Pros and Cons of Different Shutter Materials

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<ul><li><p>Pros and Cons of Different Shutter Materials </p><p>When it comes to installing shutters on your windows and balconies, you </p><p>have a large range of choices in terms of design and shutter material. Your </p><p>selection of a particular shutter material depends upon the objective you </p><p>want to achieve by installing shutter. </p><p>Cedar or Poplar wood: Being a heavy wood material, you will find Cedar </p><p>tougher than Basswood but available at a lesser price. Cedar wood is </p><p>available in greenish color variations. Its negative aspect is it does not look </p><p>much attractive after painting. Generally used in small size windows. </p><p>100% whole Basswood: Basswood is the strongest but the lightest </p><p>material used in shutters. Its uniform texture makes it attractive. Being </p><p>resistant to water and other types of destruction, Basswood is better when </p><p>durability is your concern. Basswood accepts all kinds of colors and paints. </p><p>Pine: Pine has attractive texture with uniform color. Its negative side is that </p><p>it can absorb moisture and damaged easily. However, it is less expensive </p><p>and can be used at elevated positions. </p><p>Laminated wood: This is straighter option than whole wood to install a </p><p>cover over your window. The material does not respond well to painting as </p></li><li><p>its color may bleed through the paint. Better to paint laminated wood where </p><p>you need dark color. However, it is less costly. </p><p>Vinyl with Aluminum: The combination is waterproof and provides you an </p><p>inexpensive option to decorate your window. The shutters are appropriate </p><p>for apartments and bathrooms. However, keep the shutter away from </p><p>sunlight. </p><p>MDF or Pressboard: Low quality shutters that tend to damage in short run </p><p>but inexpensive. </p><p>Vinyl Foam: The material is quite strong and does not get weaker with </p><p>time. Vinyl Foam shutters are available in limited colors because they cannot </p><p>be stained. Prices of the shutters are not too high. </p><p>Faux wood Blinds Houston Texas: Faux wood is an artificial material </p><p>having properties of wood. Faux wood blinds and shutters are available in </p><p>variety of colors and sizes. </p></li></ul>