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  • 8/18/2019 Sai Baba Book




    Sai Baba Book

  • 8/18/2019 Sai Baba Book



    Sri Sai Geeta is an epic of animmortal life and dispels darknessand brightens the world with a light

    stronger than a hundred suns. SriSai Geeta is a secular documentthat binds all religions andpropagates Baba’s eternalphilosophy “God is but one”.Sri Sai

    Geeta is divine Baba Sainath’s giftto mankind. Sri Sai Geeta is aspiritual masterpiece thattranscends time and is always

    relevant. ach and every word ofthis great treatise has been writtenby Baba Sainath and was given tohis !mrit "utra !nand Sai.

  • 8/18/2019 Sai Baba Book



    Sai Geeta is the sun# the light that guides towardssalvation. Sai Geeta is the embodiment of Baba Sai$ath%s spiritual powers. Sai Geeta is an ocean ofspiritual knowledge. Sai Geeta is the remover of allpain and sorrows that inflict mortal life and is a guide

    that takes you away from evil and sin.

    Sai Geeta is a mother that protects her children fromall sorrows and sufferings that are present in theworld. &nhappiness# sorrow and evil will slowly leavethat household where there is a regular discourse orreading of the Sai Geeta.

  • 8/18/2019 Sai Baba Book



    What more can we say. 't is now up to you to personally seek theblessing of Baba and read Sai Geeta. (his spiritual compendium is

    brought to you only by Sai "ublications $agpur under the auspices ofBaba%s son# Sri !nand Sai. Sai Geeta is in very simple hindi andcovers appro)imately a *+++ pages. (his holy book is currently in its,* st edition. $early -+ to + thousand households have this holybook as an integral part of their homes. Sai Geeta is printed in multicolour and uses large# easy to read fonts. 't is also available as a

    regular pocket book si/e publication using normal# yet easy to readfonts.

  • 8/18/2019 Sai Baba Book