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2. 09:00 a.m.Opening and welcome Renato Vale09:15 a.m.Transport infrastructure demands in Bahia Governador Jaques Wagner09:50 a.m.Q&A session with the Governor10:00 a.m.Regulatory benchmark: Brazils Infrastructure challenges Prof. Paulo Resende10:45 a.m.Q&A session and coffee break11:15 a.m.Current business highlights Italo Roppa / Jos Braz / Ricardo Bisordi12:15 p.m.Overview of high-quality growth for the CCR Group Leonardo Vianna / Arthur Piotto1:15 p.m.Conclusions and final remarks Renato Vale1:30 p.m.Debates, questions and answers and time for lunch 3. OPENING AND WELCOME RENATO VALE 4. Main highlightsGross Revenue R$ million 5. Main highlights EBITDA R$ million,(E) Market Consensus 6. Main highlights Net Income R$ million,(E) Market Consensus 7. Main highlights Dividends R$ million(E) Market Consensus 8. TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE DEMANDS IN BAHIA GOVERNOR JAQUES WAGNER 9. Q&A SESSION WITH THE GOVERNOR JAQUES WAGNER 10. REGULATORY BENCHMARKBRAZILS INFRASTRUCTURE CHALLENGES PROF. PAULO RESENDE 11. Q&A SESSION WITH PROF. PAULO RESENDE 12. COFFEE BREAK 13. CONCESSIONS IN SP AND STPS NEW CHALLENGES: ITALO ROPPA 14. Highways in SP:// DEMAND FOR NEW INVESTMENTS (in million) AutoBAn:R$1,160ViaOeste:R$1,850SPVias:R$295ViaQuatro:R$210R$3,515 15. CCR AutoBAn// // DEMAND FOR NEW INVESTMENTS (in million)Highway improvements in Jundia (Anhanguera Highway): R$420 Duplication of SP 324 (Access to Viracopos Airport):R$350Accesses to EXPO - SP (Bandeirantes Highway):R$270Accesses in Louveira (Anhanguera Highway):R$120R$1,160 16. VideoVIDEO 17. CCR ViaOeste// DEMAND FOR NEW INVESTMENTS (in million) Phase 1:R$870Phase 2:R$500Phase 3:R$480R$ 1,850 RAPOSO TAVARES HIGHWAY INITIAL STRETCH 18. CCR SPVias// DEMAND FOR NEW INVESTMENTS (in million) Duplication of SP255 (Avar urban stretch)R$110Remodeling of the access to Tatu :R$35Beltway of Itapeva (SP-258):R$68Beltway of Itarar (SP-258):R$22Additional lanes in SP-280:R$33Additional lanes in SP-258R$27R$295 19. Renovias// DEMAND FOR NEW INVESTMENTSExpansion of thePonto a Ponto Project 20. ViaQuatroInvestments - phase IIAdditional investments (+15 trains + systems 5 stations):Increase in demand per day:Stations: Vila Snia, Morumbi, Fradique Coutinho, Oscar Freire, Higienpolis.from 703,000 to 960,000 pass./dayR$685 million Phase I = 8.9 kmStart of operations:Sept 2014Pinheiros ButantVila SniaLuz Faria LimaRepblica PaulistaSo Paulo MorumbiPHASE IFradique CoutinhoOscar FreirePhase II = 12.8 km Vl. Snia to Luz PHASE II 5 new stationsMackenzie Higienpolis 21. ViaQuatroDemand for new investments// EXPANSION OF LINE 4 UNTIL TABOO DA SERRA (3.1 KM) (3.1 KM)Rolling Stock :R$154 millionSignage and Telecommunication Systems :R$56 millionTOTAL R$210 million 22. STPRazens previous ownership structureGSMP4.68%9.3212.75%38.25%35.00% 23. STPNew ownership structure4.68%10.00%GSMP// STP8.34%NEW OWNERSHIP STRUCTURE34.24% 11.41%// COMPANY MARKET CAP (BASE DEC 2012)R$2,500,000,000.0031.33% 24. STPGrowth expectations// REVENUE AND EBITDA GROWTH R$ million 700 600 500506400EBITDA3112000Revenue411300100603141 63 2008219 89 2009133 2010183 201122920122822013 (E) 25. STPGrowth expectations//OPERATION: States: SP / RJ / PR / RS / MG / BA / MT / MS / SC; Toll plazas: 95%; Parking lots: 175; ABASTECE Project; New Projects. 26. VideoVIDEO 27. CCR METR BAHIA, CCR BARCAS, RIOs LRT AND HIGHWAYS JOS BRAZ 28. CCR METR BAHIA Challenges and expectations 29. HighlightsConcession 30 term yearsCajazeiras / guas ClarasCampinasLength of 33.4 Km. 19 stations and 9 passenger transfer terminals.Tariff price R$2.10 per passenger (Base: April 2013)BarraPituba 30. Highlights 31. Highlights // The concession is a PPP composed of the CCR Group and the State and Federal Governments.In addition to representing another operation in the urban mobility segment, this achievement marks the start of the activities of the CCR Group in Brazils Northeastern region. 32. Highlights //Press coverage The covers of the printed editions of the three largest vehicles of Bahia positively highlight the new Metro project. 33. Highlights MAIN EVENTS Signature of the Agreement Beginning of the works SM SL STRETCH Lapa Northern access (*) Northern access Retiro Retiro Pitaj Pitaj guas Claras Lapa Bus Station Bus Station Imbu Imbu Pituau Pituau Mussurunga Mussurunga Airport Airport Lauro de Freitas * Supervised Operation10/15/2013 10/28/2013 BEGINNING OF OPERATION (after signature of the agreement) Jun/2014 11 months 15 months Expansion to be negotiated 24 months 30 months 30 months 36 months 42 months Expansion to be negotiatedSTRETCH LENGHT 6.6 1.6 4.0 5.5 7.2 3.1 2.7 6.7 3.3 - 34. FEDERAL CONCESSIONS: Contract addenda and new investments 35. Potential of Current Portfolio Various investment gaps were identified...//CCR Ponte:R$305 million Connecting the bridge to Linha Vermelha; Niteri Tunnel (Mergulho). 36. Potential of Current Portfolio Various investment gaps were identified...//CCR NovaDutra:R$3 billion Serra das Araras; Rio, So Paulo e So Jos dos Campos Highways; Other safety works.Source: financial statements of the business unit. 37. URBAN MOBILITY: LRT in Rio de Janeiro 38. Urban MobilityImplementation of VLT Carioca// Concession terms: 25 years Extension of basic line: 28km; No. of stations and stops: 46; Fleet: 32.SourcesR$ million%PAC Program53244.75% InvestmentConcessionaire65755.25%R$1.2 Billion Investment : R$71.5 million/year (Base: Jun/12). Source: Consortium proposal 39. URBAN MOBILITY CCR Barcas 40. Potential of Current Portfolio Various investment gaps were identified...// Rebalanced Tariff:R$4.50 // Committed Investments: State government: 9 vessels: 300 million; 2 new stations: 300 million. Concessionaire: 2 vessels. 41. Potential of Current Portfolio Various investment gaps were identified...// Committed investments: 4 new vessels: Renovation of Araribia station; Renovation of Praa XV; Bridge/ Floating Units/Piers.//New Opportunities: R$600 million for the remaining concession term, 200 million of which up to 2015 in: Completion of Praa XV; Recovery of shipyard; Expansion of other stations, among others. 42. Improvements in Charitas Station 43. Improvements in Charitas Station 44. Improvements in Charitas Station 45. Improvements in Charitas Station 46. Improvements in Charitas Station 47. Improvements in Praa XV Station 48. Improvements in Praa XV Station 49. New Cocot Station 50. New Cocot Station 51. New Vessel guia 52. New Vessel guia 53. Revitalization Itaip Vessel 54. Revitalization Itaip Vessel 55. Revitalization Itaip Vessel 56. Improvements in Araribia station 57. Improvements in Araribia stationVIDEO 58. AIRPORTS RICARDO BISORDI 59. CCRs operations in the airport sector2012 Conclusion of sale of assets and transfer of ownership interests during the year.2013 Structuring of operation platform abroad; Feb/2013: Beginning of operations of Quitos new international airport; Beginning of CCR governance implementation process in airports where it holds shared interest; agreement on CCRs long-term objectives with stakeholders; Acquisition of more 39% interest in CUR.2014 onwards Consolidation of platform and identification of synergies and partnerships. 60. OpportunitiesGreat expectations for growth of traffic and use of air transportation.Focus: Investment program (contracts); Commercial development; Development of new routes. 61. Passenger traffic growthPerformance in 2013 quarters PAX 2012PAX 20139,000,000 8,000,000September YTDActual 2012Actual 20132013/ 2012Airport7,801,2997,968,5152.1%Aeris2,487,9022,579,0963.7%Quito4,043,3814,105,4291.5%4,000,000 3,000,000Curaao1,270,0161,283,9901.1%+2.1%2,000,0007,000,000 6,000,000 5,000,000+4,2%+1.1%+1.2%1Q2Q3Q1,000,0009M 62. CURAAO 63. Terminal Expansion: Current Infrastructure 64. Terminal Expansion: Expansion Proposal 65. Terminal Expansion: Expansion Proposal 66. CuraaoVIDEO 67. COSTA RICA Juan Santamara Airport San Jose 68. Juan Santamara Airport (SJO)2ND BEST AIRPORT IN CENTRAL AMERICA AND CARIBBEAN (SKYTRAX)EXCELLENCE LIST (ACI) 69. Juan Santamara Airport (SJO)2ND BEST AIRPORT IN CENTRAL AMERICA AND CARIBBEAN (SKYTRAX)EXCELLENCE LIST (ACI) 70. Juan Santamara Airport (SJO)2ND BEST AIRPORT IN CENTRAL AMERICA AND CARIBBEAN (SKYTRAX)EXCELLENCE LIST (ACI) 71. Juan Santamara Airport (SJO)2ND BEST AIRPORT IN CENTRAL AMERICA AND CARIBBEAN (SKYTRAX)EXCELLENCE LIST (ACI) 72. Juan Santamara Airport (SJO)COMMERCIAL CENTERTERMINAL EXPANSION 73. Passenger Terminal Expansion 74. Passenger Terminal Expansion 75. Commercial Area Expansion 76. QUITO Mariscal Sucre International Airport 77. New Quito AirportFIRST TRANSATLANTIC FLIGHT (QUITO -> MADRID) OPERATION OF LARGE AIRCRAFTS (A340-600, B747800F) 78. New Quito AirportAIRPORT NIGHT VIEW 79. New Quito AirportPASSENGER TERMINAL VIEWQUITO AIRPORT CENTERTERMINAL EXPANSION 80. New Quito AirportTERMINAL EXPANSION 2 ADDITIONAL JET BRIDGES 81. New Quito AirportQUITO AIRPORT CENTER OPENED IN NOV/2013 82. New Quito AirportQUITO AIRPORT CENTER OPENED IN NOV/2013 83. New Quito AirportQUITO AIRPORT CENTER OPENED IN NOV/2013 84. OVERVIEW OF HIGH-QUALITY GROWTH FOR THE CCR GROUP : New highway, urban mobility and airport projects: LEONARDO VIANNA 85. Urban MobilityImplementation of Rio LRT// CONCESSION TERMS: 30 YEARS FROM START ORDER. Length of basic line: 28km; No. of Stations and Stops : 46; Fleet: 32.InvestmentR$1.2SourcesR$ million%PAC Program53246%Municipal Gvt.383%Concessionaire58751%Source: public hearingBillion 86. Metro in Salvador and Lauro de Freitas Concession objective ModelSponsored Public-Private Partnership (PPP) (Investment by Government);Concession term30 years: 3 construction projects + 27 operations Estimated startup of partial operations (18 months);Bidding processPresentation of Economic Propos