Pump express releases list of top 5 best selling pumps in 2012

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Pump Express is a Stocking distributor and national service center for the worlds leading manufacturers of industrial pumps and pump parts.


<ul><li> 1. Pump Express Releases List of Top 5 Best Selling Pumps in 2012We recently crunched the numbers and tallied our best-selling pumps of 2012. Zoeller topped thelist.The vast majority of our Zoeller pump sales were large sewage pumps, says Sales Manager FredHettinger. A lot of our customers are in commercial facility, apartment building and warehousemanagement all areas where high quality, cast iron sewage pumps are in heavy use. Zoeller putsout a strong product and we stock a lot of it. In 2012 this translated to 30% of our total sales.Liberty Pumps came in second, supplying 14% of all pumps sold. The Upstate New York-basedmanufacturer specializes in commercial grade sewage pumps for use in both commercial andresidential markets. In 2012 Pump Express began promoting Liberty sewage pumps for theirquality design, solid construction and short lead time.Liberty keeps everything in stock so customers never wait more than two days for delivery,which has been a strong selling point, says Hettinger. They have an incredible grinder pumpcalled the Omnivore. I have customers requesting that pump over other grinder pumps at a rateof 3-to-1.Berkeley irrigation pumps took third place, comprising 13% of sales.Our strongest market for Berkley pumps is in the Midwest, says Hettinger. Berkeley picked a</li></ul> <p> 2. small market and cultivated it. That, coupled with great pricing, make their product very tough tobeat.Armstrong came in fourth, providing 10% of total sales, but was Pump Expresss #1 supplier ofHVAC equipment.Armstrong has done a very good job of creating a product thats as good as other leading brands,but more cost effective, says Hettinger. When our customers are looking to buy a new pump,theyll often choose an Armstrong pump. By comparison, Bell &amp; Gossett pumps tend to be moreeconomical to repair than to replace.Bell &amp; Gossett rounded out the top five, comprising 8% of Pump Express sales in 2012.B &amp; G has been a leading name in HVAC equipment across the Northeast for 60 years. Last yearwe sold a lot of parts to support pumps already out in the market, often in areas affected byflooding.While Hurricane Sandy gave a major boost to the sale of sump pumps and other floodremediation equipment in 2012, the sluggish economy continued to temper large commercial andindustrial pump sales.We sold a lot of pump parts because we have the knowledge and expertise to match the parts toa customers product. Replacing a $300 pump is one thing, a $6,000 pump is one youre going totry and repair. In the last year weve increased the parts we stock for Armstrong pumps, Bell &amp;Gossett pumps and Taco pumps because the demand is so strong.Browse these and other top brand pumps at www.pumpexpress.com or call us for details: 1-800-298-4100</p>