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Sangh Sutra 2010


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    We achieve by our own efforts

    Sangh Stra 2010


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    Sangh Stra is a collection of the prayers (prrthana/mantra) and songs (geet) that we learn during Sangh Shiksha Varg. The material has been provided in this form so that we may follow the prayers

    as we hear and recite them, helping us to learn to sing them ourselves. We should be familiar with all of this material by the end of Sangh Shiksha Varg, so that we can teach others when we return to our


    Each of the prrthana and geet has their meaning, as well as the text in Hindi,

    next to them. Try to make use of this by learning the meaning of as many as you can. You may also practice reading Hindi

    by taking lessons in the bauddhik vishesh varg and using this booklet.

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    sh Chintan

    Ektmat Mantra

    Sangh Prrthan

    Bhojan Mantra

    Geet 1: Chale Chalen

    Geet 2: Honahar Vishwa Ke

    Geet 3: Vishwa Guru

    Keshav Archana


    Amrut Vachan

    Hanumn Chlsa

    Shnti Pth

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    sh Chintan

    bhrbhuva swa tatsaviturvareyam

    bhargo devasya dhmahi dhiyo yo na pracodayt

    : :

    : Lord, you are the giver of life, the remover of pain and

    misery, and the source of happiness. May You, creator of

    the Universe, guide our intellect in the right direction.

    saccidnandarpya namostu paramtmane jyotirmayasvarpya





    () Aum, I bow to the Supreme Lord, who is the very form of

    Truth, Consciousness and Bliss; an infinite, expansive

    blaze of light and the very image of universal good.

    prakruti paca bhtni grah lok swarstath dia klaca sarvem sad kurvantu mangalam

    : ,

    : 1 2

    $ May nature, composed of the: three qualities, (Sat, Rajas

    and Tamas); five elements (fire, water, air, earth and

    space); nine planets and fourteen worlds; seven notes of

    music with all their variations; ten directions and time

    (past, present and future), cause perpetual good to us.

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    himlayakirtin brahmarjariratndy vande bhratamtaram




  • 6

    asato m sadgamaya

    tamaso m jyotirgamaya mrityormmrata gamaya



    | Almighty, lead me from the untruth to the truth. Lead me

    from darkness to light. Lead me from death to immortality.

    sarve bhavantu sukhina sarve santu nirmay sarve bhadri payantu

    m kascit dukhabhg bhavet

    2 $ ":

    2 $ :

    2 " $

    "1 Let all be happy. Let all be healthy. Let all see the good in

    others. Let no one suffer from unhappiness.

  • 7

    pramada pramida prtpramudacyate prasya pramdya pramevvaiyate



    That (Absolute Brahman that is me) is infinite. This

    (Manifested Brahman that is the Universe) is also infinite.

    From infinity comes infinity. Infinity subtracted from

    infinity, still leaves infinity.

    sagacchadhwa savadadhwa sa vo mansi jnatm dev bhga yath prve

    sajnn upsate

    #K K


    , May you move in harmony, speak in one voice; let your

    minds be in agreement; just as the ancient gods shared

    their portion of sacrifice.

  • 8

    samno mantra samitih samn samna mana sahacittamem

    samna mantramabhimantraye va samnena vo havi juhomi

    $: :

    : N

    $$ :

    May our purpose be the same; may we all be of one mind.

    In order for such unity to form I offer a common prayer.

    saman va kti samn hrdayni va samnamastu vo mano yath va susahsati


    P :

    : May our intentions and aspirations be alike, so that a

    common objective unifies us all.

  • 9

    bhadra karebhi ruyma dev bhadra payemkabhiryajatr sthirairagaistuuvmsastanbhi

    vyaema devahita yadyu

    2: :



    T : O Lord, with our ears may we hear what is blessed and

    with our eyes see what is auspicious. May we, the devotees

    with perfect limbs and bodies, enjoy the long lease of life

    granted by God.

    na tvaha kmaye rjya na svarga npunarbhavam kmaye dukha taptnm prinmrtinanam




    " I do not desire for kingdom, heaven or end of rebirth. My

    only desire is that all those beings which are afflicted by

    misery be happy.

  • 10

    jvane yvaddna

    syt pradna tatodhikam itye prrthansmka bhagavan paripryatm


    W The principle of giving more than we receive is the ideal

    for life. O Lord we pray to You to fulfill this prayer of


    anti anti anti

    "$: "$: "$:

    Peace Peace Peace

  • 11

    Ektmat Mantra

    ya vaidik mantradra pur indra yama mtarivnamhu

    vedntinonirvacanyamekam ya brahma abdena vinirdianti


    $ W(:


    :Y "$ There is only ONE: The scriptures and those who knew the Vedas, to whom the mantras

    were revealed, refer to as Indra (the King of the Deities), Yama (the eternal and timeless God), and consider as present everywhere like the air and the Vedantis call as Brahma (one that

    cannot be described or explained).

    aiv yama iva ityavochan ya vaiav viuriti stuvanti

    buddhastathrhanniti bauddhajain sat-shr-akleti ca sikkha santa

  • 12

    W "$

    B|"$ B :

    -- ] $:

    The Shaivaites say Omnipotent Shiva,

    Vaishnavas call Vishnu, Buddhists call Buddha, Jains say Arhant, one without an end and Sikhs

    as Sat Shri Akal, the timeless truth.

    steti kecit katicit kumra swmti mteti piteti bhakty

    ya prrthayante jagaditra sa eka eva prabhuradvitya



    $ 6


    Some call him Shasta, others Kumar or Swami (lord of the universe and protector of all) Mata (divine mother) or Pita (father). All refer to the same and only ONE who is without a second.

  • 13

    Sangh Prrthan

    sarvamagala mgalym devm sarvrtha sdhikm araym sarva bhtnm nammo bhmimtaram

    s a va - ma M ga la maa M ga lya aM do va I M sa va a- qa- - sa ai Qa ka ma\

    X a rNy a aM sa va - Ba U ta naa M na maa maa o BaU i ma ma a trma\

    We bow to thee Mother Earth. The giver of all happiness,

    the centre of all good things, the fulfiller of all our desires

    and the refuge of all beings.

    saccidnanda rpya viwa mangala hetave

    viwadharmaika mlya namostu paramtmane

    s a i cca dana M d$p ay a i va Sva ma M ga la ho tvao

    i va Sva Qa maO - kmaU la a ya na maa o |s tu p rma a %ma nao

    We pay our respects to you, Oh Mighty God, you have the

    knowledge and you give happiness. You are the giver and

    the cause of all the goodness and you are the only source of

    Dharma (righteousness), which embraces the whole world.

    viwadharma viksrtham prabho sanghait vayam ubhmia-masmabhyam

    dehi tat pariprtaye

    i va Sva Qa ma- i va ka sa a qa - ma \ p ` Ba ao sa M Gai T ta va y ama \

    X a u Baa maa iX a Ya ma s ma By ama \ do i h t%p i rp U t- ya o

    O God. We get together and organise ourselves for the

    spread and development of Vishwa (universal) Dharma,

    kindly bless us so that we can reach this goal.

  • 14

    ajayyam-tma smarthyam

    sulam lokapjitam jnnam ca dehi vivea

    dhyeya mrga prakakam

    Aj a yy a ma a %mas aa ma qy a- ma\ s a u SaI la M la a ok pU ij a tma \

    &a na M ca do i h i va Sva o Xa Qy a o ya ma a ga -p `k a Sak ma \

    O Lord of the Universe. Grant us unbeatable strength, self

    confidence, good character worthy of respect by others and

    the knowledge that will show us the path leading to the

    achievement of our aim.

    samutkarostu no nityam nihreyasa samanvitah

    tatsdhakam sphuratwantah suvravratamujvalam

    s a mau %k Ya ao - |s tu na ao i na %y aM

    i na :Ea o ya sa-s amai nva t: t%s a a Qak M s f u r%va nt:

    s a u vaI rva ` tmau j j va la ma\ We have undertaken a vow which is divine and worthy of

    heroes. It aims at achieving our material and spiritual

    prosperity. May this great vow always inspire our hearts to

    fulfil it.

    viwadharma prakena viwanti pravartake hindusanghatan krye

    dhyeyanith sthir-stunah

    i va Sva Qa ma- p `k aX ao na i va Sva X a ai ntp` va t-k o

    i hndu s a M GaT naa ka y ao - Qy a o ya i na Yza is qa ra| s tu na :

    Let us have unwavering devotion to our ideal of organising

    and uniting the society (Hindu) so that it is capable of

    establishing world peace by following the universal


  • 15


    ktvsmaddharma rakshaam paramam vaibhavam

    prptum samarthstu tavi

    s a M GaX a i >i va -j a o~I ya M k R %va a |s ma wma - rxa Na ma \

    p rma M vaO Ba va M p a` Ptu M s a maqa a- | s tu tva ai Xa Ya a

    Let our victorious organised strength, protected by our

    Dharma, be capable of achieving the supreme prosperity for

    all through your blessings.

    twadye puya kryesmin viva kalya sdhake tyga sev vratasyyam kyo me patatu prabho

    %va dI y a o p u Ny ak ay a o- |i s ma na\ i va Sva k ly aa Na s aa Qak o

    %y a a ga sa o va a va` tsy a ay a ma \ k a ya a o mao p ttu p ` Ba ao

    In pursuit of the welfare of the human race, which indeed is

    thy holy cause, and inspired by noble virtues of service and

    sacrifice, let my being, O Lord, be offered at your feet.

    Viwa Dharma Ki Jai i va Sva Qa ma- kI ja y a Victory To The Universal Dharma

  • 16

    Bhojan Mantra

    anna grahaa karane se pahale vichra mana me karan hai kisa hetu se isa arra k

    rakshaa poaa karan hai



    Q Before we take our food, we pause to think, for what purpose should we nurture and protect our body.

    he parmewar ek prrthan nitya tumhre charo me laga jye tan man dhan mer viwa dharma k sev me


    ` a

    ( b a O God, grant us this prayer, for which I bow with

    respect at your feet, that my body, mind and wealth be put to use in the service of Universal Dharma.

  • 17

    saha nvavatu saha nau bhunaktu

    saha vrya karavvahai tejasvinvadhtamastu

    m vidvivahai




    D Let us protect each other.

    Let us eat together. Let us work together.

    Let us study together to be bright and successful. Let us not hate each other.

    anti anti anti

    "$: "$: "$::

    Peace Peace Peace

  • 18

    Geet 1: Chale Chalen

    Chale Chalen Hum Nishidina Avirata, Chale Chalen Hum Satat Chale,

    Karma Kare Hum Niralasa Pala Pala Dinakara Sama Hum Sad Jale

    Chale Chalen.

    Sote Nara Ka Bhgya Supta Hai, Jge Nara K Bhgya Jgat,

    Uhane Para Vaha Jhaa Se Uhat, Paga Bahate H Vaha Bh Bahat,

    Aapta Vachana Yaha Rishi-Muniyon K, Nara Hai Nara K Bhgya Vidht,

    Purakhon K Yaha Skha Samajhakara, Karma Leen Ho Sad Chale (1)

  • 19

    Arya Dharma Ko Puna Pramaya, Karane Nikale Gharase Shankara, Kerala Se Kedrantha Taka,

    Ghme Gumarhopar Jaya Kara, Vicharey Achala Vanncala Maruthala Aikya Tattva K Shankha Bajkara,

    Usa Digvijay K Gati Lekara, Satata Chale Karmaya Bane (2)

    G Mer Ghara Hai Kahakara, Jisane K Sanchra Tapasy,

    Main Nah T H T Yaha Japakara Jisane K M K Parichary,

    Jaya H Jaya K Dhuna Se Jisane, Pri K Jvana K Ytr,

    Usa Mdhava Ke Anucara Hum Nita Kma Kare Avirama Chale (3)

  • 20

    c U






  • 21





    "c b


    " b

    6 6

    " b b W

    6 b "

    6 b b

  • 22


    Let us stride tirelessly and continuously. Let us work without any laziness, and shine as

    persistently as the Sun.

    A sleeping person's fate is dormant - it shines only as the person leaves the bed. Destiny emerges as the person rises and proceeds

    forward. It is told by the saints and sages that we are the master of our own destiny. Grasping the sage advice of our ancestors, let us stride

    while engrossed in activity.

    Shankaracharya left his home to resurrect the Arya-dharma. He victoriously went around India from Kerala (in the South) to Kedarnath (in the

    North). He travelled over wilderness and deserts, spreading the message of unity.

    Borrowing the speed of this victor, let us be active and strive continuously.

    'Cars and trains are my house' - saying this Shri Guruji continually travelled around the country. Chanting the motto of 'Not me but you', he served Bharat Mata (India). Completing the

    journey of his life, he assured our victory. Let us, the followers of that "Madhav", work

    continuously and strive tirelessly.

  • 23

    Geet 2: Honahr Vishwa Ke

    Honahr Vishwa Ke, Karnadhr Dharma Ke, Samaj Ki Pukr Par,

    Aaj Hum Badhe Chale

    Vishwa Dharma Ke Liye, Praan Ko Jala Diye, Hum Nayee Bahar Ko, Khoon Ka Shringar De, Josh Ye Ghate Nahi, Paava Ab Hate Nahi Path Swabhiman Ka,

    Aaj Hum Padhe Chale(1)

  • 24

    Medini Dahal Uthe, Sindhu Bhi Machal Uthe, Hum Jidhar Charan Dhare,

    Jeet Ka Varan Kare, Hum Jara Ruke Nahi, Hum Kahin Jhuke Nahi,

    Aaj Aasman Par, Shaan Se Badhe Chale (2)

    Vishwa Ke Gumn Par, Soorama Mahn Hum, Hum Amar Saput Hai, Aaj Kranti Doot Hai, Na Kaal Se Karaal Bun, Aur Bemisaal Bun,

    Tyaag Ki Kahaaniyan, Aaj Hum Gade Chale (3)

  • 25



    b a



    6 6

    a 1


    " a a

    ja 6 6 6

    a 2


    n n

    b a 3

  • 26


    Capable and promising leaders of the world keep marching forward. This is the call of


    We are always ready to lay down our life for the benefit of this world. Our efforts will bring prosperity and regeneration. We are not going to lose confidence at any stage, nor are we going to stop moving forward. We will keep marching on the righteous


    The earth moves and the oceans rise with our progress. Victory will follow our every step. We are never to stop or give in. We are going to reach the pinnacle of progress

    with pride and majesty.

    We are the great and brave and the world is proud of us. We are the immortal

    messengers of rejuvenation. We are the formidable end to evil. We are the

    unparalleled example of sacrifice on this earth.

  • 27

    Geet 3: Vishwa Guru

    Vishwa Guru Tava Archan Me, Bheta Arpaa Ky Kare, Jaba Ki Tana Mana Dhana

    Tumhre, Aur Pjan Ky Kare.

    Prchi K Aruima Chha Hai Yaga K bh Vibh Hai

    Arua Jyotirmaya Dhwaj Hai Deepa Darshana Ky Kare (1)

    Veda K Pvana Rich Se ja Taka Jo Rga Gnje Vandan Ke Ina Svaro Me

    Tucchha Vandana Ky Kare (2)

  • 28

    Rm Se Avatr ye Karmamaya Jvana Chahye Ajira Tana Ter Chalye Aur Archana Ky Kare (3)

    Patra Phala Aur Puhpa Jala Se Bhvan Le Hdaya Tala Se Pra Ke Pala Pala Vipala Se

    ja Ardhana Kare (4)

  • 29

    (j a(j a(j a(j a

    (j a ] a

    ` ] a

    b j" n q b n

    j ' K n 6 ] a


    $ i # $ ] a

    a a

    " a ] a



  • 30


    O Universal Guru (Bhagwa Dhwaj), what can we offer you in worship? When our body, mind and wealth are all yours, what more can we


    You symbolise the saffron colour of the rising sun, and the sacred flames of a sacrificial fire. You are the embodiment of light and brilliance. How can I show a small flame

    (diya) to you?

    Since the holy Vedic hymns, many have sung your glories. With all those words of prayers,

    what else can I say?

    Avatars like Lord Rama came and led a life of relentless action. They laid their lives in your

    service, what then can I offer you?

    With flowers, fruits, water and devotion from the bottom of our hearts, with every moment

    of our lives, we shall worship you.

  • 31

    Keshav Archana

    smare rra sr bhare prema se jo prabhv tumhr tapo-sdhan ativykul buddhi se gna kaise

    yaogna k gauravlpan ||dh||

    kabh vsan th na lokea k jagy kti-dpti tejasval

    sahastro mano me vah jgit ho uh hindu swtantra k prajval ||1||

    na ho deva pee tumhe chintan se sunoge ham se yashogarjan

    bahe netra se bhvan nra dhr mady yah aru-puprcan ||2||

  • 32


    `6 -

    T B





    y $ $z b '

    ` $

    6 6 -

  • 33


    Doctorji, the whole nation remembers with respect your sacrifice and

    penance, which was filled with love. How may I sing of your glory with my

    anxious mind?

    You never had any trace of desire for wordly pleasures but spread the lustre of your selfless action. May the same awakening happen in thousands of minds so that the flame of Hindutva

    remains alight.

    Doctorji, please have no worry about the future as you shall hear from us the roar of success. Surely the victory drums will be resoundingly played, but our hearts bleed as you shall not be there.

  • 34


    krivanto viwamryam $ (

    Let us make this world noble

    eka sat vipr bahudh vadanti

    "$ Truth is one; Wise men call it by different


    aya nija paro veti gaan laghucetasm udracaritn tu

    vasudhaiva kutumbakam

    W W W W ` ` ` ` The thought that, this is mine and that is

    somebody others, appear only to those with a narrow mind. For the large hearted ones, however, the entire world is a family.

  • 35

    nbhieko na saskra sihasya kriyate vane vikramrjita-satwasya swayameva mrgendrat

    """"{{{{ $$$$ No rites of enthronement are performed on a lion as the king of the animals in the forest. It

    earns the kingship of animals by its own might.

    hindava sodar sarve na hindu patito bhavet

    mama dksh hinduraksh mama matra samnat

    $ $ $ $ 2222 $ $ $ $

    6Q $Q 6Q $Q 6Q $Q 6Q $Q All Hindus are brothers and no Hindu ever

    becomes impure. My vow is the protection of Hindus and my motto is equality.

  • 36

    yatra sarve netra sarve paita-mnina sarve mahatva-micchanti tatra krya vinayati

    2 2 2 2 2 "2 "2 "2 "----

    2 2 2 2 {{{{#"$#"$#"$#"$ ? ? ? ? Where everyone is a leader, where everybody thinks he knows best and where everybody desires a place of importance, the work to be

    done gets spoiled.

    gacchan pipliko yti yojann atairapi agacchan vainateyopi padameka na gacchati

    # # # #

    # # # # |||| # # # # An ant which keeps moving covers hundreds

    of miles while the Garuda which does not

    move can't cover even a step.

  • 37

    vidy dadti vinayam vinayd yti ptratm

    ptratvt dhanampnoti dhant dharma tata sukham

    | D

    } Education bestows discipline. Discipline

    leads to capabilities. Capabilities bring

    manifold riches. Riches facilitate the leading

    of a virtuous life, which is the ultimate source

    of happiness and contentment.

    upakra paro dharma prayatno daivata param

    sulat par nti krya saghtmaka param


    ? Service is the greatest virtue. Effort is the

    highest fortune. Noble character is the

    ultimate wisdom and the greatest work is of

    organisation (sangathan) of the society.

  • 38

    Amrut Vachan Of Param Poojaneeya Shri Guruji

    Use of Amrut Vachan

    Amrut Vachan are quotable quotes by great

    persons. In this range we present a selection

    from Shri Gurujis life. These portray the

    nature and spirit of Sangh work and how a

    swayamsevak should develop himself over

    time. Each quote can be recited by one

    swayamsevak over a month in shakha.

    Thereafter a charcha or a bauddhik can be

    framed around the subject.

    It is the coming together of little things in an organised manner that always goes to make a great thing. Great characters do not come up as ready made products in a day. They are built silently and their

    glorious heights scaled inch by inch and step by step.

  • 39

    We should give close attention to the programmes in shakhas, systems therein, swayamsevaks attitude, behaviours and development of good qualities. I believe that success shall be ours when all of us are involved in this effort with one mind.


    Recognizing the good in others is one of the greatest and rarest of human virtues. The guiding principle for a worker should be to water the seeds of virtues in others and carefully weed out their vices and

    defects without parading them before all and by presenting before them the silent example of his own superior conduct.


    There is no use merely saying, Oh! We have a great culture. What do we know of it? How do we practice it? Do we look at

    our individual life as an offering to society? Do we feel that we should not merely run after pelf and power but should hold aloft virtues in life?

  • 40

    Even if a worker has certain great qualities, let him come down from his heights to the level of the average man

    and share his greatness with the rest of his brethren in society. Let him become one with others without making others feel

    that he is someone extraordinary. __________

    Each one of us should try to become a

    model swayamsevak. May my whole life be dedicated to this work? For this purpose, we should acquire the necessary abilities of a good body and mind, develop the necessary qualities such as enthusiasm,

    confidence, valour and the will to win, and try to make our life that of a model

    swayamsevak. The desire to strut about in the limelight of name and fame and to shine at the top only betrays ones lack of inner worth and weakness for self-adulation. After all, what is great about sitting at the top? Even a

    crow can sit at the top of a dome!

  • 41

    There is a message of optimism for ordinary people in Doctorjis life of hard work and duty-bound actions. The way to sure success is continuing uninterruptedly

    with our work, without thinking of happiness-sorrow, honour-insult, success-failure, amid poverty, paucity of publicity,

    inimical environment, elders apathy, obstacles at every step, resources shortage,

    opposition, ignorance and derision - immersed in the work like

    muktasagonahamvdi. .. (Detached and egoless).

    There are persons endowed with pure

    character but who are rude and offensive in their speech and behaviour. They even pride themselves on their rudeness. They say, I call a spade a spade. If it offends anyone I care two hoots. But he who is devoted to national reorganisation cannot afford to be so. Sweetness of speech is a

    must for a social worker.

  • 42

    It is necessary for the worker to sit in solitude daily in the mornings and night and probe his mind. With a discerning intellect he must find out whether any

    unworthy thought had entered his mind. If so, he should resolve to throw them out, and become purer from the next day. He should detach his mind from unholy associations and make it immersed in

    thoughts concerning the chosen mission of his life.

    The test of true friendship is the ability to remain un-offended in face of adverse

    comments. Even if a person says or does, something which in the eyes of others

    appears to harm or insult him and still he does not in the least feel its prick, then alone can he claim true friendship with

    that person.

  • 43

    There are some, who sacrifice their lives in a flash of martyrdom. True, that is also

    glorious and inspiring. But to burn oneself every moment of ones life in order to light up countless other hearts is the tapasya of

    the highest order.

  • 44

    Hanuman Chalisa Shri Guru Charan Saroj Raj, Nij Man Mukar Sudhari, Barnau Raghuvar Bimal Jasu, Jo Dayaku Phal Char

    With the dust of Guru's lotus feet, I clean the mirror of my mind and then narrate the sacred glory of the

    supreme amongst the Raghu dynasty, the giver of the four attainments of life.

    Budhi Heen Tanu Janike, Sumiron Pavan Kumar, Bal Buddhi Vidya Dehu Mohi, Harahu Kalesh Bikaar

    Knowing myself to be ignorant, I urge you, O Hanuman,

    The son of Pavan, O Lord, kindly bestow on me strength, wisdom and knowledge, removing all my

    miseries and blemishes.

    Jai Hanuman Gyan Guna Sagar Jai Kapis Tihun Lok Ujaagar

    Victory of Thee, O Hanuman, ocean of wisdom and

    virtue, victory to the lord of monkeys who is well known in all the three worlds

    Ramdoot Atulit Bal Dhaamaa Anjani Putra Pavansut naamaa

    You, the Divine messenger of Ram and repository of immeasurable strength, are also known as Anjaniputra

    and known as the son of the wind - Pavanputra.

  • 45

    Mahabeer Bikram Bajrangi Kumati Nivaar Sumati Ke Sangi

    Oh Hanumanji! You are valiant and brave, with a body like lightening. You are the dispeller of darkness of evil thoughts and companion of good sense and wisdom.

    Kanchan Baran Biraaj Subesaa Kanan kundal kunchit kesa

    Shri Hanumanji's physique is golden coloured, he wears 'Kundals' (ear-rings) and his hairs is long and


    Haath Bajra Aur Dhvaja Birajey Kandhe Moonj Janeu Saaje

    Shri Hanumanji is holding in one hand a lighting bolt and in the other a Bhagwa Dhwaj, with a sacred thread

    across his shoulder.

    Shankar Suvan Kesari Nandan Tej Pratap Maha Jag Vandan

    Oh Hanumanji! You are the emanation of 'SHIVA' and you delight Shri Keshri. Being ever effulgent, you and

    hold vast sway over the universe.

    Vidyavaan Guni Ati Chatur Ram Kaj Karibe Ko Atur

    You are the knowledgable, virtuous, very wise and

    highly keen to do the work of Shri Ram.

  • 46

    Prabhu Charittra Sunibe Ko Rasiya Ram Lakhan Sita man basyia

    You are intensely keen to listen to the narration of Lord Ram's life story and revel in its enjoyment. You dwell forever in the hearts of Shri Ram, Sita Mata and Shri


    Sukshma roop Dhari Siyanhi Dikhawa Bikat roop Dhari Lank Jarawa

    You appeared before Sita Mata in a small form, while you assumed an awesome form when setting Lanka on


    Bhim roop dhari asur sanhare Ramchandra Ke kaaj Savare

    You, with your terrible form, killed demons in Lanka and

    facilitated all the work of Shri Ram.

    Laye Sanjivan Lakhan Jiyaye Shri Raghubir harashi ur laye

    You helped bring Lakshman back to life alive by

    bringing the 'Sanjivni herb' and Shri Ram took you in his deep embrace, his heart full of joy.

    Raghupati Kinhi Bahut Badaai Tum Mum Priya Bharat Sam Bhai

  • 47

    Shri Ram extolled Hanumanji's excellence and remarked, "you are as dear to me as my own brother


    Sahastra Badan Tumharo Jas Gaave Asa kahi Shripati Kanth Laagave

    Shri Ram embraced Hanumanji saying: "Let the thousand - tongued sheshnaag sing your glories"

    Sankadik Brahmadi Muneesa Narad Sarad Sahit Aheesa

    Sanak and the sages, saints. Lord Brahma, the great hermits Narad and Goddess Saraswati along with Sheshnag the cosmic serpent, all are unable to fully

    sing the glories of Hanumanji

    Jam Kuber Digpal Jahan Te Kabi Kabid Kahin Sake Kahan Te

    What to talk of denizens of the earth like poets and scholars ones etc even Gods like Yamraj, Kuber, and Digpal fail to describe all Hanuman's greatness.

    Tum Upkar Sugrivahi Keenha Ram Milaye Rajpad Deenha

    Hanumanji! You rendered a great service for Sugriva, It were you who united him with SHRI RAM and installed

    him on the Royal Throne.

  • 48

    Tumharo Mantro Bibhishan Maana Lankeshwar Bhaye Sab Jag Jaana

    By heeding your advice. Vibhishana became Lord of

    Lanka, which is known all over the universe.

    Jug Sahastra Jojan Par Bhaanu Leelyo Taahi Madhur Phal Jaanu

    Hanumanji gulped, the SUN at distance of sixteen thousand miles considering it to be a sweet fruit.

    Prabhu Mudrika Meli Mukha Maaheen Jaladhi Langhi Gaye Acharaj Naaheen

    Carrying the Lord's ring in his mouth, he went across

    the ocean. There is no wonder in that.

    Durgam Kaaj Jagat Ke Jete Sugam Anugrah Tumhre Tete

    Oh Hanumanji! All the difficult tasks in the world are

    rendered easy by your grace.

    Ram Dware Tum Rakhavare Hot Na Aagya Bin Paisare

    Oh Hanumanji! You are the guardian at the door of Shri Ram's divine abode. No one may enter without your


    Sab Sukh Lahen Tumhari Sarna Tum Rakshak Kaahu Ko Darnaa

  • 49

    By your grace one can enjoy all happiness and one need not have any fear under your protection.

    Aapan Tej Samharo Aapei Tenau Lok Hank Te Kanpei

    When you roar all the three worlds tremble and only

    you can control your might.

    Bhoot Pisaach Nikat Nahi Avei Mahabir Jab Naam Sunavei

    All the ghosts, demons & evils spirits do not come close

    just at the mere mention of your name.

    Nasei Rog Hare Sab Peera Japat Niranter Hanumant Beera

    On reciting Hanumanji's holy name regularly all the

    maladies perish.

    Sankat Te Hanuman Chhudavei Man Kram Bachan Dhyan Jo Lavei

    Those who remember Hanumanji in thought, word and deed are well guarded against all problems in life.

    Sub Par Ram Tapasvee Raaja Tinke Kaaj Sakal Tum Saaja

  • 50

    Oh Hanumanji! You are the caretaker of even Lord Rama, who has been hailed as the Supreme Lord and

    the Monarch of all.

    Aur Manorath Jo Koi Lave Soi Amit Jivan Phal Pave

    Oh Hanumanji! You fulfill the desires of those who come to you and bestow the highest fruit of life.

    Charo Juug Partap Tumhara Hai Parsiddha Jagat Ujiyara

    Oh Hanumanji! Your magnificent glory is acclaimed far and wide all through the four ages and your fame is

    radiantly noted all over the cosmos.

    Sadho Sant Ke Tum Rakhvare Asur Nikandan Ram Dulare

    Oh Hanumanji! You are the saviour and the guardian angel of saints and sages and destroy all the Demons,

    you are the darling of Shri Ram.

    Ashta Siddhi Nau Nidhi Ke Data Asa Bar Din Janki Mata

    Hanumanji has been blessed by Sita Mata to grant to any one any yogic power of the eight Siddhis and nine

    Nidhis as per choice.

    Ram Rasayan Tumhare Pasa Sadaa Raho Raghupati Ke Dasa

  • 51

    Oh Hanumanji! You hold the essence of devotion to

    RAM, forever remaining His Servant.

    Tumhare Bhajan Ramko Pavei Janam Janam Ke Dukh Bisravei

    Oh Hanumanji! through devotion to you, one comes to RAM and becomes free from suffering of many lives.

    Anta Kaal Raghubar Pur Jai

    Jahan Janma Hari Bhakta Kahai

    After death he enters the eternal abode of Sri Ram and remains a devotee of him whenever taking new birth on


    Aur Devata Chitt Na Dharai Hanumant Sei Sarva Sukh Karai

    You need not hold any other demigod in mind. Hanumanji alone will give all happiness.

    Sankat Kate Mitey Sab Peera Jo Sumirei Hanumant Balbeera

    Oh Powerful Hanumanji! You end the sufferings and remove all the pain from those who remember you.

    Jai Jai Jai Hanuman Gosai

    Kripa Karahu Gurudev Ki Naiee

  • 52

    Hail-Hail-Hail-Lord Hanumanji! I beseech you to bless me in the capacity of my supreme Guru.

    Jo Sat Baar Paath Kar Koi Chhutahi Bandi Maha Sukh Hoi.

    One who recites this Hanuman Chalisa one hundred

    times daily for one hundred days becomes free from the bondage of life and death and enjoys the highest bliss

    at last.

    Jo Yah Padhe Hanuman Chalisa Hoy Siddhi Sakhi Gaurisa

    As Lord Shankar witnesses, all those who recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly are sure to become

    spiritually elevated.

    Tulsidas Sada Hari Chera Keeje Nath Hriday Mah Dera

    Tulsidas always the servant of Lord prays. "Oh my Lord! May you remain enshrined within my heart!

    Pavan Tanay Sankat Haran, Mangal Murti Roop Ram Lakhan Sita Sahit, Hriday Basahu Sur Bhoop

    O Shri Hanuman, The Son of Pavan, the embodiment of blessings, reside in my heart together with Shri Ram,

    Shri Lakshman and Sita Mata.

  • 53

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  • 54

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  • 55

    Shanti Path

    dyau shanti-antariksha dhwam shanti-prithvi

    Shanti-apah shanti-aushadhaya shanti-vanaspatayah

    Shanti-vishwedeva shanti-brahma shanti-sarva dhwam shanti shantireva shanti sa ma shanti redhi

    shanti shanti shanti

    May there be peace in Heaven Peace in the Atmosphere Peace across the waters

    May there be peace on Earth May peace flow from herbs, plants and trees May all the celestial beings pervade peace

    May peace pervade all quarters May that peace come to me too


  • 56

    Our view on the relationship between an Individual and the Universe is that there should be harmony between people without destroying their distinctive qualities. Evolving harmony out of these distinctive

    qualities is our speciality. We do not want the destruction of nations, but we want to have harmony amongst them.

    -Param Poojaniya Shri Guruji