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<ul><li> 1. Its more than just a grassy quad<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Its<br /> 3. aplace for opportunities<br /> 4. Entertainment<br /> 5. a temporary home<br /> 6. aplace to meet new people<br /> 7. A place of<br />Romance<br /> 8. A place of<br />History<br /> 9. But Most of all<br /> 10. Its the place to be<br /> 11. Memorial Mall<br /> 12. Resources<br />Feltz, Jessika. [Kissing Couple] n.d. JessikaFeltz Photography. 2/21/2011.<br />[Small Band Playing] n.d. Purdue University Multimedia and Templates. 2/21/2011.<br />[Hello Walk Sign] 4/27/2006.Webshots American Greetings. 2/21/2011.<br />DSPrice. Purdue University-Memorial Mall. n.d. Panoramio. 2/21/2011.<br />[Student Intern] n.d. Krannert School of Management. 2/21/2011.<br />[Aerial View of Purdue Campus] n.d. Pride Multimedia. 2/21/2011.<br />Memorial Mall Fountain. 3/12/2010. Purdue Admissions Photostream. 3/4/2011.<br />Feltz, Jessika. [Walking Couple on Hello Walk] n.d. JessikaFeltz Photography. 3/4/2011.<br />Memorial Mall Fountain. n.d. e-Archives. 3/4/2011.<br /></p>