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Project Leonardo da Vinci. The car of the future. Created by Sebastin Simko , David Kiss & Roman orba. Motivation. We are the students of The Sec o ndary Industrial S chool in Kosice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Snmek 1</p> <p>Project Leonardo da VinciThe car of the futureCreated by Sebastin Simko, David Kiss &amp; Roman orbaMotivationWe are the students of The Secondary Industrial School in Kosice The content of our studies are AutoCAD, Inventor where we are modelling parts and mechanism. The experiences we gained here will be useful for our future studies at the technical university.</p> <p>Content</p> <p>The parts which we created in :AutoCADInventorThe engine which we created :ModelAnimationOur own future carThe parts which we createdAutoCAD3D model created by lines first extruditionsstand</p> <p>Inventorbasic partclamping piecepiston rod</p> <p>AutoCAD3D model created by lines:In AutoCAD we created 3D objects by lines and coordinates system. </p> <p>We focused on the basic functions.</p> <p>AutoCADThe first extruditions:We used prespull and extrude to create solid.</p> <p>We created solid by polylines and regions.</p> <p>AutoCADStand:At last we did the stand.</p> <p>We could create render picture where we could change backround, lights, etc.</p> <p>Inventor</p> <p>Basic part:we created part where we could try fillet, chamfer, hole, milling slot and other basic functions.</p> <p>Inventor</p> <p>Clamping piece:This model is very hard as for modeling.</p> <p>We had to use plane interact extrude thread and good orientating in coordinate system.Inventor</p> <p>Piston rod:This is the first part of the engine which we created.We also created these parts at school.This model checked our skills and knowledge.EngineThis was the last assembly, which we created on the lesson.This is a fully functioning model.</p> <p>Our own future carThis is our main project, which we focused on the most.This car is designed to recall the car of the future.This car is very narrow, is customized for one man.</p> <p>Thank you for your attention </p>


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