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SCARY HALLOWEEN STORIES By: Kelsea Sperling 7a PAA Teacher: Mr. Loran

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Scary Halloween Stories. By: Kelsea Sperling 7a PAA Teacher: Mr. Loran. Horror Animal. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



By: Kelsea Sperling 7a PAA

Teacher: Mr. Loran

Horror Animal

Once there was a dog named Trouble and his owner decided to buy a pet hamster. Trouble wanted to be the only pet in the house so the night that his owner bought the hamster Trouble snuck out of his cage and tried to kill the hamster but it was too dark to see it. He decided to get it the next morning before anyone woke up. The hamster was already awake when Trouble came in but he was too quick and got the hamster before he had a chance. So………… from now on Trouble is haunted by the hamster!!

Closet Horror

Once there was this family that moved into this really old house. The parent’s heard that the house was haunted by a family that was brutally slaughtered by a murderer years before, but the parents of the household didn’t believe in ghosts. After a while they started hearing screams of help. The two daughters of the house were very scared then one night the youngest of the children heard her name being called near the closet she was scared but it sounded like her sisters voice so she quickly opened her closet door and found her sister laying there dead brutal slaughtered. She was in horror, and then she noticed on the door of the closet there was a note written with blood. It said “We called for help but no one came and we were killed we called again in the afterlife and still no one came so this is a warning!” The girl screamed and her parents were in deep horror. That night the family moved all the way around the world so they would never have to witness that again.

Scary Night

One stormy night a man was driving in the rain and saw this woman wearing shorts and a t shirt freezing. He pulled over and let her in the vehicle. She said her name was Keely. He gave her his jacket and dropped her off at her house. When he got home he realized that she had his jacket. He went back to Keely’s house and knocked on the door. An old woman answered. He asked if Keely was there. The old lady said no she died in a car accident on a stormy night years ago. The man was suspicious so he went to the local cemetery and looked around and saw Keely’s toom stone and his jacket was on it. He took it and went home and tried to forget about it but………. he didn’t.

Don’t Play With Dolls

Once there was this little girl who loved dolls. She bought one in particular that talked. She named it Lulu. Her dad hated it. That night after supper the little girl had to clean her room and she left the doll on the table. Her dad stared at it then the doll turned its head around and said “I hate you” He was scared because She usually said “I love you!” He grabbed the doll and broke her head off and threw her out into the trash. He never told his daughter. He just said that she must have miss placed it. She was heartbroken. That night the doll was so angry that it put it head back together and killed the father by breaking his neck like he did to her!!!!!

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