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  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook


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    StoriesBy Golden HillsRAMS, Bridge, & High SchoolStudents

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Order of Stories

    1. Alliso

    n2. Ashon


    3. Brandi

    4. Chandler

    5. David

    6. Ebony

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook


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    Party Killing

    By: Allison Kaye Callier

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Colleen,Marissa, Kylie,

    and I were goingto thisabandonedHalloween houseparty the nightbeforeHalloween. All

    the way out inthe country.

    There was going

    to be so many

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    I was asking everybody, Whatsgoing on?

    Then somebody finally answeredmy question.

    A girl dressed as a vampire replied,There is a serial killer on the loose.

    I was like, How do you know he is

    on the loose?The girl in the vampire costume

    was like, I heard it on the radio. I

    heard he was at the party and he is

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Marissa said, The serial killerdressed as a hot dog killed

    colleen and Kylie. The killercame up behind them andstarted stabbing them. Then I

    tried to help colleen and Kylie

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook


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    The Abandoned MansionBy Ashonte Elena

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Its eight oclock on a Halloween night my

    friends and me are just hanging around

    Jamies house till Jamie suggested we go to

    an abandoned house. She heard from a kid

    at school that its haunted so they say. She

    says there is a lot of stuff there that no oneis using so we all go. When we get close to

    the house we see there is a huge cloud

    hovering over the chimney. So we think itsnothing we enter the gate and the

    atmosphere gets cold. Anna wanted to

    chicken out and turn back but we were half

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    When we get upstairs theres light

    coming from this room and we got closer

    there was this woman and she was in front of

    this pot that had green smoke coming from it.

    She had gray hair and this big mole on her

    face and her nose was huge and she was

    laughing loudly until Anna stepped closer.

    She turned and we saw her piercing green

    eyes and then she disappeared just like that

    she was gone. Nothing but smoke and the

    muffling laugh she left behind.

    We stared at one another for a minute

    then we started to walk toward the pot andthats when the window opened wide and the

    old woman came rushing in and there was a

    scream and to our surprise Anna was gone.

    Jamie and I looked at one another and stared

    to run to try and reach the front door but it

    seemed the faster we ran the hallway got

    longer and longer. Thats when we came to acomplete stop because in front of us was

    Anna and the old woman she was laughing

    but Annas face was pale and there was a

    dripping sound it was blood she raised her

    bloody hand and pointed to me and the only

    words leaving her mouth was RUN.

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    We ran as fast as ourfeet would carry usthats when it turned

    pitch black and all Icould hear wasbreathing like it was

    right there in front ofme. Thats when I calledout to Jamie but therewas no answer. So Icalled again and thatswhen I heard it shhhshe will hear you and I

    called again and Jamie

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



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  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    It was a dark andstormy night. Me and

    two friends of minewhich their namewas Shawn and

    Nicole we were goingto an abandonedchurch it was allwhite and it hadcolorful broken glasswindow that wefound when we were

    kids we were

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    We all looked at each otherand stood up pulled the coversoff of the benches. That wewere sitting on when we pulled

    them off we saw nothing on thebenches it was too dark to seeanything so we felt on thebenches and what we were

    feeling was cold so we wentaround to the other benchesand uncovered them and therewere still nothing but we werewondering what we sat on

    when we were feeling the coldspot my friend was talkingShawn said Guys I can feel amouth and a nose, one of my

    other friends went to find a lightswitch and turned it on there

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Wewere trying to find away out of the

    abandoned church thedead bodies locked thedoors and I couldntfind my friends I was so

    scared that I couldntfind my friends Shawnor Nicole. They alwaysplay pranks on me but I

    knew this wasnt a jokethese dead bodies werereal. I saw one comingcloser to me and I sawsomething hanging out

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook


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    The Mysterious Subway

    By Chandler Johnson

    O d I Ji D id d

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    One day, I, Jimmy, David, andZach were walking in downtownParis just for fun. We were about togo home because we had to behome by dusk time but we camealong a giant hole in the ground that

    led to a dark empty subway. Weknew it was a subway because therewas a flickering sign in there thatsaid, North Subway. We couldntresist entering it. So then weclimbed in. It smelled like there wasa fire. But it was pitch dark so we

    couldnt see anything. There wasalso dust flying around all over theplace.

    We always had our cameras andflashlights with us so we took themout. We went further down the

    subway; it was my idea to go intothe subway. It was very cold. Wethought the subway was pretty coolbecause it was a totally newexperience and there was nobodythere. So we were all taking picturesbut it was nothing interesting and

    there was lots of dust flying aroundthat was fogging up the lens.

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    We all started hearing footsteps; theywere getting louder and louder! Then wesaw them. Wecouldnt really tell what theylooked like because they were so fast and itjust looked like flying dust, which must bewhy all of our lenses had dust on them.

    They started approaching us. We all startedhearing footsteps; they were getting louderand louder! Then we saw them. One of

    them had grabbed my friend Jimmy. Iwanted to hit them but there were toomany and they were too fast so I, Zach,and David got scared and we bolted off. We

    got out of that subway. I dont know why

    I d f i d

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    I and my friends werefrustrated because wehad to get home still and

    we were already late.Then next thing weknow, the mysteriouscreatures started

    climbing out of the holewith my friend Jimmydead. It turned out thatthe S.W.A.T. only pulled

    out a robot of Jimmy.Everybody was freakedout and panicking.Finally the police tackled

    them all and tranquilized

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook


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  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Brandon and Jimmy discuss about what theywant to do for Zach being back. They want tothrow a party. So Brandons dad owns a cabin

    out in the country.Jimmy said, Sounds good.So they got the word over Facebook in 2

    days the party would happen they had a lot ofpeople attending. The DAY BEFORE THE PARTY.

    They got everything ready they got everythingready.

    David called Brandon told them that weshould have weapons on hand because theMinnesota mass murderer is out in Orinocowhere the party was.

    Brandon was like, We dont need that.David said, Just do it.

    So they found a guy and bought some stufflike gun 2 guns they had the axe..

    ey a are av ng a

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    . ey a are av ng agood time.

    Chandler had said,Im going to ride myscooter and catch some

    air.Chandler had beengone for a while so Davidsaid, We should go lookfor him.

    Jimmy replied, No he

    is fine.An hour passed and

    Jimmy said, Okay we cango look for him.

    They heard a scream.

    Jimmy said, Thatsounded like Chandler.

    Chandler was founddecapeted without hishead scooter broken inhalf next to him. Thisbig person walked toward

    An rew scream. J mmy gra e t e r f e an wa e outs e

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    An rew scream. J mmy gra e t e r f e an wa e outs eAndrews was gone.

    Where did the man and Andrew go? David asked jimmy.I dont know did you see his face it was like deformed, said

    jimmy.Brandon look at him and said, You moron! it was a mask.

    Jimmy get scared grabs a gun put the gun to his head he said,He going to come and kill me anyways so I will just kill myself.

    David says, Jimmy killing yourself wont solve a thing.Jimmy points the gun at David and says, No but killing you

    will.Jimmy Shoots David in stomach, NEVER DID LIKE YOU!

    Zach hits Jimmy over the head with his crouch and grabs hisgun and shots his legs and he passed out from the pain.

    Zach said, Im outta here!

    Then the man walks in with his big bloody sword likeknife.Jimmy wakes up with the looking right at him. The manpicked him up buy the collar of his shirt and squeezes his head andhis head blew up brains blood all over. Zach shoots the manseveral times but he just wont die. They all ran but Davidsomehow found the will to hit him with an axe and took his and ittook his head off. So David put gasoline on his head and startedhis head on fire.

    Now he is dead! David whispered.Andrew walked in the room and David said, I thought you

    were dead!Andrew grabs the gun that Zach had drop and David was shot

    4 times in all now. No one was around to see it.David muttered, Why Andrew?Andrew said, I Am the stranger everyone is looking for 58

    kills wow not found yet.So who was that guy? David asked.That was Jason vorhease so you found a way to kill him now

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook


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    The DriveBy: 3bony Moss

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    It was late

    afternoon around6:30 pm it was

    getting dark very Jade said maybe

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Jade said maybewe can just wait fora different car to

    come because therewas a weird vibecoming from theman. Alexs really

    didnt want to get inthe car even thou hedidnt know what wewere going to do if

    we didnt get in thecar with the man.Lets just get in the

    car and go to theas station to et

    Alex said wait the

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Alex said wait thekeys are still in the carso lets take the car

    and drive away beforehe comes. I looked tosee if the man wascoming I didnt see

    him. So Alex was justabout to jump into thedriver seat the allsudden the man

    showed up. The Mangot in the car and saidsorry for the wait andhe then he started to

    drive away. As we were

    He as knock o t the e as blood

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    He was knock out there was blood

    gushing out of his head where I hit

    him. There was one thing wrong the car

    was still moving. There was a BIG rock

    wall in front of us we had to jump

    before it was too late I open the car

    door and said come guys before its too

    late Alex jump first then jade flowed

    behind him then I jumped right in time.

    Then BOOM the car crash in to the big

    rock! I made sure that Alex and Jade

    where okay and they were alright I was


    We got up and start walking to the

    gas station. As we were walking in my

    head I was thinking about the man. We

    h i l

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook


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    The CarnivalBy: Andrew

    A d h d b t C i l

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Andrew had never been to a Carnivalbefore, especially not one on Halloween. Hehad just bought tickets at the front

    entrance, and that was when the troublestarted. Andrew got on the Zipper (a fastride that goes upside down when u are on

    it). All of a sudden every single ride at thecarnival had stopped moving. And then allof the carnival lights had turned off. Andrewpanicked and tried to get out of his seat butit wouldnt budge.

    It was black as tar outside, so nobodycould see anything. Then it got quiet for atleast four minutes. A woman let out a blood

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    A few hours later

    Killville Carnival was shutdown and wrapped in

    police tape, laceratedbodies were floating in

    pools of blood. Somebodywent on a killing spree.

    There was no sign of the

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Then Dakota asked, Did you hearthose footsteps?

    Andrew replied, Dakota just stoptrying to scare me!

    About a second later Andrew heard

    the footsteps too. They grew louderand louder and LOUDER! Then therewas a loud yell Dakota dropped to the

    ground facing up. Andrew still thoughtthat he was playing a prank on him, sohe jabbed him in the ribs with hisfoot. Still no reply. Andrew opened

    up his eye and touched it with a leaf, if

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Andrew decided that he wouldslowly move his arms to his feet and

    undo the rope, it was better than justdoing nothing and getting killedanyway. He crept his arms forwardslower than a slug. Then he untied therope and came to a halt in the dirt.

    Thank god, Andrew thought.

    His ears must have been so burnedthat he didnt hear him escape. AsAndrew got up off of the dirt and madehis first footstep, he tripped and hisshoe shot off of his foot and hit the

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Just then, Andrew felt a sharp painin his hand! He looked at his hand tofind a yellow tooth deep in his knuckle.He tore it out like a band aid. Then hehopped over the fence and got on hisbike. Then he went to the sheriff

    Sanders and gave him a detaileddescription of the man. Andrew andthe sheriff were close friends because

    he knew his mom from when theywent to high school together. Then hewent home and told his momeverything that happened.

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook




    One Halloween night three kids Chris,

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook


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    g ,Amanda, and Jake went to the cemeterywith an Ouija board. They sat on a gravestone and started to play around. ThenJake grabbed his back pack and pulledout some milk and cookies. They all werevery tired. They all passed out. ThenAmanda woke up and saw that Chris andJake were missing.

    She saw that there were lots ofpeople walking so she asked a man if hehad seen her friends. There was noresponse. So she asked him again noresponse again. She got irritated. So shewent up to him and saw that half his facewas missing. Then she saw some onebehind her she yelled. It was a zombie.she started to run but she was lost. She

    thought that the graveyard was endlessbut then she saw Jake and Chris. But shealso saw the exit. So she thought for amoment. She thought if she went to gohelp them that all of them could die. Butif she goes she could get help and warm

    people but then it would be too late for

    They freaked out. Then they started to run. They

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    found a way out of the crowd of zombies. They sawthree shovels. So they each picked one up. They startedto kill some but there were too many. Amanda fell. Jakesaw her. Picked her up. He got bit. Jake told Amanda torun to Chris. She ran and told Chris that Jake got bit. He

    started to tear up but he knew that crying wouldnt help.So he went to check up on him. By the time he got therethey were all eating him. Jake said run. So Chris knewthat this would stop the zombies for a little bit. So hestarted to run he came across his dad. He was missingan eye and his mouth was split open blood coming outof his mouth and eye. He knew he had to kill him if they

    wanted to keep moving. But he couldnt. Amandastarted to yell in fear. But Chris just kept thinking ofmemories with his dad. But he finally broke thru so hepicked up the shovel. Hit his dad in the head. So theykept moving. Amanda realized that they were going thewrong way. So they had to turn around to get out. Theywanted to warn people about the zombies. They had to

    fight thru a horde of zombies.

    They came across Jake. They started crying as theykilled him. They found the exit they finally got out. Theycried then they ran to the police station. But they didntfind anyone. They looked around and they saw azombie.

    So they thought to themselves, Oh no we were to

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    The virus has completely devastated over150 of the worlds major regions and is

    spreading rapidly At this point in time we knowof only one method of killing the creatures:destroy the brain Be on the guard of any lovedones who may have recently been in any sort of

    contact could be infected And if you findyourself out in a threatening position please donot hesitate to act Again This is not a test Thisis not a joke We as a species are overwhelmed

    We are outnumbered.

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook


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    By: James Hilton



    Spencer, Kiwi, Joe and I go out into thed fi d if h b l d f

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    woods to find out if the urban legend ofWood Stalkers was true. Or if the rest of thecity was crazy. All of us were like family.The story of the wood stalkers is 29 yearsago there was a family of outcasts. The

    reason they were outcasts is because theson was always getting in trouble. Withstuff like bullying kids, sitting stuff on fireand his classmates on fire as well. They ranto the woods and made a cabin. Every timesomeone went into the woods they wouldstart hearing what sounds like an open


    We heard of the stories before but justthought everyone was just crazy. We wentinto the woods to find the cabin. Just incase we found something everyone broughtsomething. Spencer brought his dads

    Winchester rifle. Kiwi brought a cleaver thatlooked like something out of a Jason movie.Joe brought his big mean German Shepardnamed Fitz. And I brought a butter knife.Yes a butter knife.

    First everything was going boring, except Fitzneeded to use the bathroom every ten minutes We

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    needed to use the bathroom every ten minutes. Wedont know the reason why but all of us felt thatsomething or something was behind us. But every timewe looked back nothing was there. Ha-ha we all laughedbecause kiwi kept screaming every time we heard ahowling from wolves. We found a cabin with no one in it.

    So Spencer said, We should go in and get warm.And we all agreed. The door was unlocked which was abonus for us.

    But Joe said, He saw something outside. So

    spencer and I went outside to check it out.

    Spencer pulled out his rifle and I pulled out myknife. We could taste the lake water from the lakenearby. And we saw something hiding behind a treewith something round with ears in its hands. So we ran


    And Joe asked, Did you see my dog outside?Cause I let him out to use the bathroom for thethousandth time that night.

    I went to the door and called for the dog to come

    But something did

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    But something didcome to the door. But itwasnt Fitz. It was thedad Wood Stalker. Andhe had Fitz head in oneof his hands. His big

    hands were over-grownand hairy. With longfingernails on both

    hands, blood drippedfrom both hands and as Iwas about to tell

    everyone he bit Fitz

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook


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    By Koeundara

    It was Halloween

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    It was Halloweennight. My friendsand I went trick or

    treating. When wewere walking, myfriend Billy

    stumbled upon theidea on going to achurch. Billy askedfor all our opinionsand we all said yes.Tommy said he hada bad feeling about

    this, but we all said

    Billy had gotten possessed by the

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Billy had gotten possessed by thedemon. He broke all the front row benchesand tried to throw the wooden pieces at us.

    The others were scared; we didnt knowwhat to do. Tommy escaped and ran to thenew church down the street. He came

    through the door with a priest. We grabbedBilly and tied him down in front of the bigcross. I noticed that we are doing andexorcism. The demon screamed and tried

    to remain in his body, but right when hegot out Billys body we threw holy water atit and it vanished.

    We walk to the other church down the

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    longer at the church until are parentspicked us up. While we were there, thepriest told us if tommy didnt get himin time, the demon would fullypossessed Billys body and he wouldhave killed us all in the house of thelord.

    Our arents are here said tomm .

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook


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    The Scariest Day of My

    Life!By: Lilian Sanchez

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    The Day of Halloween, My mom, sister,and I were going to visit my aunt in

    Sparta that we barley ever see. As wepassed the haunted house to our auntshouse. It looked creepy like you wouldsee scary faces at the window, the housewas old it was near a rave ard and

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    We waited aboutan hour, there was

    the pastor who woulddo a prayer for you ifyou wanted it. Ithought it was kind of

    funny. Than it wasour turn to go. it wasdark and when the

    door shut there wasno turning back , Igot scared and I waslike oh man what did

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Than we hear aMan in the

    background,Anybody Backhere, screams theMan. Akemi says in

    tears, YES HELPUS! The man randown to help and

    thank goodness itwas a police. Hehandcuffed the ladyshe been wanted for

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook


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    The Haunted House

    By:Najma Abdi

    Emily Shay and Jason were hanging out at

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Emilys house. They were doing there Englishproject. They were almost done with it. It tookthem almost 3 or 2 hours. It was a big project.Shay thought it was getting boring. Becausethey were all doing work .

    Shay asked, Where is the bathroom?

    Emily told her were it was. Shay startedwalking slowly looking inside the houseeverywhere. She thought theres only Threepeople that lives here. Why do they want ahouse this big. When shay want to the

    bathroom she start earing noises. At first shethought it was nothing. So she started walkingback to Emilys room. Then she saw this one bigdoor. She was looking at the door for a while.

    Then she thought oh well it wouldnt hurt justto look at it. When she open the door it hadstairs. Then she find out it was the basement.

    She start walking down but there wassomething weird about it how it looked and howit smelled. The basement smelled really bad. Itsmelled like some kind of animal died in there.

    Then all of sudden someone pushed her tothe ground and then her bottom lip and nosestart bleeding. She thought Emilys little sisterpushed her. But then she didnt hear anyone

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Emily was looking scared and palewhen she got it in the basement.

    Shay said, What is the matter is justa basement you act like there is aghost or something! Emily said, Mymom said never to come here shesgoing to kill me if she finds out, letsget out of here.

    Sha tho ght

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Shay thought

    to herself, Ohmy god I thoughtEmily was jokingwhen she toldme theres a lotof stuff.

    Then Emily

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook


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    4/29/12 A Night at the Library

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    One day Billy and Bob were walking around townwhen they heard someone or something moaning andgroaning from around the corner. They followed thesound and realized that it was coming from the library.While Billy started walking towards the entrance of the

    library, Bob were getting more creeped out by theminute. The library door happened to be unlocked sothey just went right on in. Once they walked throughthe door the smell of a brand new book being opened

    blew into their faces. As they kept walking they saw

    As soon as they got to the old man he

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    As soon as they got to the old man heexplained that the so-called Darkness wouldsay something to get them out of the stories

    and keep them locked up in a room for hoursevery Halloween night. The Darknesswanted to keep the characters locked upbecause he wanted to ruin all the Halloween

    stories for all the little kids. The Darknesscould transform itself into any animal, object,or person he wanted too. So the characters

    had begged them to help them get back intotheir books before the sun rises because ifthey dont get back into their books beforesunrise they would all be controlled by the

    Darkness and the stories they came from

    Then he

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Then, he

    decided toturn back

    around to golook for

    everyone, buthe couldnt

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook


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    Movie Theater

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    The day started off like every otherday on Halloween, Just feeling goodand ready to go out and startpranking. And to get free candy

    too. So next thing you know its darkout and its time to call the gang. Thisyear we decided to do the coolest,Stupidest, and friendship loosen thingever. Trash MY dads theater. Thereason why we are really doing this is

    because we heard that this place ishaunted or some employ lives upstairsafter hours.

    So we all get to the theater all ontime and I jacked my dads keys to getin. And I dont care what people tell

    you movie theaters are scary whenthere pitch black at night! So we getinside and right then and there westart hearing noises like someone elseis in the theater too. No one knewwhere to start so I just tell them lets

    just put on a movie while were here.

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    So I tell Jared and Brandon and to just meet me in the theater

    cause Kiwi wants to go up to the projection room with me. As soon as we

    are walking up the stairs we hear a big scream, then we start running up

    the stairs. And I look out the window of theater 7 and I turn on the lights

    and see a big bloody trail on the ground. And it leads to under the movie

    screen. Then I see Jared walk out with a bloody knife in is his hand.

    And I see Jared running out of the theater but right then and there

    Kiwi and I hear a noise that kinda sounds like a gun shot. So we run down

    stairs as fast as we can and see Jared trying to crawl his way out. But I

    reach out for him and then THE MAN shoots him 3 more times in the

    So I unlock another door and we run all the way to the

    other end of the theater but when we got there I knew who

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    other end of the theater but when we got there I knew who

    it was at that point. So HE shoots Kiwi point blank and

    says to me Spencer, this will be our little secret. IT WAS

    MY DAD! Because who else would know the theater as well

    as I do? And who else would have the keys the all thedoors? And who else would do ANYTHING to keep his job?

    My dad would thats who

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook


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    Fun to DisasterVannida Voeun

    Its the night of

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    It s the night ofHalloween. My friendSammy and I are

    planning on going to ahouse party. It was 8:30at night we startedwalking pass the


    Sammy said, VannidaI dare you to run all

    around the cemetery andback.

    Vannida asked, Really



  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Come on

    Sammy stoptrying to be

    Oprah lets go

    to the house

    party. Okay,

    we started Vannida yelled

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Vannida yelled,

    Come on SammyRUN RUN

    Next thing Iknow Sammy was

    out of my sight.The ghost girl

    flew u on us

    Th S C M

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook


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    The Scary Cave ManBy Xaiver M Passe

    Xaiver set up a party with him and a

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    couple friends. They went on a walk in themiddle night to a cave that supposedly

    was haunted but they didnt believe it sothey still went in. They went around thecorner it smelt like rotten food. They saw

    spider webs everywhere but they still hadenough courage to walk through the doorway. The cave walls were all crumbly andfell to the ground if you would touch the

    walls. The cave was calming until theywalked for a little bit. Then it wasunbearable to hear.

    Decided that Xaiver and Ashlyn would

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Then they heard footsteps that made itsound like people were running. Shalom

    and miles realized that David waspossessed when he did not respond to anyof the questions and also that David threwmiles into a wall. Then somehow Shalom

    The lighter did not appear to scare the

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    cave man but it did amaze him. So he nolonger controlled David. So Xaiver told

    David to run and he did but Xaiver did nothe started a fire with the lighter. The caveman stuck his hand in it and screeched so

    Xaiver jumped in fright that it mightattack. So Xaiver hurried up and started afire around the cave man and it burned todeath. So Xaiver went on to meet up With

    Ashlyn, Shalom, and David they meet upand went home and went to bed the nextday they buried Miles and honored him


    The haunted house

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook


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    The haunted housemystery


    David chandler and I were at a

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    haunted house. On Halloween It was

    dark cold I remember seeing doors that

    wide and long some went to staircases

    some went to empty rooms and some

    led nowhere widows were crackedand somewhere just dark mirrors that

    reflected yourself in the past present

    and future and then you dead andpictures of the dead people were really

    creepy All of a sudden, there was a

    ban . It was the doors that shut. We all

    There was ad d d

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    mom, dad and sonthey all looked pal

    and had old rippedup clothes alsolooked really mad

    and sounded reallyquiet they onlyshowed themselvesshowed only on

    Halloween becausethey wantedsomeone to know

    how they died

    A D At th Lib

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook


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    A Day At the LibraryBy Jimmy Stoppel

    Me and chandlerd i

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    were doinghomework. Then it

    was getting late.Everyone had gonehome. We thoughtit was just us. Wewere about toleave. ThenChandler ran to

    the bathroom.

    Ten minutes had

    Then in the

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    basement theblood trail kept

    going a littlefurther. Then allof a sudden

    Jimmy heardlaughing andJimmy knewsomeone wasright in front ofhim. Jimmyturned on the

    light. And it was Then before the library had opened

    li ffi h d t d b

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    up a police officer had stopped by.There was a missing persons report

    for two 15 year olds. So she invitedhim in and while he was lookingaround the old Librarian attempted tokill him. But he had grabbed hiscustom made M1911 hand gun andblew her brains out.

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    The cemetery next to the mental institution

    Well it was

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    e asHalloween. We justgot back from trickor treating. Me and

    Jessie and Tomeswere bored so we

    decided to go to thecemetery since itwas Halloween. We

    were going to gosee my grandpasgrave. We startedwalking and

    realized it was ast Come on,

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Tomes says.Theres a way to

    the basementand there we cancrawl through

    this small hole.We got to this

    wall and it wasnt

    wood. It wasdrywall. So wekicked it and myfoot went

    throu h and

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    So we were trying to get out, but there was no way out at the bottom. Wefound a dead little kid. His head was gone and his finger was gone too. And wefound his mom and two of her legs were gone and her arm was gone too. So wegot out of the hole as soon as possible and we ran all the way to my house. Butwe got stopped by a cop and he took us to the station. We told them everythingso we were chilling and sitting and we heard in a walky-talky that they had an

    officer down at the cemetery. I went to the restroom and there were mud footprints coming from the back door to the gun room. I went to the gun room and Ifollowed it the locker rooms and I found a dead cop on the floor. I ran back tomy friends and told them that the killer was in the building and that he killed acop and he was in the restroom, all bloody. But when we went to the restroomthe cop was not there and there was no blood on the floor.

    Jesse said wheres the body huh? Are you crazy or something? Thats whenhe fell out of the locker all bloody. We saw the bloody mop and all the copscame into the room and saw us and saw the dead cop. They all pulled out theirguns. I was like it wasnt us. It was the crazy dude that did it but no onebelieved us. Then, the FBI came through the window and through the front doorand back door and through the roofs window. They all pointed their guns at usand we got down and as soon as we got down the real killer was behind us.

    They told him to get down and he didnt and they told him again. They counted

    I H ll Ni h

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    It was Halloween NightBy: Samean Mok

    It was Halloween night. Pete decided to have some friends over towatch movies. And that everybody had to be dressed up. Pete decided tobe a business man. But Pete had to clean up the house first. After donecleaning up the house Pete looked in his dads closet to find a shirt towear, he looked up and found a game board called Ouija Board. His

    parent was also out of town to. Then the doorbell rang, it was Pablo, Mikeand Sally.

    Man am I happy to see you guys.They came in and they sat down in the living room. Pete said I found

    this game in my dads closet while I was trying to find a shirt to wear. Doyou guys want to play it? Then Sally took it and read the back of the

    board and it said this game talks to spirits she said! The boys didntbelieve it. Pete and Mike went to the garage but the second one, Sallyand Pablo said they would meet us in there when they done eating. SoPete sat across from Mike, with the board in the middle between them,talking to Pete favorite singer. Lights were already off and candlesalready around us. All of a sudden the candles went out. Then they heard

    something like somebody threw something against the wall. The candles

    Pete and Mike looks around them,

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    ,they saw knives stuck to the wall allaround them. Pete gets up and runstowards the door, with Mike be hidehim. While at the door they couldntget in. Pete yells I cant open the door

    Sally. So Sally finally opens the door forthem to let them in. Pablo it is true theboard does talk to spirits. Pablo said I

    dont believe you, but Sally didbelieve.

    So Pablo goes into the garage and

    play, With Sally walking right be hide

    Halloween party SCARY!!!

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    p yBy Isaiah Banks

    On one Halloween day me witch isMike and my sister Kate. Our parentswent out on vacation so we got the

    cabin to ourselves. So we through aHalloween party with our friendsbefore we started to clean I had to doone thing first. Witch was clean thisred stuff off the garage that looked likeblood. Late last night I and my sisterwent on a walk with the dogs and

    before we had got back we must have

    The most exciting part was when

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Kate was cleaning in the garage. Butthe most important thing on her mind

    was that guy that they see last nightbefore they came home with the dogs.So after she was thinking about what

    happen she herd this weird noise andit sound like leaves falling or gettingcrushed, as I turned to see what it waslooked like this plain person with asweater, a cap on with blue jeans anda pair of Nike.

    Abandoned Cabin

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Abandoned CabinBy Sam

    Kate, Bri, and Nate were on theirway to the abandoned cabin in themiddle of the woods. For a weekend

    just to get away from everything intheir normal life. But the spoken tosoon. Kate, Bri and Nate filled the car.

    They were just driving. When the carran out of gas they stopped. Kate andone of her friends Bri went inside topay and TRYING to find someone to

    help them but they couldnt find any

    They tried to get the person up to

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    y g p pget it in the car. Because they need tomake sure the person was going to beok and to bring it home. When it gotup and it tried to kill them with apeace of mental. it was a long pole.

    Nate jumped back in to the car afterhe could get away. He drove off. theyget to the cabin. And took their stuff

    out of the car and brought it insidewhen they get inside it looked likesomeone else was already here. theywent out and looked around back


    Movie Theater Mayhem

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    By Kiwi

    James and I were at Shopko North,the night before Halloween messingaround as always. The manager was

    yelling at us telling us to get out of thestore. So we got kicked out, and as

    James and I were walking out myphone vibrates, its Spencer calling.Hey Kiwi, meet me Jared and Brandonat the theater. So James and Icontinued walking to the theatre, as

    we were walking we heard geese fly

    We had Spencer check the supplyl d fi

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    closet. It seemed fine. But as weturned around the mop was sitting out

    with a bucket of water and it wasfreshly used. We all got chills becausewe dont know whats going on

    here. James and Spencer tried to lookfor some clues in the lobby whileBrandon and I looked thru the rest ofthe theatres. As Spencer and Jameswalked around the lobby they heardscreaming. We all met up by thedragon statue and we talked to see

    what was happening. But we noticed

    The Dark Mysterious Road ThatKill d Th

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Killed Them

    By DakotaIt was dark and at night.My mom and I were driving

    to go get my puppy that waskidnapped and we got a tipthat he would be out in this

    small town. We were headingout of town. We had never

    been to this town before We I was running in fear of my life. And

    d i h h d i h

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    wondering what happened in thathouse. I wanted to know who he killed

    and all that was going through myhead was why didnt I just walk awayfrom that house and not gone to it! As

    I was running I started to see my car! Iran as fast as I could to get to it. As Iwas running I tripped over something!It was my puppy and my mom! Theywere covered in blood. And I was interror! I wanted to pick them up andbring them to safety with me to see if

    they were still alive and to see if they

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    Miles, Chris, and Xavier were walkinghome from school one day though apath way. They saw this old house and

    they went inside and there was a guylooking at everything they did. Theydidnt see the guy and he was ugly andscary looking.

    After they were leaving Chris sawsomeone looking out the window.

    Then he asked Miles and Xavier,

    The cop said, I heard screaming.

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    The old man said, Nothing here.

    Then the cop left. As the old manwas going up stairs he saw Chris butChris didnt see him. The old man gotChris. He took him to his room. WhenXavier looked back he didnt see Chris.

    Then Xavier ran to the bathroomwhere Miles was. Then Xavier heard

    Chris yelling. Miles and Xavier went togo find Chris and as they were walkingthey saw blood. Then they stopped

    and heard yelling again.

    e aun e ouseBy Nathaniel

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    By Nathaniel

    My friends and I were thinking whatto do for Halloween.

    All of a sudden home girl Alexis

    called and told us, Im having a party.Youre invited!

    Me and my friends got ready to go to

    the party. When we headed out to theparty we stopped at the liquor store.

    When we pulled up to the party it

    was acked. It was like a reunion. We

    Some people ran through the backd M f i d d I t d W

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    door. My friends and I stayed. We weredrunk to the fullest! There were like 15

    people that stayed and were allscared. It was barely 12 in themorning. We all ran down stairs to the

    basement. We were all frightened!Once we got to the basement we

    were planning how we were going to

    get out of here. We all looked outside.We all saw the zombies. I saw myfriends car out there. I told myhomeboy that we could try to make it

    Haunted Fairgrounds

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook



    gby Frank

    On Halloween night, the carnival isthe scariest place to go. One day,Frankie, Alex, and Jocasta were going

    to the carnival. At 9:00 p.m., theywalked there and all of a sudden therewas nobody there. They didnt knowthe carnival was closed.

    Then Jocasta said, Hey Frankie, weshould go back home. Theres nobodyhere. Its too late to play in the

    But it gets worse. 300 ft.

  • 8/3/2019 Scary Storybook


    gaway from me and Jocasta

    was a big part of the rollercoaster, broken. We tried to

    think of a plan of how wewere going to get outwithout dying. But when I

    looked down by the rollercoaster, I saw a 55 ft. tall