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Year 6 Learning Tasks



Focus this week on writing multi clause sentences. Using the image below, practise writing simple and complex sentences, try:

1. Adding a relative clause.

2. Adding a subordinating clause.

3. Joining two simple sentences with a FANBOY or even replacing the conjunction with a semi colon.

Try to use a range of punctuation: brackets, dashes and commas.

Continue to use the Year 5/6 spelling list (the words we had on our walls).

Get yourself a pen or pencil, a piece of paper, the spelling list and a timer.

Quick Write: How many words can you write in one minute?

Word families:

How many ways can you find to group the

spellings? Look at prefixes or suffixes eg.

Words ending in -ious or –itial. Words that

are all adjectives or all nouns.

Please read daily. Encourage your parents to read with you. Read a range of fiction and non-fiction!



The activities on this grid are a great place to start with learning from home.

For more daily activity suggestions and challenges, please go onto the links that are on the Year 6 page.

Watchwood Forest

Eyes. Wherever you went in Watchwood Forest there were eyes.

It was home to the most beautiful and mysterious creatures in the entire realm, yet very few human eyes had ever seen it.

Read the story opener on the PDF attached. Continue the magical story.

Will Rose’s adventure prove to be magical and fun?

Do you think Watchwood Forest is a safe place to be? Describe your answer.

Continuing with our topic of Electricity, we would like you to research conductors and insulators.

A conductor is a material that allows energy (heat or electricity) to pass through it easily. An insulator is a material that does not allow electricity, heat or sound to pass through it easily.

TT RockStars: Log in to your TT Rock Stars accounts as your starter activity. We want to see who has been smashing it this week!


1. 8799 + 1876

2. 10,000 – 5,086

3. 17.7 + 349

4. 227.11 – 28.82

5. 334 x 6

6. 1243 x 9

7. 608 ÷ 4

8. 73

9. 10003

10. 17 + 3x 7

11. 64 ÷ (10-6)

12. 1.1 x 100

13. 8.01 ÷ 10

14. 0.023 x 1000

15. 110 x 20

16. 150 x 6

17. 4.44 x 7

18. 545 x 23

19. 3,190 ÷ 22

20. 234 x 35

Problem Solving and Reasoning

See the sheets on the class page for more reasoning maths tasks.




Take a moment and think about this quote. What does it mean to you? What could you try a little bit harder with? Is there something that you avoid because you find it difficult? Do you think that will make it easier or harder next time?


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