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Diapositiva 1QR CODESPRESENTED BY SHUBHAM SINGHALB.C.A. 6th Sem.ROORKEE ADVENTIST COLLEGE, ROORKEE WHAT IS QR CODE?2 D barcodesQuick Response BarcodesINVENTED BYJapanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994Its purpose was to track vehicles during manufactureBENIFITSEasily DecodableEasy to CreateLow Technology InvestmentStores More Data then 1D barcodesEasy to Communicate HOW YOU CREATE THEMOFFLINE (with application in phone)NeoReader freeQuickMark - .99 centsONLINEhttp://www.goqr.me USINGMobile Phone with CameraUSESPhoto of Iron Man 2 with QR Code: Courtesy of Marvel ComicsUSESInformation QRUSEShttp://www.bullying.co.uk/URL QR USESUSEShttp://www.sdarac.comUSESLinked to electronic journalsQR QRQRQRUSESLinked to EbooksQRUSESAdvertising on Cakes & PastriesUSESWowPHONE SOFTWAREhttp://percentmobile.com/getqrQR CODES BARRIES BUTSmartphone market drives 600% growth in mobile web usageOfcom report shows there were 121 mobile phones for every 100 people in the UKANY QUESTION?THANK YOU!DEVELOP BY:SHUBHAM SINGHALB.C.A. 6th SEM.Roorkee Adventist College, RoorkeeContact: - shubhamsinghal10@gmail.com