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  • Curriculum Vitae of Sandrini Moodley SM

    Basic Information

    Full Name: Sandrini Moodley

    Address: 21 Saltfleet Road




    Date of birth: 29 July 1991

    Contact Number: 076 8009179



    BSc (Hons) Zoology: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University 2014

    I have completed my Honours degree in Zoology on an Innovation-type bursary from the NRF Shallow Water Ecosystems Research Chair.

    BSc Environmental Sciences: University of Kwa-Zulu Natal 2010-2013

    I have completed my undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences.

    Westville Girls High School 2005-2009

    I matriculated from Westville Girls High School in 2009. My marks were as follows:

    Maths: 89%

    English (HL): 89%

    Afrikaans (FAL): 79%

    Physical Sciences: 75%

    Geography: 91%

    Dramatic Arts: 91%

    Life Orientation: 92%

    Mathematics: probability, data handling and geometry: 65%

  • Sandrini Moodley CV


    Work Experience

    Wildflower Projects 2013-present

    I am currently working part time with a company called Wildflower Projects. I work as a training assistant for them, assisting on the Community Caregiver Initiative in Kwa-zulu Natal. The project trains community caregivers to provide integrated care to rural households in terms of social and health issues. Working on this project has provided me with organizational skills, the opportunity to work with people, skills in data analysis and time management skills.

    Tutoring 2013-present

    In an attempt to earn additional income during my final undergraduate year, and my honours year, I worked as a private tutor for high school students on the weekends. I tutored students in grades 1012, in the subjects of mathematics, physical sciences, biology and geography.

    Fieldwork experience 2010-2014

    Due to the nature of my degree, I have been exposed to many different environments and many different types of fieldwork. This includes working in estuaries, rocky shores, sandy beaches, forests, grasslands and mangrove environments. This also includes exposure to many different sampling techniques.

    CreateMusic Academy January 2011-December 2011

    I worked at this music academy teaching guitar and piano to children aged 6 and up. The lessons followed a set course in the prescribed music books in practical lessons as well as music theory. The job included preparing for lessons, organizing student files, contacting and interacting with students and parents to plan lesson schedules as well as make up lessons and, of course, a commitment to teaching.

    Interests and Achievements

    ! NRF Bursary: I was selected to receive the NRF innovation bursary for my honours year. I did not apply for this bursary, and was selected on the basis of the merit of my undergraduate degree.

    ! Music: I sing, write songs, play the guitar and piano, produce and record my own music, and enjoy sharing my music with others.

    ! Environmental issues: I was the co-president of the Environmental club in high school and I have grown up believing in taking care of the environment. I decided to go into a career that helps me to do this.

  • Sandrini Moodley CV


    ! Travel: I am an avid traveler and have visited more than 40 cities, within South Africa and around the world. I believe in adventure and would rarely miss a chance to experience something new. I was the youngest student to leave South Africa in the Class of 2007 Rotary Short Term Student Exchange Program and I travelled to Belgium for 6 weeks.

    ! The Arts: Whether in the form of music, crafts, drawing, painting or theatre, the arts fascinate and captivate me.

    ! Fitness: I enjoy exercising to keep fit.


    I am fluent in English and can speak basic, conversational Afrikaans

    I have a working knowledge of MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and I am proficient on both Mac and Windows

    I have good organizational skills, I am patient and I work well in a team


    Mr Renzo Perissinotto Head of the DST/NRF Shallow Waters Research Chair 0415044278

    Mrs Candice Durant

    Director: Project Management at Wildflower Projects 0312660015

    Ms Catherine Raw Westville Girls High School Principal 0312661258

    Mr Nicholas Engel CreateMusic Academy Director 0832368087

  • StudentInformation

    Access System

    Full Academc Record Back

    Student Moodley S MissSandrini 214214273

    Date Of Birth 29/07/1991

    Year Qualification 2014 Baccalaureus Scientiae Honores

    Subject Final Mark Result

    Semester 1 21510-Marine Predators 60 Pass 21510-Conservation Biology & Planning 75 Pass With DistinctionSemester 2

    21510-Sustaining Exploited Marine Resources 64 Pass 21510-Global Change And Biodiversity 70 Pass

    Year 21510-Zoology Honours Main Code 70 Pass 21510-Data Skills 66 Pass 21510-Research Competencies 72 Pass