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  • 8/13/2019 Simplifying Transmedia


    Simplifying Transmedia

    Taking a startup approach to Transmedia

    By Maya Zuckerman | July 07, 2013

    By Maya ZuckermanEdited by Juliana Loh

    Over the years, I have been immersed in numerous talks and discussions centered on thequestion of How can we streamline and simplify the concept of transmedia so that it is easyto understand? My response to that question is: YOU CANT - how can you simplify a concept that bydefinition represents not a description, but a complex construct; a model in fact?

    My first approach was to describe the term Transmedia as the perfect ecosystem of astoryworld. But having said this, you almost need to be a systems person or at least befamiliar with what an ecosystem is in order to fully appreciate the definition as a descriptionof a story construct. Most of us understand the concept of transmedia albeit abstractly andwhile we do appreciate that there is more detail, the truth is we want things to be simple.As a resident of San Francisco, I am accustomed to the many concepts that have defined thestartup and silicon valley ecosystems and have to agree 100% that

    Simplicity is INDEED the ultimate sophistication
  • 8/13/2019 Simplifying Transmedia


    Startup Concepts:

    Lean Startups Agile and scrum MVP (minimum viable product)

    My experience and knowledge has given me insight into offering you what I consider asimple yet perfect formula and recipe for understanding transmedia : Note: Please remember that each concept sits on a mountain of complexity.Understanding that there is complexity underneath the simple concepts will help you to seethe bigger picture:

    The Transmedia Formula:

    My concepts are based upon the experiences of my friend, a veteran of the startupcommunity. Over the years, he observed that projects especially in app development that

    begin minimally (the Minimal Viable Product Stage) offer the audience the greatest

    opportunity to affect in which direction actual products could possibly evolve.

  • 8/13/2019 Simplifying Transmedia


    Why? Because the products themselves begin as mockups - the most basic examples ofwhat the potential product could be. These mockups are given life through the interactionthat occurs between developers and users as feedback and discourse facilitate ideas.

    My friend compared the process of developing startup projects to that of how transmedia is

    created. He observed that transmedia is not only defined by content and audience, but alsoincludes the same all-important notion of audience interaction.

    ex. Pilots of shows like Arrested Development whereby content is evaluated by the publicoffers the same opportunity for Film Producers to tweak their craft.

    Simply put, Transmedia cannot only be defined by content and audience - but must alsoinclude audience or user Interaction.

    With this understanding in mind, I have reduced the concept of transmedia into 3 elements.

    A brief expansion on the formula:

    Content - refers to all content: From books, films, blogs, images, live performances, UGC,etc.

    Platforms - Where do we interact with them, where do they consume the content, how do wemarket it, etc.

    Audience - Beyond who they are, how they interact, and how do we engage with them.

  • 8/13/2019 Simplifying Transmedia


    The Transmedia Recipe: (how-to run a successful project versus what makes a greatTransmedia story or experience)

    As a life cook I believe that great projects should be cooked like a great meal:

    Think about what ingredients must make a great meal, get them, use the correct tools for the job, use your own skills and imagination and voila - bon appetite!

    I chose the recipe metaphor to aid with the concept of explaining how ideas can move fromconcept to execution albeit (with a certain flow and elegance + blood, sweat and tears.)

    I. Story - can also refer to storyworld or brand narrative. What is the why of the story, theheros journey, the origin story, why should it be told on the many platforms,

    screens,treatment with attention to plot, logline, user centric scenarios, etc. .II. Content - what are you producing for the multiplatforms? Film, webisodes, book, game,

  • 8/13/2019 Simplifying Transmedia


    ARG, play, experience, social film, social tv, etc.III. Team - once you established the above - who do you need in your team to make this asuccess? Each piece of content needs to have the correct team member in order to accomplishit.IV. Audience - Who is your audience? why would they want to interact with your project?

    whats their personas? what is your audience journey ? how do you engage, interact, attractand retain them?V. Tools - what tools are you going to use for the job? - your cameras, software, authoringtools, apps, etc.VI. User Experience - once you know your audience you will need a great user experiencedesigner on your team - the reason I created UX as a sub-category is because of itsimportance - you have to have great ux in order for your audience to interact with your

    project - whether its a game, film or any other piece of content - the user needs to be movingseamlessly in between the different platforms, screens, experiences.VII. Platforms - which online platforms is the content going to interact with - social media,new platforms. Could also refer to the multi-screens we are using, real live events including

    breaking the fourth wall.VIII. Business Model : Most important ingredient: How will you make money? how will youraise money first and then make money from your project so it can become sustainable,what's your distrubution models?

    The biggest next step is how to organize all of this now into a working project.This is definitely the place of another blog or several on developing a great project, writing agreat Transmedia bible and then making it happen.

    Transmedia and Crossmedia Convergence in a Connected World


  • 8/13/2019 Simplifying Transmedia


    AN INTRODUCTION The Matrix is a science fiction action film that was initially created by Larry andAndy Wachowski in 1999. The narrative starts with the actor Keanu Reves, a manwhos living two different types of lives. He works as an computer programmerduring day time in the actual world and at night, he transform to another person, amalevolent hacker in another world which, is the Matrix.The first film turn out to bevery successful that later on, the Wachowski brothers decided to produced anothertwo films continuing from the first one. The following films The MatrixRevolutions and The Matrix Reloaded also turns out to be successful as well.Both films were released in the same year, 2003 but in different month.

    LONG LIVINGThe Matrix manage to continue develop from the first film in 1999, it has goneextremely popular and from there, they release a matrix series of films, comic books,video games and animation. Matrix series is also a franchise that was created by thesame people. The products was released in the years between 1999 to 2003 and itwas distributed by Warner Bros.Pictures. The series started out with the first filmThe Matrix and later on extend into another two sequels which, was The MatrixReloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. The settings and th e characters of theMatrix fictional universe (a different world that is not exist in the real world createdby the humans imagination) are being further explore in other media formsincluding animation, comic books and video games.

    EXPANDABILITYThe platform of the Matrix is designed to be transmedia because of the fantasygenres, the creation of a storyworld that is different from the actual world and how itbrings the audiences in and be a part of the fantasy world.


    One of the very successful m edia platform in The Matrix was the animatrix.Animatrix is direct-to- video anthology film based on The Matrix trilogy. Its acombination of nine different animated short films that was released in 2003. Theanimatrix is a convergence that is created for a new chapter for the Matrix by the

  • 8/13/2019 Simplifying Transmedia


    films directors collaborating with some of the Japans anime films creators thatinfluences them. The animatrix was originated and overseen by the WatchowskiBrothers but they only wrote four of the segments by thems elves. They didnt do anyof the direction in fact, most of the projects technical side was overseen by notablefigures from the world of Japanese animation. The fans gets to seek for a newdifferent experience in Animatrix in relation to The Matrix films.

    Games o From the Matrix films series, they develop the series further by

    creating the very first video game, Enter the Matrix. It wasdeveloped by Shiny Entertainment and published by Atari and WBInteractive. They release the platforms in GameCube, PS2, Windowsand Xbox. The game was designed similar to the Animatrix, to be anessential part of the Matrix series. Numerous previous films have beenadapted as games but in Matrix case, the game expands upon the thestory told in the films. The martial arts moves and in-engine cutscenesof the game feature actions captured directly from the films actors andstunt doubles to recreate their unique fighting styles while suspendedfrom wires under the supervision of the series fight scenechoreographer Yuen Wo, Ping.

    o The Matrix: Path of Neo is also