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  • 1. Music Magazine Pre production sketches/ mood board By Gemma Whitehead


  • Dafont fonts

Fonts I feel that all these fonts would represent what sort of music magazine my music magazine is which is rock/pop genre. I especially like the font Ben Krush as I want to include some sort of breaking glass effect on my magazine front cover. I may do the breaking glass effect on the car which the three people in the band are sitting on , I will create this effect using Photoshop. 3. 4. 5. 6. Photo shoots that have inspired me. This Girls Cant Catch picture has inspired me to use three people and place them on a car bonnet and make them look rough and edgy. I like how Muse have used different positions to convey emotion I may do the same on the car. 7. Myfirstsketches for front cover 8. Myfirstsketches for contents page 9. Q magazine has inspired me to do something similar to the front cover above. I may use Photoshop to create the glass effect or just simply smash a piece of glass. I would prefer to have a girl band on the front of the magazine as this will give the magazine a more edgy look and bring a new side of rock into the music magazine industry. 10. My photo shoot

  • My photo shoot is going to be with a band, it may be an all girl band. I will position the three members of the band on a car preferably an old bashed up car, they will not be smiling they will look feisty and edgy as my magazine is a rock/pop music magazine. I may also edit the picture in Photoshop and add broken glass to the windscreen of the car as I really like the broken glass effect on Q magazine with the lead singer of muse smashing the logo with his guitar.

11. My USP My unique selling point of my magazine is that it combines both rock music and celebrities together and is still classy. It focuses on the music as well as the promotional side of what the band is doing, for example pictures of them on tour and pictures of them at premieres. My music magazine also claims that it revolutionises music and it introduces new rock bands to the eyes of others.