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Roadmap for Digital India submitted to the Prime Minister of India and the Information Technology Minister of India. Ideas that protect the assets of the country, ensure right projects are being undertaken, no one is denied benefits, justice, equality, liberty and fraternity are within reach, the future scenarios are shared and democracy is not a distant dream.


  • { Roadmap for digital India Anupam Saraph, Ph.D. Professor and Future Designer
  • Geotag every budget item for every government and display the item purpose, details, status and citizen comments on a single website
  • Geotag every survey in every district and display the survey land-use, ownership details and any legal issues on a single website
  • Geotag every stream, river, lake, mountain and forest area boundaries with physical markers that will alert any alteration. Display their locations on google maps at RFID tag all trees and make their geolocation available on google maps at Geotag every government asset and make its location available on
  • No one to be denied any service, entitlement or right for want of Id Id of person benefiting from any service, entitlement or right to be given recorded and given recognition for auditability and future transactions hassle free rights
  • Internally connect the birth, marriage, address registration and death records without requiring any form, id numbers or id from citizens to create a NPR No citizen should need to submit to government any document issued by the government itself Automatic entitlements and benefits to beneficiaries identified by the NPR, manual benefits to those not automatically included in NPR automatic entitlements
  • Scrap the UID and destroy its database as was done by the UK govt Shared ID at as was designed in Pune to allow citizens to create, own and share their own ID with complete control on who can see or use the ID and logs of access Display information on incentives, schemes, and programs automatically qualified for and availed based on their profile, and on demography, energy use, water use, land use, mobility and other details in their neighborhood
  • Establish an audit cell with CAG to audit all digital records, processes to create the digital records, undertake annual audits of delivery of service, entitlement or right and seek the creation of a register of the excluded to ensure no one will be excluded from rights audit of digital assets
  • Create and launch an indigenous mobile and internet based anytime-anywhere voting system that is publicly auditable without compromising the privacy of the voter anytime, anywhere voting
  • Publish each projects mission and a indicators to provide real-time impact that furthers resource conservation, access, inclusion, peace, harmony, health, sufficiency, public interest, justice, liberty, equality, dignity and furthers the mission
  • Computer model of India that allows to explore the consequences of various policies on the demography, economy, environment and resource challenges accessible to all Scenarios of various policies and acts that are in force with ability for stakeholders to comment and make suggestions for revisions
  • Provide the applicable laws for a set of keywords Provide repository of elders in each district who will support alternative dispute resolution Enable website for submission of cases of public interest violations as well as violations of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity for suo-moto cognizance
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