school here, there and everywhere. august 27-30, 2013 how do children get ready for school around...

Download School Here, there and everywhere. August 27-30, 2013 How do children get ready for school around the world? Compare and contrast how children in NC get

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SchoolHere, there and everywhereAugust 27-30, 2013How do children get ready for school around the world?Compare and contrast how children in NC get ready for school to children in different countries. Map of the World

African country of Burundi No walls

Girl student in Burundi must bring her younger brother with her to school.

Students in the Central African Republic use letter signs to learn how to write.

South American country of Colombia

In Jordan on the continent of Asia, girls sit on one side and boys sit on the other side.

In Kenya (East Africa) many children do not attend school because they are herding cattle.

In Nepal, a country in Asia, parents are expected to buy paper, pencils and dress shoes. Girls are often not sent to school because parents cannot afford the supplies

Lunch in Nepal

Africa Country NigeriaMothers want their daughters to improve and are very good about sending them to school.

In Nigeria, classes have about 55 students.

Afghanistan refugees living in Pakistan (Asia) attend school in a tent.

Afghanistan girls living in a refuge camp are still trying to learn.

In Sudan (Africa), girls do not go to school. It is considered too dangerous because of war.

In Sudan, more than half of the girls never learn to read.

In Thailand (Asia), Padaung women wear brass necks coils. Girls start wearing these coils at five years old.

Students in the Amazon (South America) learn math and spear making.

The Inuit of Canada (North America) have a very complex language, but they only have numbers 1-12. After 12, they say many or many, many.

The Inuit do not live in igloos anymore, but they still use them for camping.

The Inuit student travels to school in weather that averages 38 degree below zero.

In Ethiopia (Africa), there is compulsory education, however many students do not go to school because of extreme poverty.

There is a teacher shortage in Ethiopia. Class sizes range from 65 to 100 students.

Students in the Netherlands (Europe) walking to school.

Studentsin Indonesia (Asia) hold tight while crossing acollapsed bridge to get to school.

In the Philippines (Asia), students wear rubber boots and continue on to class because flooding is an every day occurrence at this school.

In Sri Lanka (Asia) girl students have to walk the plank to get to school.

Dont look down in Bijie City, China (Asia).

In Kosovo (Europe), a student crosses the frozen Batlava Lake to get to school.

If your school floods in India (Asia), you just pick up you desk and move to a new spot.

Outside of Toronto, Canada (North America), students get caught in a wind storm on the way to school.

In Egypt (Africa), students hitch a ride on the back of a truck to get home from school.

Getting home from school in India (Asia) looks scary.

An Afghanistan (Asia) a school boy passes a U.S. soldier on the way to school.Students in San Pedro, Belize line up when the bell rings to enter their classroom.

Students at San Pedro Roman Catholic School in Belize wait at beachside picnic tables for the first bell to ring.Inside the school courtyard at SPRC School in San Pedro, Belize.

Students in San Pedro walk to school or ride in a golf cart. No bus here!

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