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  • RECORD LIBRARIES AND PUBLIC LIBRARIES COMMISSIONS: Joint Session on Record LendingLibrariesAuthor(s): Eric CooperSource: Fontes Artis Musicae, Vol. 24, No. 1 (1977 Januar-Mrz), p. 30Published by: International Association of Music Libraries, Archives, and Documentation Centres(IAML)Stable URL: .Accessed: 14/06/2014 02:47

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  • 30 IAML Annual Conference in Bergen

    The second session of 20 August was joined by Fontes editors Rita Benton and Andr Jurres, who

    attended to explain the new look of the IAML publication, and its division into three major sections: articles of varying lengths, news items, and a book list together with book reviews. Dr. Benton en

    couraged members of the Commission to contribute to the journal. Among possible suggested contri butions are: a list of noncommercial recordings, discographies, and a union catalog of commercial cata

    logs from different countries. It was also pointed out that the discographie standards discussed in an earlier meeting of this Commission would be written up and submitted to Fontes for possible publi cation for wide distribution. The establishment of an editorial council for Fontes with a member from each IAML Commission was also suggested.

    The Commission then moved to adjourn to the Public Library Commission for a joint session on literature on recordings and a description of the U. S. and British MARC formats.

    Besides some of those who had attended the first session (i.e., Adler, Deetman, Gibson, Landn, Moores, Rosenberg), the following were present: Rita Benton (University of Iowa), C. Yvon Bourgon (Radio Canada Montreal), Garrett Bowles (Stanford University), Claes M. Cnattingius (SR Stockholm), Gyrgyi Csszr (Hungarian Radio Budapest), Joop van Dalfsen (NOS Hilversum), Aristide Frascarolo

    (Radio-TV Suisse Romande Genve), Joachim von Hecker (Bayerischer Rundfunk Mnchen), Shigeru Joho (NHK Tokyo), Andr Jurres (Eduard van Beinum Foundation Breukelen), Dietrich Lotichius

    (Norddeutscher Rundfunk Hamburg), Ulf Scharlau (Sddeutscher Rundfunk Stuttgart), Robert Tp.rrmip.n fRndin fanada MnntrpaH

    Claes M. Cnattingius, Secretary


    In the joint session on Record Lending Libraries, chaired by Eric Cooper, the first item raised was

    the IFLA questionnaire on audiovisual material. Huib Deetman asked the meeting to consider the use

    fulness of such a questionnaire, and its application to music libraries. After much discussion, Gerry Gibson proposed (seconded by Evelyn van Kaam) that:

    to IAML Council be petitioned to contact IFLA, expressing the opinion of this meeting that the

    questionnaire on audiovisual media is too narrow in its construction and should be broadened to in

    clude music materials; further that if IFLA is not able to do this, IAML should consider the possibility of undertaking the task itself.

    The motion was carried, and later accepted by Council. Attention then focused on the problems

    facing record librarians trying to keep up with the output from the record industry, particularly in the

    absence of any national discography. The meeting heard how the Nederlands Bibliotheek en Lectuur

    Centrum and the Swedish Library Service Centre have responded to national needs by producing

    regular weekly or monthly lists of gramophone records, supplemented by ordering and cataloguing facilities and other related services. Finally Brian Redfern gave a lucid account of the LANCET and

    Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, setting them in their historical perspective and outlining present and future developments with particular reference to music and record cataloguing. In the revisions to these codes now taking place, traditional attitudes to cataloguing are being closely questioned and

    even challenged. The awesome prospect of reconciling music and audiovisual librarians' conflicting needs within a single code, and the equally awesome fact of 17 or more existing systems alone

    for cataloguing gramophone records caused the meeting to break up in thoughtful mood. In addition the Record Libraries Commission joined the Public Libraries Commission during the

    latter's closing plenary session to discuss two items of mutual interest. First Gary Bowles described

    a co-operative cataloguing venture involving six associated archives of sound recordings in the U.S.A.

    As a preliminary it is intended to ascertain what resources are available in these institutions, and this should lead to an inventory of literature relating to sound recordings, with considerable uses to the record library world in general. Secondly the modification of the MARC format to accomodate music and gramophone records was discussed, revealing an unsuspected number of different developments taking place in the U.S.A., England, Denmark, Hungary, Sweden, Holland and Canada.

    Eric Cooper, President Public Libraries Commission

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    Article Contentsp. 30

    Issue Table of ContentsFontes Artis Musicae, Vol. 24, No. 1 (1977 Januar-Mrz), pp. 1-58, A1-A6Front MatterAlfons Ott: 21. Februar 1914 12. November 1976 [pp. 1-2]Music Lending in New Zealand, with some Remarks on the Australian Situation [pp. 2-6]Training of the Music Librarian: A Double Degree Program [pp. 7-12]IAML Annual Conference in Bergen Runion annuelle de l'AIBM Bergen Jahrestagung der IVBM in Bergen[Introduction] [pp. 13-16]The Conference Week in Bergen 1976, as the Hosts saw it [pp. 17-18]COMMISSION FOR BIBLIOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH [pp. 18-18]BROADCASTING LIBRARIES COMMISSION [pp. 18-19]BROADCASTING LIBRARIES COMMISSION: Subcommission Radio Sound Archives [pp. 19-21]COMMISSION ON LIBRARIES IN ACADEMIES, CONSERVATORIES AND MUSIC COLLEGES [pp. 21-22]COMMISSION ON EDUCATION AND TRAINING [pp. 22-22]The Tasks of a Music Librarian: A Report to the Commission on Education and Training [pp. 23-25]KATALOG-KOMMISSION [pp. 25-25]KATALOG-KOMMISSION: Subkommission Klassifikation [pp. 26-26]MUSIC INFORMATION CENTRES [pp. 26-27]PUBLIC LIBRARIES COMMISSION [pp. 27-28]RESULTS AN ENQUIRY BY THE PUBLIC LIBRARIES COMMISSION [pp. 28-29]RECORD LIBRARIES COMMISSION [pp. 29-30]RECORD LIBRARIES AND PUBLIC LIBRARIES COMMISSIONS: Joint Session on Record Lending Libraries [pp. 30-30]COMMISSION OF RESEARCH LIBRARIES [pp. 31-31]RISM [pp. 31-34]The Rism A/II Project in Spain [pp. 34-35]RILM [pp. 35-38]RIdIM [pp. 38-41]

    International Association of Sound Archives (IASA) [pp. 42-42]Fontes Editoriales [pp. 43-43]Nouvelles/Nachrichten/News [pp. 44-45]Communiqus/Mitteilungen/Communications [pp. 46-48]Publications Caractre Bibliographique [pp. 48-49]Comptes-Rendus / Besprechungen / ReviewsReview: untitled [pp. 50-50]Review: untitled [pp. 50-52]Review: untitled [pp. 53-53]Review: untitled [pp. 53-54]Review: untitled [pp. 54-55]Review: untitled [pp. 56-57]

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