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Lap book printable for basic safety n first aid for children


<p>Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem</p> <p>Tbgfuz! Gjstu! Jt!B! NvtuLap bookSauda. Muhammed. Mubeen</p> <p>Assalaamu Alaikum I made these because I couldnt find many safety related lap books I mean I did get but they were aaaaaalll all related to fire safety alone I guess there might be some parents out there looking for such materials If you use this please make Dua for me and my entire family Have Fun Jazakallahu Khairan Fi Amanillah Sauda M Mubeen</p> <p>SAFETY AT</p> <p>SAFETY IN THE</p> <p>SAFETY AT</p> <p>SAFETY in</p> <p>SAFETY at</p> <p>SAFETY With</p> <p>These templates I made n used for the small booklets inside the lift the flap booklet</p> <p>Remember Allah is my protectorWhen I feel pain in some part of my body, I should: Place my hand at the site of the pain and say:</p> <p>Begin any work saying Bismillah Recite my morning and evening Adhkar for Allah's protection Be thankful To Allah in times ease because he will remember me in my times of difficulty</p> <p> Bismillah (three times)( )</p> <p>In the name of Allah (three times)</p> <p> ( ) . aoothu billahi waqudratih min sharri ma ajidu wa-ohathir. (seven times). I take refuge in Allah and within His omnipotence from the evil that I feel and am wary of.(seven times)</p> <p>then supplicate seven times:</p> <p>I Should Always</p> <p>These above pictures are for the graduated book thingythe what to do when book Someone follows you b.You get a cut get a bruise d.You get a burn Whom to contact in case of an emergency?</p> <p>FIRST AID</p> <p>Just cut in the whole thing in shape and fold in middle an turn n stick the flaps to hold it firmly . Its a bag to hold in all the stuffs cut out from the next page.</p> <p>Dettol</p> <p>Gauze</p> <p>Antiseptic Wipes</p> <p>Band-aids</p> <p>Scissors</p> <p>Eye wash</p> <p>Safety pin</p> <p>Micro-porous Tape</p> <p>Tweezers</p> <p>Burn gel</p> <p>Thermometer</p> <p>First Aid Guide</p>


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