Prototype Training Session on Gospel Libraries

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Prototype Training Session on Gospel Libraries. ADVANTAGES of TECHNOLOGY VALUE to STUDENTS. Improve our effectiveness in our callings Enhance our personal study Expand our ability to proclaim the Gospel. TEST PROCESS TO IMPROVE THE CLASS. Extend it to other applications - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Prototype Training SessiononGospel Libraries1ADVANTAGES of TECHNOLOGY

VALUE to STUDENTSImprove our effectiveness in our callingsEnhance our personal studyExpand our ability to proclaim the GospelTEST PROCESSTO IMPROVE THE CLASSExtend it to other applications Other venues throughout the churchCreate distance learning materialsTECHNOLOGY LEVELSEasy for some, Hard for some, Impossible for others

If you can use itfine, If notno problem

Neither Moses nor Joseph Smith had an iPad.

Do what helps you feel the SpiritDont HAVE to understand it allStay at your comfort levelEveryone is at their own level, that OKGoal is not to overwhelm you.

Were here to help you wade in as far as you want to go.Latter Day Technology ToolsClerk Tools: Membership and FinanceMember Tools:LDS Tools (Directory, Callings, Calendar)MusicLesson SchedulesNewsletterMapsNotes and Journal

Gospel LibraryWhere Is The Gospel Library?

Wireless Name: LDSAccess

Password: Pioneer47GOSPEL LIBRARY CONTENTSScripturesGeneral ConferenceBroadcastsMagazinesManualsMusicVideosOtherChildrenHome & FamilyLeadershipYouthStudy Notebook-Notes & JournalHighlight, Tag, Bookmark, Link, Make Notes & Share

TRAINING EXERCISESDownload the applicationDownload the individual elementsManage the LibraryFind thingsSave them10Syncing Allows You To Collect And Organize InformationALL IN ONE PLACESAVE ALL YOUR STUFF

HighlightsTagsBookmarksLinksNotesJournal EntriesSynced On lds.orgVIEW IT ANYWHERE, ANYTIMESmart PhoneTabletPCMACHANDS ON HELP SESSIONiPhoneiPadAndroidOthers12VOLUNTEERSKaren Cottle: PhD candidate in IP&TY-Serve StudentsSingle AdultsSister and Elder Eliason13What is okay/not okay?Okay: Using Gospel LibraryNot Okay: Everything else

GOSPEL LIBRARY on Personal ComputersWhat is availableWhere to find it


Just type in the address bar.17

Dont have to sign in but its helpful.18









27FREE ADVICE -Just go onto the site and look around.Click anywhere, see where it goes.Get familiar with the site before attempting to do anything serious.