School Here, there and everywhere. August 27-30, 2013 How do children get ready for school around the world? Compare and contrast how children in NC get.

Download School Here, there and everywhere. August 27-30, 2013 How do children get ready for school around the world? Compare and contrast how children in NC get.

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<p>School</p> <p>SchoolHere, there and everywhereAugust 27-30, 2013How do children get ready for school around the world?Compare and contrast how children in NC get ready for school to children in different countries. Map of the World</p> <p>African country of Burundi No walls</p> <p>Girl student in Burundi must bring her younger brother with her to school.</p> <p>Students in the Central African Republic use letter signs to learn how to write.</p> <p>South American country of Colombia</p> <p>In Jordan on the continent of Asia, girls sit on one side and boys sit on the other side.</p> <p>In Kenya (East Africa) many children do not attend school because they are herding cattle.</p> <p>In Nepal, a country in Asia, parents are expected to buy paper, pencils and dress shoes. Girls are often not sent to school because parents cannot afford the supplies </p> <p>Lunch in Nepal</p> <p>Africa Country NigeriaMothers want their daughters to improve and are very good about sending them to school. </p> <p>In Nigeria, classes have about 55 students.</p> <p>Afghanistan refugees living in Pakistan (Asia) attend school in a tent.</p> <p>Afghanistan girls living in a refuge camp are still trying to learn.</p> <p>In Sudan (Africa), girls do not go to school. It is considered too dangerous because of war.</p> <p>In Sudan, more than half of the girls never learn to read.</p> <p>In Thailand (Asia), Padaung women wear brass necks coils. Girls start wearing these coils at five years old.</p> <p>Students in the Amazon (South America) learn math and spear making.</p> <p>The Inuit of Canada (North America) have a very complex language, but they only have numbers 1-12. After 12, they say many or many, many.</p> <p>The Inuit do not live in igloos anymore, but they still use them for camping.</p> <p>The Inuit student travels to school in weather that averages 38 degree below zero.</p> <p>In Ethiopia (Africa), there is compulsory education, however many students do not go to school because of extreme poverty. </p> <p>There is a teacher shortage in Ethiopia. Class sizes range from 65 to 100 students. </p> <p>Students in the Netherlands (Europe) walking to school.</p> <p>Studentsin Indonesia (Asia) hold tight while crossing acollapsed bridge to get to school.</p> <p>In the Philippines (Asia), students wear rubber boots and continue on to class because flooding is an every day occurrence at this school.</p> <p>In Sri Lanka (Asia) girl students have to walk the plank to get to school.</p> <p>Dont look down in Bijie City, China (Asia).</p> <p>In Kosovo (Europe), a student crosses the frozen Batlava Lake to get to school.</p> <p>If your school floods in India (Asia), you just pick up you desk and move to a new spot.</p> <p>Outside of Toronto, Canada (North America), students get caught in a wind storm on the way to school.</p> <p>In Egypt (Africa), students hitch a ride on the back of a truck to get home from school. </p> <p>Getting home from school in India (Asia) looks scary.</p> <p>An Afghanistan (Asia) a school boy passes a U.S. soldier on the way to school.Students in San Pedro, Belize line up when the bell rings to enter their classroom.</p> <p>Students at San Pedro Roman Catholic School in Belize wait at beachside picnic tables for the first bell to ring.Inside the school courtyard at SPRC School in San Pedro, Belize.</p> <p>Students in San Pedro walk to school or ride in a golf cart. No bus here!</p> <p>Resources</p> <p> Template Provided Bywww.animationfactory.com500,000 Downloadable PowerPoint Templates, Animated Clip Art, Backgrounds and Videos</p>