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Rainforest nature

Rainforest natureBy: Sally ,Tina and Ramza

ContentsForest Floor pg.1Understory pg.2Canopy pg.3Emergent pg.4

Forest FloorResearch shows that , the Forest Floor is a rotted layer like for example , they rot plants and rot other insects or animals. The Rainforest floor gets its nutrients fromRotting animals and plants . There are a lot of animals that live in the Forest Floor , such as ElephantsScorpionsTapirMillipede

Under storeyAccording to research , There are leaves that can absorb the sunlight , as always the rainforest is as hot as the fiery sun. The Under storey has animals such asFruit batGreen boaMargayBoa constrictor

CanopyIn the Canopy layer there is 80% of sunlight absorbed in the canopy layer , The canopy protects the ground from the sun. There are plants that live in the canopy layer but there roots dont touch the ground, these are called air plants. In the Canopy layer there are lots of animals such as Golden lionToucanParrotSloth

Emergent The Emergent layer is the highest layer of all , it is about 100 or 250 feet tall. The oldest tree in the Emergent layer provide shelter to the many birds and insects that live there , this tree is called the Kapok tree it grows 15 meters feet tall. There are lots of animals that live in the Emergent layer for example butterfliesSmall monkeysHarpy Eagle

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