prototypes. prototypes why create a prototype? mock-up /presentation prototype functioning prototype...

Download Prototypes. Prototypes Why Create a Prototype? Mock-Up /Presentation Prototype Functioning Prototype Examples of EDD Prototypes Sip and Drip

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  • Prototypes
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  • Prototypes Why Create a Prototype? Mock-Up /Presentation Prototype Functioning Prototype Examples of EDD Prototypes Sip and Drip
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  • Why Create a Prototype? If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a prototype worth? Identify flaws, inefficiencies, and design alternatives Gauge reactions from potential customers, buyers, or investors
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  • Form, Fit, and Function Physical, functional, and performance characteristics or specifications that uniquely identify a component or device and determine its interchangeability in a system Form: The shape, size, mass, weight, and other visual parameters which uniquely characterize an item. Fit: The ability of an item to physically interface or interconnect with or become an integral part of another system. Function: The action or actions that an item is designed to perform. What aspects of form, fit, and function are important to your design? Fertigator
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  • Mock-Up/Presentation Prototype A three-dimensional representation of your invention that offers greater visual impact than a drawing would provide. Images courtesy of Dimension What form, fit, and function questions can be answered with a presentation prototype?
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  • Functional Prototype A model intended to finalize the operational elements of your invention before it goes into production. What form, fit, and function questions can be answered with a functioning prototype? Types of Functioning Prototypes Full Scale Working Model Scaled Working Model Partial Model Virtual Model
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  • Design Process
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  • Research and Exploration Design and ConstructionTesting, Documentation, and Presentation Problem SelectionDesign SpecificationTesting Criteria & Method Topic BackgroundDecision MatrixTesting Procedure Problem StatementConcept TestingPhysical Testing Statement of PurposeDesign ProposalRecord Data Cited ValidationGantt Chart (timeline)Critical Design Review Cited JustificationSketching RefinementRedesign and Refine Past & Present SolutionsTechnical DrawingRe-test Market ResearchMaterial ListDetermine Conclusion Problem ProposalCostMultimedia Display Tool SelectionWeb Page Tool SafetyResearch Paper Mock Up & ModelingElectronic Portfolio Prototype Construction Rule of Thirds Prototype Construction
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  • Examples of EDD Problems Car Visor Stop Light Assist Garage Door Notification System Small Bore Air Rifle Target Changer Practice Pitch Return Visible Toaster
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  • Examples of EDD Prototypes Improved Marching Band Music Holder Portable Basketball System Utili-Tool Snow Blower Clog Remover Portion Control Calculator Forearm Workout Device
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  • Examples of EDD Prototypes Cross Country Training Ski Better Garbage Disposal Snowplow-Proof Mail Box RFDI Tag Controlled Light
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  • Examples of EDD Prototypes Boat Hull Cleaner Temperature Sensing, Self-Regulating Blinds Automatic Watering System (for indoor plants) Tubeless Non- Flattening Tire Hands Free Lighting Device (left) with Circuit and FDM (fused deposition model) (above)
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  • Examples of EDD Prototypes Touch Screen Order Entry System Dog Self-Exercising Machine Electrolysis Devices
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  • Prototypes Why Create a Prototype? Mock-Up/Presentation Prototype Functioning Prototype Examples of EDD Prototypes
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  • Image Resources Dimension Printing Thanks to EDD teachers who shared images of student prototypes