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The main presentation covers the following:1. How to choose good keywords and improve the content you already have2. Where to put keywords (and how to come up with great ideas for new content)3. How to check Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Gravity Forms for feedback about keywords and traffic on your website4. How to refine content on your website using the keywords that produce the best results


<ul><li>1.Mark McLaren<br />McBuzz Communications a Seattle Search Engine Marketing Company<br />SEO SUCCESS WITH WORDPRESS<br />Links to resources covered in this presentation are included on the final slide. Contact me with questions.<br /></li></ul> <p>2. My Goal: Show Three Things<br />How to optimize a WordPress site for search<br />How to see if optimization is working<br />How to use feedback from Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to optimize further<br />3. You Can Do This<br />4. Which keywords should I use?<br /> Common problem: You can use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to identify keywords that are bringing quality traffic to your website, but how do you identify good keywords if you dont already have quality traffic coming to your site? <br />5. What Does a Well-Optimized Site Look Like?<br />6. Many visits via many keywords<br />7. Visitors convert<br />8. Sample email from Gravity Forms<br />Click here to get the Yoast Gravity Forms Add-on Plugin<br /></p> <ul><li>source/medium </li></ul> <p>9. keyword 10. landing page (top ranking page) 11. pages visited</p>