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Monthly newsletter addressing issues related to Frotcom products and services, customer case studies and success stories of Frotcom, among other interesting issues about our business activity.


  • 1. February 2011Roadmap monthly newsletter In this issue New Certified PartnerEditorial Frotcom Serbia is the newest PartnerI am writing this editorial from the Mobile World Conference 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. The MWC is agreat opportunity not only to learn about the newest developments in themobile industry, but also to find ways of taking Frotcom to the next level. Case study Stupica Transport Trucking in Slovenia News and events Frotcom Spain partnersUndoubtedly, Frotcom has grown to become one of the most interesting vehicle with beer producer in Barcelonatracking and fleet management systems in the world. But we have the ambitionof making Frotcom THE best vehicle tracking and fleet management system. This and much moreFor that, new features are being prepared. Frotcom international will soondisclose some of those features. Others will come next, supported by state ofthe art technology and strategic partnerships.The visit to the MWC was a great opportunity to get new ideas on board andhelp paving the road for Frotcoms evolution. For sure, the next 12 months willsee Frotcom grow and become more and more an invaluable tool for companiesto control their fleets, their costs and productivity.Valrio MarquesCEO - Frotcom InternationalA note from the editor If you would like to have your own say in the next edition of this newsletter please donot hesitate to get in touch at Monthly Newsletter | | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Fax +351 214 135 678Frotcom vehicle tracking system | www.frotcom.comAngola |Belgium | Brazil | Bulgaria | Cameroon | Cyprus | D. R. Congo | Greece | Kenya | Luxemburg | Macedonia | Madagascar | Mauritius |Morocco | Portugal | Reunion Islands | Romania | Rwanda | Senegal | Serbia | Seychelles | Sierra Leone | Slovenia | Spain | Tanzania | Uganda 1
  • 2. Did you know?New Certified PartnerFrotcom now in SerbiaIn February 2011 Frotcoms network of Certified Partners was enlarged to Serbia, through local company Vransys d.o.o., which from now on becomeFrotcom Serbia. Daytime running lightIn Serbia there is currently a large market for fleet management systems, with a Dedicated daytime running lights (DRLs)high number of companies looking for cost effective solutions for fleet are the lamps on vehicles that switch onmanagement and vehicle tracking system. automatically when the engine is started.According to Dragan Kostovski and Jelena Stefanovic, They substantially increase the visibilityrespectively CEO and Director of Vransys d.o.o., We are of motor vehicles.very proud to be part of the Frotcom team. As a youngcompany with main focus on professional vehicle tracking Whereas drivers are only required toand fleet management, we decided to join the Frotcom switch on their lights in the dark in mostnetwork. As Frotcom Serbia, we have high expectations for countries, DRLs are designed to beour market. We strongly believe that this cooperation is the switched on during the day. In contrast tobest way to provide the best services for our customers. conventional headlights, DRLs do not help the driver see the road but ratherDragan Kostovski is also CEO of Frotcom Macedonia. The help other road users see thesuccess of the Macedonian operation led Dragan to invest approaching vehicle. The energyalso in the neighbour market. consumption of DRLs is only 25-30% ofNuno Lian, Marketing Director at Frotcom International said that This new that of a conventional dipped-beampartnership represents an important milestone for Frotcom, as we continue our headlamp.rapid growth and further extend our global reach into new internationalmarkets. We are sure that this partnership will be of great success and that EU Legislationcompanies in Serbia will benefit greatly from it, especially in these times of crisis, From 2011 onwards, DLRs will beas Frotcom can provide significant savings in a companys fleet related costs. mandatory for all new cars and smallROADMAP congratulates Dragan Kostovski, Jelena Stefanovic and the Frotcom delivery vans in the EU. Trucks and busesSerbia team and wishes them great success. will follow in August 2012.Some words about Serbia Existing vehicles will not have to beSerbia, officially the Republic of Serbia, is a country located at retrofitted. Currently, 17 EU countriesthe crossroads of Central and Southeastern Europe, covering already have some form of DRLthe southern part of Carpathian basin and the central part ofthe Balkans. Belgrade, Serbias capital city is among the most legislation.populous in Southeast Europe. Flag of Serbia Source:http://