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A look at how we developed our display about sea creatures!

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Around the sea


Page 1: Sea creatures England

A look at how we developed our display about sea creatures!

Page 2: Sea creatures England

Developing the PresentationThis is a picture of Joshua and Marcus

creating and developing our presentation. Marcus seems under stress to complete it!

Page 3: Sea creatures England

Finding information and pictures of sea creatures on the internet.

Page 4: Sea creatures England

Colouring the pictures we got.Below Heather, Kevin, Dominic

and Jacob colour the sea creatures for the display.

Mrs Michie helps out by looking at her lovely collection

of shells.

Page 5: Sea creatures England

Cutting out the Pictures.We all cut out a picture for the display, Kevin

is just finishing his off.

Page 6: Sea creatures England

Using the guillotine to cut the pictures.

Page 7: Sea creatures England

Laminating the pictures.

Page 8: Sea creatures England

Creating the main display.Kev and Heather help Mrs Michie with our display.

Page 9: Sea creatures England

Brad and Jack take photos of the different jobs people are doing.

Page 10: Sea creatures England

Our Sea Creatures Display

Page 11: Sea creatures England

Some of the things we found out about sea creatures in our seas by talking to each other.We found out some interesting things about sea

creatures in our seas.Lots of people had been to places like Cromer, Wells

Pier, and Blakney to try to catch crabs.Members of our class had been to Donna Nook but

also Hunstanton on the Wash Monster and Blakeny to look at the seals.

Some of the school had been rock pool dipping finding all kinds of little sea creatures at a variety of different places on the Lincolnshire and Norfolk coasts.

The Sea Life Centre in Hunstanton is a really popular place for people to go and find out about all kinds of sea creatures.

Almost all the class agreed that the best thing about going to the seaside was having fish and chips for tea!!!

Page 12: Sea creatures England

Rock PoolsLots of people in our class said they loved going to the seaside and looking for sea creatures in the rock pools when the tide goes out.

Page 13: Sea creatures England

Cromer Crab

Crab are a large part of the income of the town of Cromer. Historically the crab were only caught in the summer months, in autumn the fishermen brought Herring to the town, and winter cod was the main catch. This has now changed to solely bringing crab and lobster to the town.

People still make a living out of fishing for Cromer crabs.

Also people come to Cromer to stand on the pier and try their hand at using a line to fish for crabs.

Page 14: Sea creatures England

Seals at Donna Nook

Every year pupils from the school visit Donna Nook to look at the seal pups. We set off this year but it started to snow really heavy and we had to turn back.

Page 15: Sea creatures England

The Wash Monster - Hunstanton

You can take a boat ride on the Wash Monster out to one of the sand bars to watch the seals.

Page 16: Sea creatures England

Hunstanton Sea Life Centre

You can learn about all kinds of Sea Creatures at Hunstanton Sea Life Centre. They even have a special pool where you can hold all sorts of things if you dare!

Page 17: Sea creatures England

Hope you enjoyed our presentation about sea creatures. We enjoyed doing it!!!!

The Priory School can’t wait to meet you in Spain this summer!We are really looking forward to meeting everybody from Poland next year!