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<ol><li> 1. Pros And Cons Of Different Green Energy SystemsSwitching to green energy is a good way to save money while helping the environment. This articlewill give you a better idea of the pros and cons of different systems.Solar thermal panels are more affordable than photovoltaic panels and can produce a high quantity ofenergy quickly if the sun exposure is sufficient. They are easy to maintain and covering large surfaceis easy, thanks to the affordable price of these panels. These panels are compatible withunderground storage solutions, so you can store the energy needed for the nights and cloudy days.Solar thermal panels are efficient only if the sky is clear - even a few clouds will make them useless.These panels are ideal if you live in a very sunny area, but you should make sure you get enough sunexposure to justify investing in these panels. You will also need to invest in a sun tracking device,which is quite expensive, so that the panels can be turned toward the sun rays. These panels cantake a lot of room and might not be adaptable to small properties.Photovoltaic panels require very little maintenance. They can be connected to the main power grid.You could sell the extra energy produced by your panels or draw from the main power grid if yourpanels are not producing enough energy. These panels are very efficient and you should be able topower your entire home if you have enough surface available to place these panels.Photovoltaic panels are very expensive. They represent a important initial investment and you willstart saving money on your energy bills if you stay in your home for years. Very little money has beeninvested in photovoltaic research; this means the products available on the market could becomeobsolete overnight if anyone decides to start investing money in this industry. These panels areefficient only if you get enough sun in your area.Wind turbines take less space than solar panels and can provide enough energy for an entire house,if there is enough wind in your area. You can benefit from an interesting tax rebate in most states ifyou have a wind turbine, and you might be able to sell part of the power your turbine produces to themain power grid. A wind turbine is an excellent choice if you live in an isolated area and need to beindependent. </li><li> 2. Wind turbines attract lightning; maintenance can be very expensive if your wind turbine getsdamaged. Certain turbines create interferences and your neighbors might complain because theycannot receive TV channels properly - although this should not be an issue on the long term thanks todigital TV. Turbines are noisy and the constant noise can lead to hearing problems and complaintsfrom your neighbors. Wind power is a good solution only if you get a constant wind of over 10 mph.The key to green energy is to find the system that is the most adapted to your area. Since it is a longterm investment, get a green energy system only if you plan on living in your home for at least tenyears.Click here for more information</li></ol>