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Axial Skeleton Start

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Quit Axial Skeleton Start Slide 2 Quit TABLE OF CONTENTS Axial Skeleton Photographs Axial Skeleton Illustrations Axial Skeleton Slide 3 Quit Sphenoid (Superior) Sphenoid (Anterior) Ethmoid (Superior) Ethmoid (Anterior) Ethmoid (Lateral) Skull (Anterior) Skull (Posterior) Skull (External Superior) Skull (Internal Superior) Skull (Inferior) Skull (Lateral) Skull (Anterolateral) Mandible (Lateral) Mandible (Anterior) Ear Ossicles Hyoid Sternum Vertebral Column Sacrum (Posterior) Sacrum (Anterior) Vertebrae Vertebra (Lateral) Vertebra (Superior) Atlas and Axis (Disarticulated) Atlas and Axis (Articulated) Rib Cage (Posterior) Rib Vomer PHOTOGRAPHS Axial Skeleton Slide 4 Quit Sphenoid (Superior) sella turcica anterior posterior Axial Skeleton Slide 5 Quit Sphenoid (Anterior) pterygoid processes Axial Skeleton Slide 6 Quit Ethmoid (Superior) crista galli cribriform plate Axial Skeleton Slide 7 Quit Ethmoid (Anterior) crista galli Axial Skeleton middle concha perpendicular plate Slide 8 Quit Ethmoid (Lateral) crista galli Axial Skeleton perpendicular plate middle concha Slide 9 Quit Vomer Axial Skeleton Slide 10 Quit Skull (Anterior) mandible Axial Skeleton maxilla infraorbital foramen inferior concha middle concha glabella frontal supraorbital foramen nasals perpendicular plate vomer Slide 11 Quit Skull (Posterior) occipital Axial Skeleton lambdoidal suture sagittal suture parietal Slide 12 Quit Skull (External Superior) frontal coronal suture Axial Skeleton parietal sagittal suture parietal Slide 13 Quit Skull (Internal Superior) sella turcica cribriform plate crista galli Axial Skeleton foramen magnum Slide 14 Quit Skull (Inferior) Axial Skeleton mandible foramen magnum occipital condyle Slide 15 Quit Skull (Lateral) external auditory meatus mastoid process styloid process mandible squamous suture lacrimal Axial Skeleton frontal sphenoid malar (zygomatic) temporal zygomatic arch Slide 16 Quit Skull (Anterolateral) Axial Skeleton orbit inferior orbital fissure superior orbital fissure optic foramen Slide 17 Quit Mandible (Lateral) body ramus Axial Skeleton condylar process coronoid process mental foramen Slide 18 Quit Mandible (Anterior) Axial Skeleton mental foramen coronoid process condylar process Slide 19 Quit Ear Ossicles malleus stapes incus Axial Skeleton Slide 20 Quit Hyoid Axial Skeleton Slide 21 Quit Sternum manubrium body xiphoid process Axial Skeleton Slide 22 Quit Vertebral Column cervical thoracic lumbar sacrum coccyx Axial Skeleton Slide 23 Quit Sacrum (Posterior) coccyx Axial Skeleton Slide 24 Quit Sacrum (Anterior) coccyx Axial Skeleton Slide 25 Quit Vertebrae lumbarthoraciccervical Axial Skeleton Slide 26 Quit Vertebra (Lateral) inferior notch superior notch Axial Skeleton spinous process body Slide 27 Quit Vertebra (Superior) Axial Skeleton body transverse process vertebral foramen spinous process Slide 28 Quit Atlas and Axis (Disarticulated) atlasaxis Axial Skeleton Slide 29 Quit Atlas and Axis (Articulated) atlas axis Axial Skeleton Slide 30 Quit Rib Cage (Posterior) true ribs false ribs floating ribs Axial Skeleton Slide 31 Quit Rib tubercle neck head Axial Skeleton Slide 32 Quit Skull (Anterior Aspect) Skull (Lateral External Aspect) Skull (Posterior External Aspect) Skull (Inferior External Aspect) Skull (Superior Internal Aspect) Vertebra (Superior Aspect) Vertebra (Lateral Aspect) Vertebral Column (Anterior Aspect) Ear Ossicles ILLUSTRATIONS Axial Skeleton Slide 33 Quit sphenoid bone perpendicular plate of ethmoid bone ethmoid bone middle concha inferior concha vomer lacrimal bone malar bone nasal bone maxilla bone infraorbital foramen mandible bone mental foramen body of mandible optic foramensuperior orbital fissure inferior orbital fissure frontal bone supraorbital foramen glabella parietal bone mastoid process of temporal bone SKULL anterior aspect orbit Axial Skeleton Slide 34 Quit SKULL lateral external aspect sphenoid bone lacrimal bone malar bone nasal bone zygomatic arch maxilla bone infraorbital foramen mandible condylar process of mandible coronoid process of mandible body of mandible ramus of mandible frontal bone supraorbital foramen occipital bone styloid process of temporal bone mastoid process external auditory meatus coronal suture Axial Skeleton parietal bone squamous suture lambdoidal suture mental foramen Slide 35 Quit SKULL posterior external aspect mandible bone temporal bone lambdoidal suture pterygoid processsphenoid bone Axial Skeleton parietal bone sagittal suture occipital bone Slide 36 Quit SKULL inferior external aspect sphenoid bone pterygoid process vomer malar zygomatic arch maxilla occipital bone occipital condyle foramen magnum temporal bone mastoid process styloid process of temporal bone Axial Skeleton Slide 37 Quit SKULL superior internal aspect sphenoid bone sella turcica ethmoid bone crista galli cribriform plate frontal bone foramen magnum temporal bone Axial Skeleton occipital bone temporal bone Slide 38 Quit EAR OSSICLES malleus incus stapes Axial Skeleton Slide 39 Quit VERTEBRA superior aspect body vertebral (spinal) foramen spinous process superior notch Axial Skeleton transverse process Slide 40 Quit VERTEBRA lateral aspect body spinous process superior notch inferior notch Axial Skeleton Slide 41 Quit VERTEBRAL COLUMN anterior aspect sacrum coccyx Axial Skeleton