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Ride of Silence Powerpoint from Michigan ROS organizer Mark Hager.


Ride of Silenceis annually held on the 3rd Wed. Evening of May at 7:00 PM Worldwide www.RideofSilence.org

Remembering & Honoring cyclists whove been injured or killed by motorists. To help raise awareness of cyclists rights to the road, for motorists, the public and media, to please Share the Road with us.

The 2003 Ride of Silencein Dallas TX, the 1st ever, drew 1,000 cyclists through word of mouth and email communication over a period of only ten days. There was no registration, no fees, no t-shirt. Local media reported the ride to be incredibly moving as these cyclists rode in silence, occasionally wiping away a tear or patting a friend on the back.

Larry Schwartz, a nationally ranked endurance cyclist was hit and killed by a passing bus 10 days prior to the Ride of Silence.

Chris Phelan, a friend of Larrys and the person responsible for starting this initiative, thought the Ride was a one-time event. However, as word got out, other cyclists began to contact Chris with a desire to do the same thing in their own communities..

In 2007, Ride of Silences were held in:275+ locations worldwide In 21 Michigan Cities In all 50 States in the USA In 15 Countries On 6 Continents

The enclosed slide show is but a handful of the approximately 700800 cyclists killed annually each year in the USA, let alone Worldwide.The following is a Memorial to our friends, family and loved ones, and in a few pictures of loved ones left behind.

Join us in celebrating their love of riding a bicycle.

Larry Schwartz, Dallas TX, 05/04/03

Chris Phelan, the Ride of Silences founder and President of the organization.

Doug Adams, Georgetown OH, 080/9/97

Ang Sylvester, Singapore, 12/19/04

Roman Aranda, Chappel Hill TX, 03/19/06

Danny Arnold, Plano TX, 03/07/04

Gary Arnold, Plano TX, 08/09/97

Brandeleen Baily, NYC, 05/08/05

Charles Bar, Cleveland, 08/11/06

Roger Baruch, Athens GA, 08/25/02

Brenden Batson, Norridgewock, ME, 06/21/01

Pete Bennett, Sedona AZ, 07/19/07

Bill Bliss Pueblo CO, 06/4/05

Dan Bockenstedt, Dubuque IA, 09/11/97

2,500 Cyclists line up for a prayer at the start of Dallas 2005 RofS

Bob Breedlove, Pueblo CO, 06/23/05

Jan Briese, Channahon IL, 05/26/05

Robert Brisson, Sainte-Catherine, Quebec, Canada 08/20/06

Worth Bruntjen, Bonita Bay FL, 08/07/05

Jessica Bullen, Madison WI, 06/30/05

Christian Burkhart, Toledo OH 06/06/06

Craig Campbell, Kent Co. MI, 08/29/87

Gail Alef, Richmond WA, 09/18/05

Wayne Campbell, San Antonio TX, 07/27/05

Jack Carney, Scottsdale AZ, 08/19/05

Sean Casey, Mesa AZ, 09/23/05

Brenden Chiu Hsiu-Hon, Hong Kong, 11/06/05

Jim DeGracia, owner of Jade Cycles in Zeeland, talks about the Share the Road sign program at a Rapid Wheemen Bicycle Club monthly meeting. (RWBC of greater Grand Rapids)

Since 2005, Jade Cycles & The Rapid Wheelmen Bike Club have purchased and placed Share the Road signs in:Grand Rapids Kent County Grandville Walker Zeeland East Grand Rapids Allegan County Rockford Holland

Aldun Clunis, St. Andrew Jamaica, 04/10/08

Maddy Cole, Melbourne Australia, 01/22/05

Bill Corliss, Sarasota Springs UT, 03/25/06

Corrine Crawford, Walnut Creek CA, 06/24/07

Elizabeth Cybyske, Norfield MN, 08/02/02

Bahram Daneshvar, Fredricksburg TX 02/03/05

Tony Dao, Pearland TX, 02/11/06

Greg Dean, Grapevine TX, 07/22/07

Jon Dechau, Lima NY, 09/13/06

Ernie DeVos, Nokomis FL, 03/05/05

Richard DiMartino, Hauppauge NY, 08/27/90

Matt Dryden, Lower Hutt New Zealand, 06/24/05

Officer Michael Dunmam, Salt Lake City UT, 10/27/02

Cliff Enrique, Aruba, 07/31/02

Jeff Esposito, Jackonsville FL, 09/29/05

Chris Ethridge, Boulder CO, 08/23/01

2006 Detroit Ride of Silence(riding under severe weather conditions)

Bill Gardiner, Austin TX, 11/17/02

James Gates, Fort Wayne IN, 06/11/06

Rachel Gibbon, Society Hill SC, 09/16/06

Gary Glickman, Dallas TX, 03/13/04

Debra Goldsmith, L.A. CA, 04/11/01

Yldefonso Gonzales Jr, Midland TX, 10/25/93

Brad Gorman, Tucson AZ, 09/30/99

Kristy Gough, Cupertino CA, 03/09/08

Steve Groves, Lexington MA, 03/27/06

Sue Gygax, Chelan WA, 08/25/05

Jina Haslam, Lamoine ME, 06/20/05

Phyllis Hassan, Grandbury TX, 05/08/04

Josh Helfrich, Erlanger KY, 09/16/04

Fred Hettig, Green Valley AZ, 03/22/06

Mario Heyns, Gulf Harbour New Zealand, 09/25/06

Jane Higdon, Eugene OR, 05/31/06

2005 Grand Rapids Ride of Silence

Paula Lee Higgans, Albuquerque NM, 07/17/06

Matthew Holmbeck, Burnsville MN, 08/03/88

Cory Horton, Memphis TN, 05/10/05

Sarah Howard, Meridian ID, 10/19/07

Vernon Izuka, Honolulu HA, 09/22/02

Jay Jackson, Princeville IL, 02/28/06

Cecil Jarvis, Lewis Co. VW, 05/22/07

Marilyn Jensen, Weston OR, 08/10/05

Robin Jensen, Corvallis OR, 08/11/04

Mike Katz, Creve Coeur MO, 07/25/05

Lauren Katzenstein, Homestead FL, 04/26/03

Matt Kelly, Flagstaff AZ, 04/05/05

Brian Kennedy, Lagrange OH, Sept. 05

Chris Kerr, Barron WI, 08/18/99

Jim Kerr, Plano TX, 11/08/01

Ken Kifer, Scottsboro AL, 09/14/03

Cristy Kirkwood, Orange Co. CA, 11/28/06

John Kling, Bangkok Thailand, 06/05/99

Scott Kornfield, Boulder CO, 05/30/05

Calab Lee Krile, Oskaloosa IA, 10/07/04

2007 Houghton MI Ride of Silence(all wearing matching Share the Road T-Shirts)

Colin Krivy, Calgary Alberta Canada, 07/11/04

Cecy Krone, San Rafael CA, 09/04/99

Laraine Lagattolla, Cleveland TX , 04/13/06

Dana Laird, Cambridge MA, 07/02/02

John Lamb, Atlanta GA, 02/15/06

Dave Larrabee, Toledo OH, 09/02/05

Mike Ledent, Belleview NE, 10/18/2005

Talylor Lewis, Oskaloosa IA, 10/07/04

Joey Lorentz, Wyoming MI, 04/21/07

Thomas Maddox, Skylonda CA, 07/15/06

Amy Malzbender, Palo Alto CA, 01/228/03 Candlelight celebration of her life.

Charlotte Marcotte, Chelsea MI, 07/30/05

Nick Mathers, Victoria BC, Canada, 01/19/06

Joel Melnikoff Bethlehem NY, 07/03/06

Jeanne Meynard, Greenville SC, 10/24/05

Robert Mesnard, Mansfield OH, 08/23/03

Jim Mills, Los Gatos CA, 08/04/04

Dylan Mitchell, Columbia SC, 09/02/05

Andy Morgan, N.Y.C. NY, 06/22/05

Carl Nacht, N.Y.C. NY, 06/25/06

2006 Grand Rapids Ride of Silence

James Northcraft, Olathe KS, 07/15/05

Lainie OCanas, Mesa AZ 11/27/05

Robert Osborne, Kansas City MO, 11/20/05

Elizabeth Kasulis Padilla, Brooklyn NY, 06/09/05

Michael Palma, Grand Rapids MI, 06/01/02

John Eric Peckman, Palo Alto CA 09/08/06

Kevin Pecor, W. Springfield MA, 01/13/03

Judy Pierce, Bear Lake UT, June 01

Scott Peoples, Merton Victoria Australia, 12/15/06

Matt Peterson, Cupertino CA, 03/09/08

Jim Price, Highlands Ranch CO, 11/25/05

David Pumphrey, Reno NV, 07/20/06

Richard Purcell, Mokena IL, 07/16/04

Trish Quane, Riverside IL, 08/23/05

Michael Rabe, Dearborn Heights MI, 05/02/03

Kimberly Raney, Cathedral City CA , 03/17/07

2007 Detroit Ride of Silence(and DPD officers who escorted them)

Annet Raven, Aruba, 06/28/96

Adam Raymond, Dripping Springs TX, 03/23/07

Gordon Riker, Boston MA, 04/04/07 Ghost Bike

Annette Rounseville, Kingman AZ, 12/12/07

David Ryan, Rexford NY, 06/29/04

Donna Ryskamp, Kalamazoo Co. MI, 08/09/83

Ernest Sakai, Honolulu HA, 10/09/04

Meg Sanders, Northampton MA, 09/22/05

Eric Schuleter, Houston TX, 05/16/06

Brian Shaver, Ankeny IA, 09/11/05

Quentin Sherwood, Benzie Co. MI, 09/16/02

Gay Simmons, Austin TX, 04/17/06

Rodney Smith, Woodside CA, 05/25/07

Stephen Snedden, Middleton Twp. Oh, 01/15/06

Tracey Sparling, Portland OR, 10/11/07

Ramey Speight, Henderson KY, 06/19/05

Some Share the Road signs in Grand Rapids

On Butterworth, by John Ball Park

On Plymouth

Matthew Sperry, Emeryville CA, 06/05/03

Joe Strong, House Springs MO, 12/23/06

Candace Tift, Newport Beach CA, 08/24/06

Dino Tortu, Seal Cove ME, 08/16/06

Sarah Tucker, San Francisco CA, 01/12/06

Viola Tucker, San Clemente CA, 05/06/06

Barbara Tusznska, Bedford NY, 09/04/05

Randall Vye, Brunswick ME, 05/11/01

Virgil Walsh, Park Rapids MN, 09/10/04

Lawrence Watson, Kingston Jamaica 03/22/08

Ed Weiss, Oakland CA, 07/29/06

Ayla Rose Whitaker, Lower Hutt, Wellington New Zealand, 12/09/06

Mike Wilberding, Beaverton OR, 08/12/06

Samuel Wolf, St Phillip IN, 10/01/06

Garrett Wonders, Charleston SC, 03/10/04

Diane Woolwine, Salida Co, 06/22/06

Charlie Young, Fort Collins CO, 08/28/04

Gladys Young, Ellisboro NC, 08/18/99

Westland (Dearborn-Livonia) 2007 Ride of Silence

Thank you for Supporting. The 2008 Ride of Silence and Helping to make the road safeFor Grand Rapids area Cyclists