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<p>Mobile App Vs Mobile Website</p> <p>mCommerce has given hike to both Mobile App and Mobile Website. </p> <p>The question is what to select? a responsive website or mobile app. Here we buzzed about same topic. </p> <p>AbbacusTechnologies.Com</p> <p>AbbacusTechnologies.Com</p> <p>Mobile App Benefits</p> <p>Big Business: Big business websites like eCommerce and web portals needs mobile app</p> <p>Multiple Module: If you are offering multiple modules or services to a larger audience than it's good to have an app</p> <p>Regular Visitor: If regular visitors at your site are high, then it's a good idea to have an app for them.</p> <p>Increase Engagement: Visitor engagement will increase if you have an app.</p> <p>AbbacusTechnologies.Com</p> <p>Mobile Website Benefits</p> <p>Cost Benefit: Low cost compare to a mobile app.</p> <p>Good for Small Static Web: If you are having small business or static website than responsive website is good choice..</p> <p>Maintenance &amp; Ease: Almost no Maintenance until you update it.</p> <p>AbbacusTechnologies.Com</p> <p>For More and Depth Information Visit us.<br /><br />Contact us or Drop us a mail at if you wanted to create mobile app or mobile website (responsive website).<br /><br /><br /></p> <p>AbbacusTechnologies.Com</p>