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  1. 1. Art & Archeology Middle School students learn the process of archeology by gridding a site, documenting and drawing the finds in situ and analyzing their discoveries.
  2. 2. Color Theory Using liquid water color students learned about color mixing, subtractive color, and color theory principles.
  3. 3. Balinese Shadow Puppets Working with barbeque skewers, paper, tape and foam, students learned Storytelling, Mechanics of Puppetry and cultural facts about Wayang Kulik puppet traditions.
  4. 4. Stained Glass Workshop Using acetate film and glass paints, students learned about the history of stained glass, Chartres Cathedral and stained glass storytelling, likening them to early versions of the Graphic novel.
  5. 5. Art and Social Justice This project involved giving 5th grade students a selection of issues to choose from. They then created an art piece and wrote letters in support of the issue they chose. The issue these students selected was Free Corky a campaign started by the Orca Lab to free captive whales at Sea World.
  6. 6. The students created quilt squares which were sent to Orca Lab for inclusion in a huge traveling quilt. They also composed and sent letters to the owners of Sea World. In this activity the students learned about social justice issues, collaborating on a group project, and formal letter writing. Free Corky banner in Hamburg Germany Free Corky quilt squares
  7. 7. The Spectrum in Icing Young students (with the help of older sibs) learn about the color wheel by mixing food coloring and icing to create an edible color wheel.
  8. 8. Chalk Art Middle school students collaborate to create imaginative street art.
  9. 9. Mosaic Art The breaking, the pasting
  10. 10. Optical Illusions Students learned how to create arty visual tricks and make their own 3D glasses
  11. 11. Adinkra paintings African symbols known as Adinkra originate in Ghana. We stamped canvas with Adinkra inspired symbols and added African motif animals.
  12. 12. Set Design: (Middle School) architecture, construction, aesthetics, story themes
  13. 13. Sun Printing as part of a History of Photography unit A workshop which reveals the early days of light imaging, from Daguerre to Kodak, exploring the scientific developments, the chemical processes, the successes and pitfalls, and the impact these developments had on art, culture and our appreciation of history.
  14. 14. Paper Making A selection of handmade papers by my middle school class. Students discovered the origins of paper in Asia and follow it's course through history to the present day, culminating in a paper making workshop.
  15. 15. The Naturalists Notebook This experiential arts workshop includes slides and informative materials which introduce the students to the contributions that early scientist/artists have made to our understanding of natural history, and their impact on the development of European and American expansion into new territories. Each student creates a sketchbook of visual observations of nature.
  16. 16. Sculpting in the Style of Henry Moore Students design organic sculptural shapes using foam and plaster.
  17. 17. Carnivale Masks Established during the Renaissance, the festival of Carnivale in Italy celebrates a time of carefree fun prior to a period of fasting and atonement. Using papier mache, paint, glitter and cardboard, students create personal masks in the style of Carnivale.
  18. 18. More Carnivale Masks
  19. 19. Molas Molas are colorful, patterned garments created by the Kuna people of Panama, usually created in very bright colors on contrasting backgrounds. The students created their Mola designs with oil pastels on colored papers.
  20. 20. Scratchboard techniques
  21. 21. Japanese calligraphy With simplicity in mind, students wrote their names in Japanese symbols using bamboo brushes and inks on rice paper scrolls, with simple gestural drawings.
  22. 22. Korean kites The Korean fighter kite, called bang-pae-yeon, is constructed of paper, at a ratio of 2x3. Held together with flexible wood spars and string, the kites are very agile in the air which makes them perfect for competition.
  23. 23. Calder Style Mobiles Understanding the art & science of balancing mobiles.
  24. 24. Embossing
  25. 25. In this workshop the students learn about the Expressionist movement, famous Expressionist painters, and how to "express" their own ideas and feelings in art media. The basic characteristics of expressionism are: bold colors, distorted forms, two-dimensional, without perspective, and based on feelings rather than analytical thought. Expressionism
  26. 26. Mural Painting Mentoring local high school students to paint and restore a community mural.
  27. 27. All of the workshops in this slideshow were conceived and implemented by me. The artworks were all made by my students. I develop and teach arts workshops for youth and adults. Are you thinking about developing an art event or activity? Contact me, lets do it!