queen victoria market by: john bui grade: 4h. meat section meat, meat, meat!!! there was loots of...

Download Queen Victoria Market By: John Bui Grade: 4H. Meat Section Meat, meat, meat!!! There was loots of meat. Everywhere! There was sea food in the meat section

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  • Queen Victoria MarketBy: John BuiGrade: 4H

  • Meat SectionMeat, meat, meat!!!There was loots of meat. Everywhere!There was sea food in the meat section too!

  • Fruit & Veg SectionMost of the fruit and veg were organic.All of them were very cheap!One apple is 20c! There were two sheds, one for fruit and the other for vegies.

  • Deli SectionCheese, cheese, cheese!There were lots of cheese shops everywhere, about 20 something!

  • Thanks for watching!Made by: John BuiThanks to:Flemington P.S for giving the 3/4s an excursion to the Victoria MarketTom for giving everyone time to make a PowerPoint Bill GatesFor making Microsoft and Windows plus all the programs (Microsoft and Internet Explorer.

    Have a Good Day!!!

    Copyright. John Bui, 2010.