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Property Times - Dubai Leading Real Estate Magazine & Dubai No.1 Realty News Magazine.


<ul><li><p>1VOLUME NO 1 | 2014- 2015DUBAIS MOST TRUSTWORTHY PARTNERS IN REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT...</p></li><li><p>2Gold Color</p></li><li><p>3Gold Color</p></li><li><p>4</p></li><li><p>5FROM THE EDITOR</p><p>MOST TRUSTWORTHY PARTNERS: PROPERTY TIMES ELITEProperty Times, Dubais number one magazine for the real estate sector, is proud to present to you Property Times elite, an annual, high-end coffee table book featuring profiles of the most trust-worthy developers, real estate agents and infor-mation provider in Dubai. The book also profiles Dubais top villa and apartment communities with updated statistics provided by, which will certainly help investors take the right decisions when it comes to their investment. </p><p>The developer and agency featured in elite are selected based on their proven track record in the market and also based on the feedback from buyers and investors to add credibility to Property Times elite. Over the past 20 months, Property Times has weathered the test of time and successfully established itself as the most reliable and trustworthy print media source for real estate information. So, we felt it is our duty to </p><p>Binesh PanickerEditor-in-Chief &amp; Co-Founder</p><p>BINESH PanickerEditor-in-Chief &amp; Co-Founder</p><p>JATIN DeepchandaniHead of Sales, Marketing &amp; PR</p><p>INDU RavindranathExecutive -Sales, Marketing &amp;</p><p>NYSAM K ShahulSenior Graphic</p><p>TOSEEF Ali TidiwalaAccounts</p><p>ABDUL Manaf CKAdmin</p><p>KIRAN ReddyE-magazine</p><p>SHIBINA JasExecutive Assistant to</p><p>MEDIA LAB PUBLISHERS LLCOffice 135, B Block, Al Shafar investment Building, Near 3rd interchangeSheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAEPO.Box: 235504, Tel: +971 4 33 86 724 Fax: +971 4 33 86 734,</p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p>Licensed by National Media Council</p><p>OUR TEAM</p><p>WRITER</p><p>PUBLISHER</p><p>Neha Kaul</p><p>help thousands of investors who come to Dubai market, dreaming of being a part of its success. elite will help them choose the right developer and the right agent; two of the most important aspects while investing in a property. We would like to thank the industry for actively support-ing this initiative. We are sure Property Times elite, which will be published once every year with updated information and profiles (includ-ing some new additions), will be of great use to investors and buyers in the long run. We will soon be launching more high-end coffee table books with profiles from various industries with an aim to help the customers always make the right decisions. </p></li><li><p>6</p></li><li><p>78INTRODUCTION</p><p>14AL BARARI</p><p> 16DUBAI SPORTS CITY</p><p> 18INDIGO PROPERTIES</p><p> 22ROCKY REAL ESTATE</p><p>24SPF REALTY</p><p>26HARBOR REAL ESTATE</p><p>28ESPACE REAL ESTATE</p><p>30SILVER HEIGHTS REAL ESTATE</p><p>32SBK REAL ESTATE</p><p>34LANNHILL REAL ESTATE</p><p> 36DEJAVU REAL ESTATE</p><p>38OCEAN VIEW REAL ESTATE</p><p> 40CASTLES PLAZA REAL ESTATE</p><p>423G REAL ESTATE</p><p>44ASTON PEARL</p><p>46CANDOUR REAL ESTATE</p><p>48EXCLUSIVE LINKS REAL ESTATE</p><p>50DACHA REAL ESTATE</p><p>52ONE REAL ESTATE</p><p>54SYNERGY PROPERTIES</p><p>56LA CAPITALE REAL ESTATE</p><p>58ST. CLAIR REAL ESTATE</p><p>62REIDIN</p><p>Real estate information</p><p>66TOP COMMUNITIES: VILLAS</p><p>74TOP COMMUNITIES: APARTMENTS</p></li><li><p>8Since the dawn of the freehold era, Dubais real estate market has been enthralling the world with its unique real estate offerings. Dubais master developers such as Emaar Properties and Nakheel </p><p>have played a key role in making Dubai a favoured </p><p>destination for real estate investors from across </p><p>the globe. Dubai is also home to a number of real </p><p>estate projects developed by other developers </p><p>such as Dubai Properties Group and Union Prop-</p><p>erties while Dubai Sports City is another master </p><p>developer that has attracted a lot of investors, </p><p>buyers and tenants with its real estate products. </p><p>EMAAR PROPERTIESThe pioneer of master-planned communities </p><p>in Dubai, Emaar Properties is one of the worlds </p><p>most valuable and admired real estate develop-</p><p>ment companies. With proven competencies in </p><p>property, shopping malls &amp; retail and hospital-</p><p>ity &amp; leisure, Emaar has developed a formidable </p><p>reputation of shaping the real estate industry </p><p>with a focus on design excellence, build quality </p><p>and timely delivery. Established in 1997, Emaar </p><p>Properties is a Public Joint Stock Company listed </p><p>on the Dubai Financial Market. Starting out with </p><p>a small team, with big ideas and plans, Emaar </p></li><li><p>9revolutionized the property landscape of Dubai, </p><p>UAE, as a pioneering developer of integrated mas-</p><p>ter-planned communities. Today Emaar is recog-</p><p>nized globally as an authority on this subject, </p><p>and is extending its expertise in developing mas-</p><p>ter-planned communities internationally. Simul-</p><p>taneously, the company has developed strengths </p><p>in hospitality &amp; leisure, as well as shopping </p><p>malls &amp; retail.</p><p>Emaars world-class project development com-</p><p>petencies are underlined by its iconic assets in </p><p>Dubai and other international markets. Down-</p><p>town Dubai is Emaars flagship development. </p><p>Today, the worlds most visited lifestyle desti-</p><p>nation, the 500-acre neighbourhood is home to </p><p>the iconic Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall and The </p><p>Dubai Fountain. Some of Emaars most popu-</p><p>lar established communities include Arabian </p><p>Ranches, Emirates Living, and Dubai Marina. </p><p>Through strategic partnerships, Emaar has </p><p>expanded its land bank in Dubai to build cities of </p><p>the future. </p><p>Emaars ambitious global growth is the result </p><p>of a team of passionate individuals who are </p><p>leading from the front, constantly challenging </p><p>traditional ways of going about the real estate </p><p>business, and fearlessly exploring uncharted ter-</p><p>ritories, without compromising on the brands </p><p>promise of quality, value, style &amp; service. This </p><p>approach has led to the diversification of the </p><p>group into a comprehensive portfolio of property </p><p>and real estate related services, augmenting the </p><p>Emaars growth pattern. From local and global </p><p>property and lifestyle community developments </p><p>to premium leisure, retail, malls and hospitality </p><p>projects, from investments in joint ventures &amp; </p><p>strategic acquisitions around the world to mort-</p><p>gage and Islamic Finance services, Emaar covers </p><p>the entire spectrum of real estate and property </p><p>fundamentals, making it among the largest con-</p><p>glomerates in the region with such an impressive </p><p>breadth of services.</p><p>Currently Emaar Properties is entering the </p><p>most exciting phase in their young history. In </p><p>line with Sheikh Mohammads vision for the </p><p>city of Dubai, and in preparation for the upcom-</p><p>ing Expo 2020, several mega-projects are being </p><p>developed by Emaar. They are also concurrently </p><p>re-shaping and re-strategizing to remain on top </p><p>of the changing economic and innovation cycles </p><p>and market dynamics, both locally and globally. </p><p>Emaar places great value on the trust their share-</p><p>holders have placed in them and the opportunity </p><p>this gave them to partner in Dubais amazing </p><p>transformation into a global hub. As a global </p><p>company, with a strong footprint in the Middle </p><p>East and North Africa, the Subcontinent, South </p><p>Asia, Europe and USA, Emaar is committed to set-</p><p>ting benchmarks in investor relations and corpo-</p><p>rate governance by providing stakeholders with </p><p>timely, transparent and easily accessible informa-</p><p>tion about the companys activities. Emaar has a </p><p>range of investor relations initiatives offering an </p><p>overview of Emaars financial reports, a calendar </p><p>of investor events and an FAQ section to answer </p><p>investor queries. Emaar embraces the leadership </p><p>position it holds, and the reputation for which it </p><p>is held in highest regard, sensitive to the respon-</p><p>sibility such eminence brings with it. A regular </p><p>winner of umpteen international, regional, and </p><p>local accolades and awards for its commitment </p></li><li><p>10</p><p>to operational excellence and quality standards, </p><p>Emaar continues to work towards its goal of </p><p>becoming one of the worlds most valuable, most </p><p>innovative and most admired companies, creat-</p><p>ing enormous value for its shareholders, stake-</p><p>holders, and the economy. By drawing on the </p><p>potential offered by Dubai as one of the worlds </p><p>leading business, leisure and fashion hubs, and </p><p>the opportunities emerging in rapidly growing </p><p>international markets, Emaar is poised to make </p><p>their high-growth businesses independent profit </p><p>centers, thus marking the beginning of another </p><p>era of extraordinary success. Emaars leading </p><p>developments include Downtown Dubai, Emir-</p><p>ates Living, Dubai Marina etc. </p><p>NAKHEELNakheel holds the prestigious position of being </p><p>one of the worlds largest real estate developers </p><p>and is well known for presenting Palm Jumeirah </p><p>to the world. Established in 1990 and driven by </p><p>the desire to become an influential part of realiz-</p><p>ing Dubais vision for the 21st century, Nakheel </p><p>went on to transform Dubai into a world-class </p><p>destination for living, business and tourism. Over </p><p>the years, Nakheel has built up an iconic portfo-</p><p>lio of innovative landmark projects that span a </p><p>range of sectors residential, commercial, retail </p><p>and leisure, Nakheel developments form an inte-</p><p>gral part of Dubais landscape.</p><p>Nakheel managed to sail through the chal-</p><p>lenges of the global financial crisis due to its confi-</p><p>dence in the inherent buoyancy of the Dubai real </p><p>estate market. During and post crisis, Nakheel </p><p>remained committed to being an integral part of </p><p>the Emirates ambitious expansion plans, launch-</p><p>ing and selling an exciting range of new projects, </p><p>to enhance the existing communities as well as </p><p>attract residents, tourists and investors to the </p><p>fastest growing city in the world. Nakheel has </p><p>always been quick to attribute its success to its </p><p>dedicated staff. As their operations have diversi-</p><p>fied from their core business of development into </p><p>retail, leasing and leisure offerings, they believe </p><p>it is their talented human resource pool that has </p><p>made the transitions and expansion seamlessly </p><p>possible. From developments that have changed </p><p>the very landscape of the UAE, such as the spec-</p><p>tacular Palm Islands and The World, to projects </p><p>that aim to offer a higher standard of living for the </p><p>nations residents and unrivalled experiences for </p><p>visitors to Dubai, like Jumeirah Islands, Discov-</p><p>ery Gardens, Ibn Battuta Mall and Nakheel Mall, </p><p>Nakheel has done it all. The company currently </p><p>has four active divisions Nakheel Marine and </p></li><li><p>11</p><p>Leisure, which has responsibility for the marine </p><p>leisure-related projects; Nakheel Hospitality and </p><p>Leisure, which focuses on the companys grow-</p><p>ing portfolio of hotels, beach clubs and commu-</p><p>nity recreation centres; Nakheel Developments, </p><p>which manages the full spectrum of activities </p><p>for the Companys structural projects, from ini-</p><p>tial planning to interior design; and Retail Corp, </p><p>ity of life for residents. From Owners associations </p><p>and Community Management teams to Infra-</p><p>structure Operations and other support services, </p><p>NAMI addresses all the communal needs of their </p><p>community developments.</p><p>Nakheels Leasing and Property Management </p><p>arm manages their leasehold portfolio, offering </p><p>clients a wide choice of residential, commercial, </p><p>and retail properties in Dubais most vibrant </p><p>communities, such as The Gardens, Discovery </p><p>Gardens, The Garden View Villas and Interna-</p><p>tional City. Nakheels leasehold properties, come </p><p>with end-to-end solutions including property </p><p>management, facilities management, commu-</p><p>nity services and security, ensuring these projects </p><p>are sustainable and pleasurable places to live. </p><p>Tenants can directly lease from Nakheel, </p><p>knowing their rights are protected by the Leas-</p><p>ing and Property Management strict adherence </p><p>to the rules and regulations of Dubai Govern-</p><p>ment and the Real Estate Regulatory Authority </p><p>(RERA). Nakheel shares the vision of the late </p><p>Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, UAE Vice </p><p>President and Ruler of Dubai, which has been </p><p>continued by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid </p><p>Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Ruler of </p><p>Dubai to convert Dubai into a city of the future. </p><p>The company continues to spot and seize new </p><p>opportunities, reinforced by strategic alliances </p><p>with exceptional partners, as well as the support </p><p>of the Dubai Government. </p><p>A heavy weight in the field or real estate and </p><p>property development, Nakheel has been recog-</p><p>nized globally as setting benchmarks in creating </p><p>truly iconic developments. Despite the success </p><p>it enjoys, the company continues to strive to be </p><p>seen around the world as redefining the standards </p><p>for creativity, ingenuity and enterprise.</p><p>which operates Nakheel shopping malls and </p><p>develops retail opportunities for the Company. </p><p>Nakheels aim has always been to create awe-in-</p><p>spiring communities, not just projects, and they </p><p>have achieved this by developing Nakheel Asset </p><p>Management and Infrastructure (NAMI), creat-</p><p>ing a strong foundation of asset management and </p><p>service delivery, in line with improving the qual-</p></li><li><p>12</p><p>DEVELOPERS</p><p>Gold Color</p></li><li><p>13</p><p>DEVELOPERS</p><p>Gold Color</p></li><li><p>Established in 2005, Al Barari is the brainchild of Zaal Moham-med Zaal, chairman and founder of the Zaal Group of Com-panies. The company quickly went on to create a formidable reputation for itself, as a brand that represents quality, embod-ies the cultural ethos of the United Arab Emirates and differentiates itself </p><p>through its emphasis on sustainability. With its growing success, the com-</p><p>pany expanded adding Greenworks, the regions largest privately-owned </p><p>nursery, Sustainable Builders the eco-pioneering construction company, </p><p>and luxury interior design company Etcetera Living to its group. </p><p>Al Barari was the culmination of the vision nurtured by Zaal and his </p><p>family for many years, of creating a one-of-a-kind, never before seen eco-</p><p>logical community, in their beloved city, Dubai. A visionary entrepreneur, </p><p>and dedicated family man, Zaal combined his passion for the environment </p><p>and family life through the creation of Al Barari, a green oasis in the heart </p><p>of the desert. A commitment to sustainability and responsible eco-con-</p><p>scious development has meant that Al Bararis architecture, landscaping </p><p>and infrastructure actively embrace good environmental practices. Al </p><p>Barari has lived up to its promise of providing residents boundless living </p><p>- a continuum between inner and outer spaces. It has made it possible to </p><p>fuse living with nature, alongside serene surroundings, promoting relax-</p><p>ation and a near meditative experience, ideal for a happy family life.</p><p> | 04 38 86 030 </p><p>AL BARARI</p><p>Mohammed bin ZaalCEO</p><p>14</p></li><li><p>The rise of the brand has been nothing short of spectacular, with the </p><p>company employee base skyrocketing from 10 to 800 in less than ten </p><p>years, the significant rise a definite reflection of Al Bararis incredible </p><p>growth. Despite the considerable rise, the brand has continued to main-</p><p>tain its integrity and commitment to quality, to delivering on time, to </p><p>excellent customer service, and to its residents, who they deem its big-</p><p>gest assets. Even through the economic crisis, the co...</p></li></ul>