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a presentation of St George


<ul><li> 1. Sant Jordi<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Long agoin thevillage ofMontblanc,insomewetlandsthatwere nearthe village, there was aterrible dragon.Hishungernever ended,andateall thepeople andanimals.Theknights whohad triedhadfailedto killthedragonandthedragonhad<br />eatenthem.<br />The Legend of Sant Jordi<br /> 3. 4. Everytimethedragonwasmorehungry.Onedaythe kingdecided tomake a dealwiththe people. <br />The Kingmadealotterygettingintoapotall<br />thenamesofthe citizensto give a victimaweekfor thedragon.<br />A unlucky day it was the Kings daughters turn andsent hertothedragon's cave.<br />The Legend of Sant Jordi<br /> 5. 6. Butthencame aknightinarmorwithasilvertopandawhite horse .Theknightfought<br />fiercelyagainstthedragon but inthe endSt. Jordi stick the spearto the dragons heart.Thedragondied...<br />The Legend of Sant Jordi<br /> 7. 8. Fromthedragon's bloodcame outarosethat SaintGeorge gave totheprincess.The princessand thekingtold himthatifhe wanted tostay inhisvillagebuthesaid no,hehadtofollowhis journeyandStGeorgeleft.<br />The Legend of Sant Jordi<br /> 9. 10. Thebookandtherose<br /> 11. How do wecelebrateSaint Georgein ourschool?<br />In ourschool we went to a theatre to listen to poems read by students who wanted too also we sang songs, the activities were optional.<br />We gave awards to the best poems and stories.<br /> 12. 13. WE HOPE YOU LIKE IT<br /></p>