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Presentation on seeds and their dispersal for Primary and Middle School kids


  • 1. SEED DISPERSAL - Traveling to survive

2. SOME ARE 3. DREAMING OF WIND COTTON 4. MAPLE 5. SPIRALLING ITS WAY DOWN 6. DANDELION 7. ON FEATHERY WINGS.. 8. A PARACHUTE RAGWORTFeathery hairs help the seed to float on the wind. 9. WINGED SPINNERS SYCAMORE Wing-like outgrowths make it spin as it falls from the parent plant. This spinning delays its fall so that the wind may carry it some distance away. 10. AND SOME ARE 11. FLOATING AWAY COCONUT 12. ON A LONG VOYAGE .........TO ANOTHER SHORE 13. POND IRIS The seed pods break open when they ripen. Those which fall into the water float away. 14. LOTUS SEED 15. 16. WAITING FOR A FREE RIDE - SPEAR GRASS 17. XANTHIUM THE SPINY BEAUTY 18. DEVILS CLAW 19. BURDOCK 20. BURR 21. OFFERING THEMSELVES TO ANIMALS BERRIES They are eaten by birds, mice, deer and even foxes. The seeds are expelled in the droppings of the animal . 22. 23. EXPLOSIVE DISPERSAL PEASThey produce seed pods which dry in the sun and explode 24. RUPTURED SEED PODS 25. THE 'PEPPER-POT ' RED CAMPION The containers are shaken by the wind, scattering the seeds through the openings 26. GORSE FIRING LIKE A GUN 27. BALSAM 28. STAGES OFGERMINATION 29. 30. 31. THANKS