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How to use a website to build your offline business, increase your number of customers, increase sales, increase profits, and achieve your goals. Free consultation is offered.


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2. Do You Feel Like TheInternet is a Bit Uncharted Territory for You? Let Me Help You Navigate To The Benefits of Getting Online!. INTRODUCTION 3. PageQualify Your Why Traffic? The Hour Glass System 4. Lets Talk Traffic! 5. vreBoom System YouTube Outranks Even Google Video 6.

  • Even Katie Couric is Using Twitter
  • You Brand Yourself and Get Traffic with Twitter and other Social Media Sites!

Do You Know Twitter? 7.

  • Ford Modeling Agency Boosted its Revenue 140% by using reality style videos on Youtube
      • Source Inc. Magazine
  • You Leverage someone elses HUGE investment in video streaming servers, use it for FREE, and put it on your own website as well using their Million dollar investment How great is that!
  • Beat You Competition:You should create a custom YouTube channel and YouTube doesnt charge you !

The Power of Video Marketing 8.

  • Twitter with Custom Background Page
  • YouTube with Custom Background Page
    • Reality Style Videos about You and Your business
    • Think about itReality Sells on TVthat is what people want- Full Transparency and they will Buy from YOU
  • Optimized Web Portal to Integrate your videos from Youtube, Your Tweets and info about your business.
  • Yes, I can help you do ALL this

PageYou Need at Bare Minnimum 9.

  • Sneaky Ways to Get Onto Googles First Page:
    • Videos
    • Craigslist
    • eBay
    • Ezine Articles
    • Press Releases
    • Consider the long-tail keywords your customers will enter into Google

PageGuerilla Traffic Tactics 10.

  • Video Creation and Submission to over 30 Video Sharing Sites
    • Make sure video is 3 Minutes or less
    • Include Your Website Address or Phone number at end of video
    • * Critical *Include your website address in the beginning of description of your video
    • Put your keywords in the title of your video

PageGuerilla Traffic Tactics - Video 11.

  • and Ebay Where Millions Shop!
    • Make sure you create a Wow title
    • Include your keywords in the title and body
    • Link back to your site
    • Rinse and Repeat!

PageGuerilla Traffic Tactics Craiglist and Ebay 12.

  • Incorporate FREE Traffic With Your Website!
  • Use an email capture system.

Your Marketing System Foundation PageYour Online Sales Machine 13.

  • Do You Know the Key Areas You Must Use On Your Website?
    • If not, you are missing out on lots of $$$$
  • Do you have a website?If not, I can help you.
  • You must know where a visitor to your website will first look and
  • You have only 5 seconds to capture their attention!

PageGot Them To Your SiteNow What? 14. Source:Eyetracking Heatmap The Marketing Sherpa Report Note the Bullet Points being Critical, your call to action,and the first word of a paragraph! Where the Eyeballs Go 15. Note the Golden Triangle A Google Heatmap 16. Question:How Are You Maintaining Your Relationship With Your Customers and Prospects? Your Database of Leads and Customers isYour Most Valuable Asset! The Money is in the List 17. What is an Automated Direct Response System? Who Else Wants To Make Money While They Sleep? Is it Expensive? Start Building Your List With anAutomated Direct Response System 18. Marketing statistics prove that it takes over five times to have contact with your prospect before they will buy from you. Another statistic, just a 5% increase in repeat customers translates into 25% increase in your annual sales. And on average,repeat customersspend 67 percent more than newcustomers! Now You Turn Browsers Into Buyers 19. Did you know the Small Business Administration Study showed that your hourly rate or value is $250 per hour?How many hours would it take you to do all this yourself vs outsourcing is the question! Outsourcing, or Not? 20. How You Can Invest To Increase Your Sales and Decrease Your Ad Costs Low Cost Low Risk" - 5 services for $500" Fully Optimized Web Portal $500 Automated Marketing System $500 SEO Website Analysis $500Video Infomercial for Your Business $500 Custom Online Marketing Plan $500 21. Your Investment to Increase Your Sales Social Media Package $1,500Close the Sale Package $3,000 The Big Kahuna - Local Internet Marketing Domination Plan $ 5,000- geo targeting your customers - dominate first page of google 2 positions - regionally target your Internet marketing 22. You get a private consultation with me! Via Phone or in Person My contact info:[email_address] 303-322-0164 Your Special Gift!A $500 Value