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<p>Diapositiva 1</p> <p>QR CODESPRESENTED BY SHUBHAM SINGHALB.C.A. 6th Sem.ROORKEE ADVENTIST COLLEGE, ROORKEE</p> <p> WHAT IS QR CODE?</p> <p>2 D barcodesQuick Response Barcodes</p> <p>INVENTED BY</p> <p>Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994</p> <p>Its purpose was to track vehicles during manufacture</p> <p>BENIFITS</p> <p>Easily DecodableEasy to CreateLow Technology InvestmentStores More Data then 1D barcodesEasy to Communicate</p> <p> HOW YOU CREATE THEMOFFLINE (with application in phone)NeoReader freeQuickMark - .99 cents</p> <p>ONLINEhttp://www.goqr.me </p> <p>USING</p> <p>Mobile Phone with Camera</p> <p>USES</p> <p>Photo of Iron Man 2 with QR Code: Courtesy of Marvel Comics</p> <p>USES</p> <p>Information QR</p> <p>USES</p> <p>http://www.bullying.co.uk/</p> <p>URL QR </p> <p>USES</p> <p>USES</p> <p>http://www.sdarac.com</p> <p>USES</p> <p>Linked to electronic journalsQR QRQRQR</p> <p>USESLinked to Ebooks</p> <p>QR</p> <p>USES</p> <p>Advertising on Cakes &amp; Pastries</p> <p>USES</p> <p>Wow</p> <p>PHONE SOFTWARE</p> <p>http://percentmobile.com/getqr</p> <p>QR CODES BARRIES BUT</p> <p>Smartphone market drives 600% growth in mobile web usageOfcom report shows there were 121 mobile phones for every 100 people in the UK</p> <p>ANY QUESTION?</p> <p>THANK YOU!DEVELOP BY:SHUBHAM SINGHALB.C.A. 6th SEM.Roorkee Adventist College, RoorkeeContact: - shubhamsinghal10@gmail.com</p>


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