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1. Residential Locksmith Home Security Tips If there are more instances of robbery in your residential community, then you should think to strengthen your home security in consultation with a professional residential locksmith. He can guide you properly and promptly. You cant ignore security of your boundary as burglars will have to cross it to reach at your home. Boundary Security Secure the area around your home A thief usually hunts for two things while choosing a home he wants to get in and out of a home fast and easily, so that no one can notice him. In fact, he does not like any sort of inconvenience or delay. If your home does not allow him these two things, he will go on to another house in your residential area. A good idea to hold back a burglar and discourage him is at the boundary line. So, consider to use all the following products to keep your boundary safe and secure. Products for consideration: Lighting for perimeter security According to residential locksmith, burglars mostly target your home at night and escape in darkness. By using led light system and keeping your home exterior well lit, you will be successful in keeping them away from your home. However, you need to fix lights so that all the dark areas including basement, garage, shrubbery, walkways and back doors are properly lighted. Motion activated lights in outdoor area When a robber moves around your outdoor area, motion sensors can detect his movement and light up suddenly to surprise him and put him in inconvenience. You can even personalise the sensitivity so that it will light up whenever you like. Timers to turn on/off interior lights Residential locksmiths would like you to set timers on your home interior lights before going away for weeks. These timers are plugged in devices that help your lights switch on/off at a specific time every day. It will prevent a thief from taking chance on your home. To potential thieves, your home wont look vacant and they will look for another target in your area. Security CCTV cameras 2. CCTV cameras are usually used in commercial places like shopping complexes and banks but many homeowners now use them for enjoying better security at their homes. These cameras can be connected to an in-house VCR or any professional security agency to help you catch the thief later. Deadbolts locks An improved line of home security, residential locksmiths advise you to install deadbolts locks on every possible doorway to your home. These deadbolts should be high quality and resist burglars from getting into your home. If your home is attached to your garage then make sure to use a deadbolt lock on the door connecting your home to the garage. There are several other tips that you can follow to enjoy better security at your home. Look for ways to improve the aspect of your existing lock system and experiment with other effective ideas. If the chance of your house break-ins is large due to worn out lock system, then browse this site *** Contact US 10332 Main street #271 Fairfax VA 22030 571-385-1272 Email :