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  • Russia United Germany Eastern Europe European Union
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  • 1990sfinding its bearings Wealth inequality Corruption in the gov Learning to live under democracy 1999 to todayPutin Improved the economy Centralized power in the gov Restricted 1 st amendment rights Russia is an unfinished story 2006 66% of Russians regret end of USSR!
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  • Wished to leave the Russian Federation in 1991 Not allowed by Russia Oil infrastructure needed 2 wars fought from 1991-2009 Ugly death total
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  • Signs of Unification Deutsche mark of West made currency for East too Germans = at unification Unification Problems East Germany in shambles Gov-run factories close Unemployment high Prosperous West Germans force to pay higher taxes to rebuild East Germany Rebuilding debt led to cutback on social benefits
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  • Joined NATO Most joined EU in 2004 & 2007 Ask for aid from West to rebuild Some countries keep falling apart Czechoslovakia splits peacefully 1993 Yugoslavia Tito dies 1980 Ugly split in 1990 Ethnic Cleansing 1993
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  • a.Lesson from WWI and WWII showed Europe needed to unite and stop competing economically b.USA teaches Europe a lesson after WWII Marshall Plan = European economic cooperation
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  • Intergovernmental and supranational union of 27 democratic member states from the European Continent Federation/ Confederation
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  • What issues did the 13 colonies have in 1776 that European countries had in the past few decades?
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  • Managed the joint production of basic resources Set prices on coal & steel Regulated coal and steel industries West Germanys coal and steel managed to create economic growth for all Cooperation > Competition No more war
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  • Promoted free trade amongst the 6 original nations Reduced Trade Barriers (Tariffs) Created European Parliament All 6 nations economies benefit Goal = prevent the race of
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  • Schengen Agreement of 1985 abolished passport control and customs checks at many of the EUs internal borders Created single space of movement for EU citizens Erasing borders = what problem?
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  • Three Pillars European communities Economic, Social & Environmental policies to follow Common Foreign & Security Policy foreign policy & military matters Police & Judicial Co- operation in Criminal Matters fight against crime & terrorism Created the Euro
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  • 27 members today Small % of worlds population If considered a single unit, has one of the largest economies in the world
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  • Nationalism for your own country stronger than nationalism for Europe You are only as strong as your weakest link h/?id=7404666n&tag=pop;videos h/?id=7404666n&tag=pop;videos Together 50+ yearsbut
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