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  1. 1. Should You Quit Your Job to Start a Business?Giving up a secure full-time job to begin ones own business might be the toughestdecision an entrepreneur will ever have to make in his/her life. This is why many peoplehesitate to venture into business, despite having the necessary skills set and resources togive rise to a successful enterprise.How do you decide whether you should quit your current job to start a new business?Ask yourself these questions to find out:Do you have problems with your current job?Many people dream about going the entrepreneurial way simply because they are fedup with their current jobs. However, what they really need might be solutions toproblems at their workplace.Are you driven by passion or profit?Successful businesses are built by people driven by passion, not profit. If your onlyobjective is to make some quick bucks, building a business might not be your cup of teabecause most start-ups would need at least two to three years to become profitable.Do you have the necessary resources to kick start your business?Be realistic and assess your resources before thinking of quitting your job. You may needto work for a few more years and save your income, before you can invest in your dreambusiness. You may even want to approach a small business consulting service to enhanceyour knowledge of business strategies.Do you have a Plan B?Building a business can be the most fulfilling task you would ever accomplish in life. Still,destiny may not always be on your side. In case your business endeavors do not live upto your expectations, be prepared to switch over to a Plan B. For More Details Visit RichAllens Tour De Profit.