 Always communicate with your teammates. This help you gain your kill Tip 3</p> <p>Don't panic if things don't go as planned. You still goy your second chance (Reincarnation! Yeah! ) Tip 4 Kills aren't everything. Don't hesitate to use your Hellfire Blast to save your teammates or to let your ally get a double kill by stunning your enemies. Selfish DotA Player is not an effective one. Believe me</p> <p>Chapter VII Friends and Foes Best FriendHeroesAlchemist</p> <p>Friendly level1</p> <p>Icon</p> <p>ReasonCan help with stun skill</p> <p>Axe</p> <p>1</p> <p>Can help finish enemy with his ultimate skill</p> <p>Beastmaster</p> <p>1</p> <p>Can increase your attacks speed</p> <p>Earth Shaker</p> <p>1</p> <p>Can help with stun skill(also block way with fissure skill) Can increase your damage and cleave</p> <p>Magnataur</p> <p>1</p> <p>Ogre Magi</p> <p>1</p> <p>Can increase your attack speed</p> <p>Rogue Knight</p> <p>1</p> <p>Can help with stun skill Can increase your armor and move speed Can amplify your damage by reducing enemys armor</p> <p>Slithereen Guard</p> <p>1</p> <p>Stone Giant</p> <p>1</p> <p>Can help with stun skill</p> <p>Tidehunter</p> <p>1</p> <p>Can amplify your damage by reducing enemys armor Can help with stun skill Can amplify damage that enemy unit receive</p> <p>Undying</p> <p>1</p> <p>Demon Witch</p> <p>2</p> <p>Range hero, can help you finish escaped enemy Can help with stun skill Range hero, can help you finish escape...</p>