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A few activites to help teach reading comprehension including some on the Hunger Games


  • 1. Reflections NotebookLisa Marie StevensonRED 6060 University of West Florida

2. Map of Me 3. Blueprint 4. Writing Territories 5. Visualizing/Imagery 6. Connecting Text to Self 7. Connecting Text to Text 8. Connecting Text-to-World 9. Making an Inference 10. Questioning 11. Question Matrix Event Situation ChoicePersonReason Means What is Katnisss Where is Panem? Which is a productWho is Gail?Why is the How is OfxfacePresentMothersof district 12? futuristic setting killed? occupation? Grain, wood, coal,crucial? or fish What were someWhere did Katniss Which did Rue do? Who did Katniss Why did Peeta join How did Katniss killPast external & internal find her bow and Sling shot, climbbefriend during the the careers? conflicts Katniss arrow?trees, hide, call games? had to deal with in Mockingjays the Games? What can KatnissWhere can the Which activitiesWho can win the Why can theHow can thePossibilitydo better than most tributes talk without should Katnissgames?Capitol have the districts stop the people? cameras?practice before games? games? going in the arena? What wouldWhere would a Which tribute Who would you Why would want toHow would youProbabilityhappen if the good setting be for would have won if most like to meet?watch the Games? change the children chose notthe HungerKatniss hadnt Games? to kill each other? Games?been there? What will happenWhen will theyWhich character Who will want to go Why will the How will HaymitchPredictability to Peeta & Katnissmove? will apologize first? hunting?Capitol be upset feel? (with after they return with Katniss?neighbors?) home?ImaginationWhat might Gale do when Katniss When might Gale and Katniss get Which one will Katniss choose? Who might make a great parent? Why might they still be angry?How might theymind their returns?together? Gale or Peeta? relationship? 12. Summarizing - SWBS 13. Hunger Games PyramidKatniss Poor, Hunter Futuristic, North AmericaVolunteered for Hunger Games Knocked down tracker jacker nestBlows up food supply with appleDistrict eleven tribute is killed by spearKatniss shoots Cato in hand, saving Peetas lifeKatniss and Peeta almost commit suicide by swallowing nightlockPresident Snow threatens Katniss but she goes home with Peeta. 14. The Last WordThe Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Chapter 11Sixty seconds to take in the ring of tributes all equidistant from the Cornucopia, a giantgolden horn shaped like a cone with a curbed tail, the mouth of which is at least twentyfeet high, spilling over with the things that will give us life here in the arena. Food,containers of water, weapons, medicine, garments, fire starters. Strewn around theCornucopia are other supplies, their value decreasing the farther they are from the horn. For instance, only a few steps from my feet lies a three-=foot square of plastic.certainly it could be of some use in a downpour. But there in the mouth, I can see atent pack that would protect from almost any sort of weather. If I had the guts to go inand fight for it against the other twenty-three tributes. Which I have been instructed notto do...I hear his instructions in my head. "Just clear out, put as much distance as you canbetween yourselves and the others, and find a source of water.But its tempting, so tempting, when I see the bounty waiting there before me. And Iknow that if I dont get it, someone else will. That the Career Tributes who survive thebloodbath will divide up most of these life-sustaining spoils. Something catches myeye. There, resting on a mound of blanket rolls, is a silver sheath of arrows and a bow,already strung, just waiting to be engaged. Thats mine, I think, Its meant for me... 15. The Last WordSuddenly I notice Peeta, hes about five tributes to my right, quite a fair distance, still I can tell hes looking at me and I think me might be shaking his head...the gong rings out.And Ive missed it! Ive missed my chance! Because those extra couple of seconds Ive lost by not being ready are enough to change my mind about going in. My feet shuffle for a moment, confused at the direction my brain wants to take and then I lunge forward, scoop up the sheet of plastic and a loaf of bread...I sprint in twenty yards to retrieve a bright orange backpack that could hold anything because I cant stand leaving with virtually nothing.A boy, reaches the pack at the same time I do and for a brief time we grapple for it and then he coughs, splattering by face with blood. I stagger back, repulsed by the warm, sticky spray. Then the boy slips to the ground. Thats when I see the knife in his back...The girl from District 2, ten yards away, running toward me, one hand clutching a half-dozen knives...She never misses. And Im her next target.All the general fear Ive been feeling condenses into an immediate fear of this girl, this predator who might kill me in seconds. Adrenaline shoots through me and I sling the pack over one shoulder and run full-speed for the woods. I can hear the blade whistling toward me and reflexively hike the pack up to protect my head. The blade lodges in the pack. I make for the trees...