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  • Resources to Support Teachers NAME LOCATION DATE
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  • Agenda 1)The Sanford Inspire Program 2)Our Framework 3)A Story of Teacher Professional Development 4)Access On-Demand Modules 5)Explore On-Demand Modules 6)Use On-Demand Modules
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  • 1. The Sanford Inspire Program
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  • I wanted to create a program that would change the world. I can think of no better return on investment than supporting a program that can change the lives of children. -T. Denny Sanford Philanthropic Supporter of Sanford Inspire Program
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  • The Sanford Inspire Program believes each child deserves an inspirational teacher, one who possesses strong pedagogical knowledge and excellent relationship building skills.
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  • 2. Our Framework
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  • Framework Influence Sanford Inspire Program framework TAP Marzano InTASC Teaching As Leadership Danielson
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  • Sanford Inspire Program Framework Motivation Planning & Delivery Student Growth & Achievement Professional Practices Learning Environment Managing Student Behavior Safe & Welcoming Environment Classroom Procedures Motivation Theory Engaging Influencers and Role Models Culture of Achievement Investment in Learning Engagement Backwards Design Components of Direct Instruction Components of Inquiry Differentiation Checks for Understanding Material & Resources Elements of Delivery Setting Goals Tracking Progress Assessment Professional Competencies Professional Conduct Reflective Practitioner
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  • Closer Look Domain Topic Subtopic Learning Environment Managing Student Behavior Safe & Welcoming Environment Classroom Procedures Rules and Consequences Communicating Expectations Monitoring Behaviors Response to Behaviors Safe and Efficient Environment Welcoming Environment Planning and Implementing Procedures
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  • 3. A Story of Teacher Professional Development
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  • On-Demand Modules are 60-minute micro-courses that develop teachers knowledge, skills, and mindsets around specific elements of inspirational teaching.
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  • On-Demand Module Format
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  • On-Demand Module Function
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  • On-Demand Module Features
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  • 4. Access On-Demand Modules
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  • Sanford Inspire Program Curriculum Resource Catalog
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  • 5. Explore On-Demand Modules
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  • On-Demand Module Exploration 1)Select an On-Demand Modules that meets your needs 2)Register for and complete the On-Demand Module 3)Think through how you could use the On- Demand Module for yourself or others
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  • 6. Use On-Demand Modules
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  • On-Demand Module Use Complete an On-Demand Module Apply strategies in your classroom Refine your practice Elevate your teaching and inspire students
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  • On-Demand Module Use Individual Teachers Post-Evaluation Action Item Address individual needs based on observations Small Groups of Teachers Professional Learning Communities Grade-level teams New teacher training resource All Teachers Address school-wide needs Access our CARE Guide for more informationCARE Guide
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  • On-Demand Module Coaching Guides
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  • Access all our resources at
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  • Thank you. NAME EMAIL@EMAIL.COM SanfordInspireProgram.orgSanford Inspire Program@SanfordInspire


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