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1. Residential Lock Box Programs A new safety measure or a hazardous decision? ____________________________ MFS Supply | 2015 2. What is a Residential Lock Program? o A recent security feature many neighborhoods and communities are beginning to offer residents o A residential lock is a safe-like box that is mounted on the door of a residence with a key to the home secured inside o The home key can then only be obtained by another additional safety feature (these can include but are not limited to lock codes, a master key to the lock box, outside security companies with the code, or by residential management) 3. Are Lock Boxes Important? According to SafeGaurdTheWorld: o 2,000,000 home burglaries are reported each year in the United States o Nearly 66 percent of all burglaries are residential (home) break-ins o Homes without security systems are up to 300% more likely to be broken into 4. Advantages to Residential Lock Programs o In cases of emergency, police and fire personnel, as well as emergency medical technicians (paramedics) can open the lock box to gain entry o Your house (mainly doors and windows) are not damaged while emergency personnel gain access to your house o Lock boxes are inexpensive and safer than hiding a key 5. Who Benefits from Residential Lock Box Programs? o Individuals with a history of medical problems o Individuals recuperating from surgery or a hospital visit o Individuals that live alone o Individuals that reside in a home seasonally o Individuals that use electric calling and medical alert devices o Individuals that are buying or selling a home 6. Disadvantages to Lock Box Programs o Lock boxes in high crime areas are less secure o If selling a house with occupants still living in the residence, lock boxes can create a conundrum between visitors and the residents o Some of the mechanisms used in certain lock boxes can be easily surpassed by a motivated burglar o Boxes with access codes could lock you out if the incorrect code is entered multiple times o Some can be taken off with bolt cutters 7. When to use a key lock box? o When you go out of town or on vacation o When you are selling a home or rental unit o To lock up dangerous items (such as guns or equipment) 8. Current Developments Regarding Residential Lock Box Programs o The number of residential lock box programs has been steadily increasing o Many lock programs now go through city fire departments o There have been some ordinances requiring lock box programs, causing discussions of whether legislative bodies can require businesses and property owners to use lock boxes in certain circumstances 9. MFS Supply is a security and property management product company based in Solon, Ohio. Founded in 2006, MFS Supply specializes in lock boxes, shackle padlocks, doorknobs and handles and aims to meet needs of real estate agents, REO and preservation contractors, and commercial and private property managers. MFS Supply has been named #23 on Inc. 500 2010 Fastest Growing companies list (#1 in Northeast Ohio) and was selected for the 2013 Best of Cleveland Award in the Locksmiths & Keys category by the US Commerce Association . To learn more about MFS Supply products, please visit our website. Call us today: 800.607.0541 Find us on: Twitter Facebook YouTube