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Release Notes Instant Travel Expert 2.2.5


<ul><li><p>RELEASE NOTES INSTANT TRAVEL EXPERT V 2.2.5 </p><p>This document lists the improvements and resolved support cases available in version 2.2.5 of Instant Travel Expert </p><p>for Sabre Red Workspace. The update has been made available on ZoomAndGos update server. For those Travel </p><p>Companies that have been configured for automatic updates this update will be applied the next time the agent </p><p>restarts their computer. </p><p>For other Travel Companies the installer can be downloaded from the following link and applied via your regular </p><p>methodologies. </p><p>To verify that that the software has been installed, launch the map and look for the version number, ver 2.2.5, on </p><p>the bottom left. </p><p></p></li><li><p>NEW FEATURES AND CAPABILITIES The following new capabilities have been added to Instant Travel Expert </p><p>Title Returns all rates when checking the detailed rates </p><p>Description When Sabre returns more than 60 rates when checking a hotels availability, it is previously possible that Instant Travel Expert will not see rates above 50. This feature now returns all the rates and displays them within the rates page of Instant Travel Expert </p><p>Application Note Due to an internal issue with Sabre Web Services, it is possible that the return of the rates can take 30 seconds or more. To that end, this capability is turned off by default. Should you wish to turn it on please contact your support representative. </p><p>SUPPORT CASES The following support cases have been addressed </p><p>Title Rates do not show on the rates page </p><p>Description When requesting the rates for a hotel on a given date the rates page will be displayed but the rates will not return </p><p>Resolution The issue was a resulted from a communication time out between the browser, gateway service and Sabre. </p><p>Cases 1100171, 1100172, 1100174, 1100176, 1100190, 1100192, 1100193, 1100195, 1100186, 1100166 </p><p>Title Rates display in Sabre differed from Instant Travel Expert </p><p>Description On occasion it was possible that the rates seen on the blues screen differed from those displayed in the rates page of Instant Travel Expert </p><p>Resolution The issue was resolved through web services API </p><p>Cases 1100169 </p><p>Title Currency displayed differently in Sabre and Instant Travel Expert </p><p>Description It is possible for Hong Kong to display currency in Instant Travel Expert as Chinese Yuan while Sabre correctly shows Hong Kong Dollars </p><p>Resolution The mapping of currency was adjusted to fix the issue </p><p>Cases 1100160 </p><p>Title Message Instant Travel Expert by ZoomAndGo is now connected can interfere with commands </p><p>Description When the Sabre Binary Token expires and is renewed, it was possible that this message could be displayed and interrupt a command on the desktop </p><p>Resolution The message is only displayed at the initial connection and not renewal of the Sabre Binary Token </p><p>Cases 1100149, 1100154 </p></li><li><p>Title Hotel in Sabre is shown as available and sold out in Instant Travel Expert </p><p>Description On occasion it was possible that Instant Travel Expert would show a hotel as sold out when in fact it was available. </p><p>Resolution The sold out logic was adjusted to prevent this from happening </p><p>Cases 1100147, 1100185 </p><p>Title Client properties not populated for a PNR </p><p>Description When a specific traveler was selected the PNR contained an incorrect DK field. </p><p>Resolution The appropriate DK was assigned </p><p>Cases 1100187, 1100183 </p><p>Title SI Field not populated in the booking page </p><p>Description When the SI field is listed in the PNR, it is possible that the SI field would not be displayed in the booking page </p><p>Resolution The logic to parse the PNR was adjusted </p><p>Cases 1100157 </p><p>Title Government Rates not shown </p><p>Description When the Government Rates were selected they were not being returned to Instant Travel Expert properly </p><p>Resolution The software was adjusted to return Government Rates </p><p>Cases 1100155 </p></li></ul>