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Managing Brand Reputation

How Using Twitter Can Move the Business NeedleMonitoring Brand Reputation on TwitterValue of MonitoringReal Time ResultsConcise mediumWide ReachDirect Feedback

0How-Tos of MonitoringKnow your goalsWhat is relevant?What are your needs?Who are you listening to?Measure1

GOALS: What do you want to achieve?WHAT is relevant to you?Key words, key phrasesTOOLS: What are your needs?Subscription serviceGood habits and a regular scheduleWHO are you listening to?InfluencersAdvocatesMEASUREEngagement

1Additional tipsTwitter Lists (subscribe and create)Follow #hashtagsUse URL shorteners for tracking2

Mini Case StudiesE Ink Industry leading manufacturer of ePaper displays

Australian MuseumLeading cultural attraction in Sydney, Australia

WD-40 Household & workshop chemical - water and oil displacement spray


3Case Study


Industry leading manufacturer of ePaper displays

4Not many people are talking about E Ink as a brandTHE VALUE OF MONITORING TWITTER?It has been invaluable in making the process of finding user feedback and reviews significantly faster. We feed this information back to product development teams and use it to hone marketing campaigns...

Jenn Vail, Senior Marketing Manager

BUT PLENTY OF EREADER USERS ARE TALKING ABOUT THEIR GADGETS ON TWITTER!The value of monitoring Twitter? Gaining a consumer perspective!!!

One of the challenges the company faces is being able to gather accurate user feedback about their successful displays. Since consumers do not interact directly with the company, one of the best ways for them to find valuable feedback comes by monitoring news and social media.


E Ink Improves eReader Displays by Listening

USE TWITTER TO:Gather valuable feedback from end usersLearn the trade-offs that end users are willing to make (battery life, glare, resolution, etc.)Determine the direction of product developmentsMake products that end users love!

Extremely helpful recently in settling a debate between E Ink engineers when discussing the merits of introducing a new technology that would help speed up page turning when reading a book on an eReader.

E Ink: The issue was that this technology requires more power to run. However, from monitoring Twitter E Ink found that users particularly appreciate the low power consumption of devices. E Ink got a consumer perspective and an idea of the trade-off users might be willing to live with compared with the viewpoint of their engineers.


Case Study8

This wide range of events makes Australian Museum an intrinsically social place and the Museum generates a lot of buzz online

8Australian Museum goes beyond followers to increase visitors and increase donations

The museum has an exhibition-focused approach, using multiple twitter accounts specific to special events and exhibits.One benefit they list: Twitter refers traffic to their web pagesMajor benefit: Increasing foot traffic to the museum

Jurassic Lounge, brings DJs, live music, talks, film screenings and traditional and performance art to Australian Museum for all to enjoy. Promoting the event online was key, as the Museum started to streamline the process of turning social conversations into new visitors and new visitors into life-long advocates.


10Case Study

11Do-It-Yourself (DIY) advice websites and blogs are prolific online, while sites like Facebook and Twitter are now so ubiquitous it has become crucial that WD-40 keeps track of what is being said about its leading brands online.


its important we listen to and understand what is being said. But, most importantly, we want to contribute to those conversations and even ignite them. Thats where we are seeing real growth in the number of brand mentions.

- Paige Perdue, Digital Marketing DirectorVALUE OF TWITTER ENGAGEMENT?

WD-40 receives 400-600 mentions per day on Twitter. WD-40 breaks those conversations down to get an idea of the themes of conversations WRT WD-40, whether positive or negative; they RT and favorite positive comments and great uses of the productWD-40 can pin-point trends, understand where they are popular by geography, and identify influencers

Ensures the brand has an ongoing dialog with its online audienceSeeing an upward trend in activity, Follower base is increasing



Use of the Day series keeps a drumbeat of content that is interesting13


Plenty of people engage with the @OriginalWD40 handle1415

WD-40 gets plenty of mentions without direct engagement. 15Key Takeaways for Monitoring TwitterDefine what you want to get out of listeningDetermine key words, phrases Know your engagement strategyIdentify your target audiencesAlign with business goals16

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