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Popular trends in outdoor living patio design using drapery and upholstery fabric.


  • 1. The Shades of Style The Color Trends of Outdoor Living
  • 2. Every year there are colors that spring up everywhere. This year is no exception. On the following pages we showcase the colors that you should incorporate into your outdoor living furniture.
  • 3. Cilantro Green is a staple in outdoor furniture the trend is to choose a darker, slightly de-saturated hue. Just like the herb its named after, Cilantro will add a strong visual flavor to your design. Cilantro complements many other colors, whether you pair it with a bold red or subtle
  • 4. Over the past several years Buttercup red has really been the go to warm color, but this year we are seeing yellow burst to the center stage. It can be used to add a fun pop or to serve as a valiant base. Mix it in with a floral pattern or in a global theme pattern.
  • 5. Mellow Purples Purple has long stood for luxury and sophistication, but this year we are seeing the relaxed, more approachable variety. Lavender is the perfect addition as a palate cleanser with so many bold colors fighting for the spotlight lavender can add a calming hint of peace.
  • 6. Brick A dark red with a tiny hint of orange is sticking around this year. Brick was designed to add accents. Use this color in pillows, candles, and flowers.
  • 7. Coffee Too much is too much. It can be easy to get carried away with all the color we are seeing this year. Coffee is a great option to tame ferocious and bright colors. This neutral color is anything but boring, like its namesake, Coffee is strong and it never goes out of style.
  • 8. White Crisp Simple Timeless. White will help your new colors stand out. Having white in a pattern with bright shades allows the color to breathe a bit more than if it were presented as a solid.
  • 9. The Trends This year mix your stripes, florals, geometrics, and global patterns. Find a textile with the color combination you like and build around it.
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  • 12. Summary The outdoors is vibrant and full of life your outdoor living space should reflect that theme. Top color trends for outdoor living areas are cilantro, brick, buttercup, mellow purples, coffee, and white.