“renaissance man” by: anne-marie tomarchio grade: 3

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LEONARDO DA VINCI “Renaissance Man” By: Anne-Marie Tomarchio Grade: 3

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Leonardo da VinciRenaissance Man

By: Anne-Marie TomarchioGrade: 3

professionProfessions included:Architect Sculptor Engineer Painter Scientist InventorInfluenced many people through his intellectual works

Very intelligent, free education due to his familys social status. He loved learning.2paintingsFamous Paintings:Mona LisaLast SupperVirgin of the Rocks His works have been admired for centuries

His paintings are imitated by students in classrooms throughout the world. His unique techniques, styles. 3InventionsSketched/Designed:Movable dykesHelicopterTankCalculatorUse of Solar Power

Many of his designed were costly and impractical. His inventions were way ahead of his time period but would be used in the next 150 years.4Leonardo Da Vinci Famous Quotes Art is never finished, only abandonedAll our knowledge has its origins in our perceptionsAnyone who conducts an argument by appealing to authority is not using his intelligence; he is just using his memory

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